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Never heard of an ouji board, sorry. What is it, anyway? Paranoid Smilie
Ouiji Boards are these spooky boards you use to chat to dead peopleDead Smilie...hell, I'm lousy at explaining these things, hang on a sec*does a quick Yahoo search*
...aha! Check this out, it'll probaly explane it better.
spooky stuff huh? Shocked Smilie

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Those spooky things that you mention usually happen to other people that you hear about, and are part of Urban legend. Unless you've done one with me, in which case it was all an elaborate and hysterical hoax, which I always set up when dealing with the supernatural etc. etc.
in 4th grade my class for some reason had a huge freakout about supernatural stuff...possibly because our playground neighbored a graveyard...but anyway, we all got together at my friend's birthday party and used a Ouiji board...I don't really remember what it said, but i do remember being scared out of my mind (though that was probably more my own fault than anything that actually happened).

I figure they're really only creepy and scary if you let them be...though, at the risk of sounding superstitious, I stay away from them...
How to test if your Ouiji owner/operator is a fraud:

A sceptical friend of mine once attended a seance (?spelling) and decided to prove the whole thing was a hoax. When each person had to put their finger on the glass, he pushed the glass down hard so that it was difficult for any of the participants to move it. After the "dead" were asked a question, one person's finger suddenly left the glass - identifying that person as the one moving the glass, not any mysterious spirits. :haha:

You might like to try that. I have always wanted to. Wink Smilie
Well, I don't want to spoil all the fun, but here is a story about the son of someone my mother used to know.
For his 18th birthday he invited some friends for a weekend in a castle. One night they decided to call the spirits of death people. That boy was the medium through which the spirits could talk to them. It all started as a joke, but ended in tragedy. They didn't expect anyone to answer, until suddenly the boy started to speak with the voice of his dead grandfather. He completely freaked out, jumped out of the window in madness and by this killed himself.

So, be careful when trying out things like this.
It's not because we can't prove it (yet) that is isn't true.

(the truth is out there! Wink Smilie )
Funny how it's always someone that someone else you know happens to know, and never someone you know directly that these things happen to ain't it?
V. spooky! But no ouiji board for lil' old me. Mum caught my friend nagging me about it and made me promise not to try it out. Unfortunatly my friend is still nagging me about it and is now teasing me cause I won't break the promise I made to Mum. Sad Smilie

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So whadda ya do then eh? Wink Smilie I wouldn't know really. Sounds pretty spooky to me... Wary Smilie
Definitely too scary!
Shaking Head Smilie
Uhuh. I'd go running from the start! Disturbed Smilie

Boring Smilie
So whadda ya do then eh? Wink Smilie I wouldn't know really. Sounds pretty spooky to me... Wary Smilie

Well, you've got the board itself and a little glass (well, that what my friend uses). The board has the alphabet, numbers (sometimes) and the words yes and no on it. All the people playing with the board put their fingers on the glass and ask a question...which is awnsered by *insert dramatic/spooky music here* DEAD PEOPLE!!!!!!! Dead Smilie
Eek, thats spooky...unless its just one of your friends moving the glass aroundParanoid Smilie
erm... it may sound pretty cool, but it's rather boring unless the person you're playing with or you move the piece than.... well, nothing's ever happened for me. ever. though i do enjoy playing jokes on people. mwah ha ha... um, shut up now.
I had one spooky experience with a ouija board but it was a long time ago. I was ten or something so I was a bit more gullable. There are a lot of good sites on the net about quantuml physics and such for laymen. You would be surprised to find out just how strange reality is. Let's say that there is a finer line between physics and metaphysics than you might think! Who knows, Maybe there is something to the ouija!