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So which of these fights would you like to view from a distance?

Me? Helms deep, but i'd like to see it from the keep - just for the spectacle a small force of men confronted by 10k orcs and uruk hai!
i would love to have seen Helm's Deep as well and see the waves and waves of arrows flying around in the air, plus i would have loved to have fought beside Aragorn Big Smile Smilie, also, the fight lasted a whole night so how many would really be alive by the end??? (compared to the beggining)
Which of THESE fights? For me it was a toss up between Fingolgin vs. Morgoth or the Dagor Bragollach, with the latter edging ahead. If I could tolerate the sight, THE battle I'd like to see if the Fall of Gondolin, of which the Battle of the Pelennor is only the faintest echo, if with a radically different outcome. How Gondolin didn't make it into the fray when both the Gandalf vs. Balrog and Glorfindel vs. Balrog confrontations did I haven't a clue. The former seems the heavy favorite at the moment, but Gondolin is always first in my heart, even though totally absent from the poll. ;-p If I can't have that I'll take Dagor Bragollach, with the most doughty Noldorin lord vs. the most powerful Vala a close second.
Fingolfin vs Morgoth.

Apart from this : F’anor vs the Balrogs, just so that a certain discussion with a particularly headstrong member could be solved once and for all... :-P
I picked Vee vs. Vir, because all the other battles wouldn't be fun if you were viewing them from a distance. I mean, with all the great battles, I'd like to see the details, but with Vee and Vir, I would vry much like to keep my distance.
Wow, I've never seen someone who WANTED to be proven wrong so badly. ;-p So, how is it Gandalf vs. the Balrog has a strong lead, but no one has chimed in supporting it? Movie fanboys have time to quickpoll, but not to justify it? ;-p I mean, Gandalf vs. the Balrog is on top, but Glorfindel vs. the Balrog, from which the former is obviously derived (quick, name two people who died when the Balrog they killed wrapped his whip around their leg and pulled them down the mountain with him that AREN'T Gandalf or Glorfindel) has NO VOTES AT ALL???! Does anyone else think this odd?
I posted this on the other thread, but in case you missed it there:

I almost didn't post on this thread. My choice is a foregone conclusion--don't you think? But to put things in context: I was impressed with the epic scene of Gandalf v. Balrog when I was yet in junior high. I have read the other duels and wars, as I bought the Silmarillion when it first came out--heh, I was on the waiting list for it! The language Tolkien uses to present the tales of the First Age is just so lofty, that, for me, it kept the story and the characters from being as endearing as the story and characters in LOTR. So that's probably why, given the choices we have here for battles to see "safely," I still choose Gandalf's stand on the Bridge. For me, Vir, the movie did alright with this scene, but it isn't the reason for my choice. I "lived" through that episode for many years before PJ came along and put it on film.
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