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Damn! What night was he on TV? I can't beleive I missed that! So Angry Smilie Yeah, I've seen some of his stuff, but for some reason I always miss him when he comes on TV.
I love Eddie Izzard, possibly one of the funniest men alive.
Don't know him... Very Sad Smilie Have heard of him, cos the name sounds familiar, but I've never seen him... Very Sad Smilie
Big Smile Smilie
He was on Sunday night. I'm sorry you missed him. I find him hilarious. If you go to, you can find clips of some of his routines.
He looks familiar still, but I don't think I've ever seen anything of him, no. But since he even looks hilarious, he must be great! Big Smile Smilie
Eddie Izzard is the coolest! I'm glad there are folks with good taste in humor on this board! Smile Smilie I first saw dressed to kill a long time ago (executive transvestite), and I was amazed at how he incorporated interesting facts into his routine. I love the stuff comparing Hitler's Russian front to Napoleon. (Oh, it's the same idea, it's the same idea. . ) And the jokes about the anglican religion crack me up b/c I'm an American Anglican (Episcopalian) and we have the same people in our church. Cake or death! I think he's a little too critical of the good old USofA, but then again, he's mostly speaking truths. I do love God as James Mason.

I think I saw the show again just the other night. If anyone is interested, you should check the HBO schedule on their website to see if they will be playing it again soon. Soooo cool.
I love his "Do you have a flag?" "No." "Then you can't have a country, according to the rules that I just made up." I like his Star Wars bit, too. Well, I'm glad there are others who like him!
I've never heard of this guy either!
Trust me, he's the second funniest man alive, behind only the comic genius that is Paul Whitehouse. Big Laugh Smilie
Eddie Izzard is great - I've seen him live once and he spoke to me from the stage!!!!!! My claim to fame!

I have all his vid/dvds except his very first - love them all but some more than others.

The conquering by use of flags is excellent as is 'Are you happy with your wash...." and "bunch of flowers', 'banana and 'creation of the world'. Mrs Badcrumble is excellent. I can't play the clarinart. And his James Mason and Sean Connery impersonations are hilarious. Oh the elephants crossing the apls on skis! Very Big Grin Smilie

Also seen him in a couple of straight acting roles but it is difficult for him not to do any Izzardisms.

My friend and I are constantly quoting Eddie.

And he is sexy... a bit jammy and a bit clangy.... hee hee