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Who was the most powerful elf at the time of LOTR?
That depends on your definition of powerful: With her ring Nenya, Galadriel was probably the most powerful defensively; however, if you mean offensively, it was probably the Elf Lord, Glorfindal. Elf Smilie
Also was Beleriand a different land mass than where LOTR took place?
Before it sank beneath the waves at the end of the First Age, Beleriand was part of the same land mass. It was located to the west of Eriador on the other side of the Blue Mountains and Forlindon; that is, it was far to the west of The Shire. Smile Smilie
The most powerful elf at the time of LOTR did not actually live in Middle Earth. Though I agree with Grondmaster's choices for those living in Middle Earth (which is probably what you meant), the most powerful elf at that time was actually Ingwe, King of the Vanya. At the time of the LOTR, however, he was in Valinor.