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How many of you are there?
why is there alot cause im one. i think i want to change mine to an ent from fangorn or urukkai of isengarrd.
i'm an elf from beleriand but i've not seen yet another one in planet tolkien
I am an elf from Mirkwood. As much I know we are only two from this forest. I would much like to find place where elves meet to have a chat. I am still loking. If we believe to the results from the ongoing poll- elves must be the most to live around. We just need to set place to gather.
All you Elves are welcome in The Khazad-dumish Inn we only frown on Uruk-hai, and Full-orcs. Your well-behaved Half-orc, Nazgul, and Troll are also welcome if they don't cause any trouble, same as everyone else. Or you might want to form an Elven Guild under Misc. Guilds.
yep every one is welcomed.....! yeah it will be really nice if we could have meetings with our own species but here i cant see any one in my kind Ha Ha Ha Smilie ........but there's Inn for me..... Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I have visited the "Khazad-dumish Inn" and even performed a song. And I was very well treated with both food and drink (thou the last was strange in taste... good it was indeed, but strange).There is fun in there.
But unlike other races we elves are not known to "have much fun" or at least not the way fun is taken by the Hobbits. Do not understand me wrong. I really enjoy spending time "listening" the conversations of Dwarfs and Hobbits. It gives me much to think of during my rambles. But I personally would be very thankful to the Council if an elvish inn appear or an Elven Guild in Misc Guild. If that is possible we could even make some contest (and poll) for name of the guild before it is actually opened.
I am eager for such a place to come, but we must not be hasty. It will all come with good time. And the name will be an important part of it. So please consider an option of opening new guild and let us know.
Ammornel, you may create the "Elven Guild" yourself: click the above Misc Guild link in my previous post, look on the upper right just to the left of "POLL" to find the "create new thread" link. Add your title and opening post. You may want to add a second post to ensure the new first post shows up on the main and secondary menus.

Love you, miss you Grondy our love.

Ammornil, I must concur with your assessment of we Elves. We are not into jumping on to the counter tops or table tops and singing lustily and then downing pints of the good beer. Even though we like the Hobbits and such we are much more cerebral if you will and can even just be quiet in one another's company and be content at times. Also although have wondrous feasts of our own we prefer to listen to poetry and lays and sing well into the night in a haunting Elven way.