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So here is a mini poll for you

"right we have a huge rocket and six of professor tolkiens characters and lots of ducktape. the question is who will we shoot to orbit.

or someone else."
"Haldir" or "Someone" else, because we realy need the all the others to complete Tolkien's epic. I suppose once Pimple Sackville-Baggins has grown we could do without his mother; though I have sort of a soft spot in my heart for the old biddy.

Happy Elf Smilie If anyone has any ideas for maxi-polls, like the one to the upper right, please PM to me or one of the other council members, for we can always use some new ideas. If we use it, you will get credit, and probably a chunck of mithril too. - Thanks
Grondy how abou you take this mini poll here and put it as the main poll.
I would love to see who ppl would vote Smile Smilie.
yeah and if anybody touches gollum i'll have his head.

**shakes his axe angrily**
Ooops... sidles over to Gollum and rips the ductape off... *phew*
You're safe, Vee. He said 'his' head, hence he was either referring to Gollum, or a male person that would be touching Gollum.

More accurate would have been, saying "I'll take the head of whoever touches Gollum".
And Vee didn't touch Gollum, just the duct tape. Orc Grinning Smilie
Ok then. Anybody who approaches within 50 paces will be beheaded and his/her head placed on a spear as a warning!

**dangerously shakes his axe at the onlookers**
Sounds like somebody needs a hug.

Time to give Lady Galadriel a ring.
Thorin why cant we launch gollum to the orbit?
He had his space helmet ready Big Smile Smilie!
Gollum going up-> Jumping Flame Smilie
Yeah if you launch him who's gonna be the cause of the ring's final distruction you.???

*Thorin raises his axe and advances towards arath with the intention of knocking off his head*
"arath hides behind virumor"

we could ask iluvitar to clone him Big Smile Smilie
Halloen, Thorin!
We do take care of friends,- don't we??
Shocked Smilie Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie Good and Evil Smilie Angel Smilie Good and Evil SmilieElf Rolling Eyes Smilie Shocked Smilie
"maybe" he grunts to rafael looking darkly at arath hiding behind vir. Very Evil Smilie
New Mini Poll

If you could swap place with a villain in Lotr who would it be?
A) Sauron
B) Witch King
C) A nazgul
D) Saruman
E) Ugluk
F) Grishnak
G) Bill Ferney
H) Aragorn

**gollum is mine...precious...** Very Evil Smilie
Sauron for sure..

Um...Aragorn's a villan?
Um...Aragorn's a villan?
He is as far as Sauron and his followers are concerned. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie It all depends on your perspective and sense of proportion.
Yeah Aragorn is a villain, after all he stole an elvish maiden from her father and a damn beautiful one she was... Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
There are a few of us Dwarves who believe Arwen doesn't hold a candle to her maternal Grandmother; we have no similar opinion concerning her paternal grandmother, as Elwing hasn't been around for quite a few millennia.
As Arwen was the likeness of L’thien, and L’thien is described as the most beautiful of the Children of Il’vatar to have ever lived, the Dwarves must've had too much dust in their eyes from their underground labours whilst surveying them damsels out of distress. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
of course vir. She's so tall that even with our head lifted we had trouble gettin a good view of her. Elk Grinning Smilie
And at the royal wedding when we danced with the bride, we dwarves kept getting kneed, in the nose. Elf Winking Smilie
And here was me thinking they were dancing with the help of pogo-sticks..
Aragorn wasn't a villian...buuut...I'd trade places with him?
If you do that you'll have to say goodbye to legolas.... Very Big Grin Smilie Angel Smilie
Personally, I'd trade places with the Witch King, who really screwed up his chance to be a fly in Gandalf's ointment in ROTK. Seriously, I think I would have been a lot more annoying than dear old WK was...instead of getting a massive powertrip and trying to confront Gandalf in his supreme White form, which was really a lost cause because he was totally outmatched, I would have been much more creative in trying to undo all of his grand schemes. For example, instead of just riding my winged steed around like some kind of imperious megalomaniac, I would have had my steed release his excrements on everyone's heads, especially Gandalf in his nice white robe. Also, I would have told Gandalf that he had a spot on his nice white robes, then when he went to look, I'd have kicked him over! It would not have hurt to do a good-old-fashioned Three Stooges eye-poking on him, either. A bit of taunting would have been good on the Pelennor battlefields, "You little babies and Mama's boys! You call that fighting? You fight worse than my dead grandma!" Also, instead of pseudo-scary statues outside of the Dead City, I'd have ordered that there would be heaps of old Lindberger cheese outside the gate-take that, Frodo, Sam and Gollum! You like that smell, huh? Serves ya right for coming around here! As for when Merry and Eowyn stabbed dear old WK, instead of being all high and mighty by saying that no man could kill me, blah blah blah, I'd have pinned Eowyn down and tickled her until she passed out from lack of breath and played Toss the Hobbit with Merry, because I would've had the sense to know he was there. How about when all of the Nazgul were hunting Frodo and the ring before they got to Weathertop? I would have put mushrooms all over the place and hid behind trees until I caught the hobbits gorging themselves and whammo! Ha! Gotcha!

*sighs* If only... Dunce Smilie
But I wouldn't Thorin.
Oh ho ho!!! So oyu want both.... Very Evil Smilie
On second thought...let's just say I'd change places with Sauron.
Well now that's a biased opinion.