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How many people are online when you are reading this thread?
Please post the number here!
So that we would see when pt is most active.

at the time this thread was created there were 263 people online!
It is just after twelve noon here and there are 84 people on line.
The time is 23.18 local (GMT+1) as far as I can see 81 people online.
Its about 0:12 here in Croatia.. that's GMT + 1 i think..if im not wrong. and it says here that 214 people are online.
78 people and it's about 4:25 PM here on the left coast of the USA (12:25 AM GMT). As soon as I posted it dropped to 39.
255 people online and it's 13.07 in Noway

126 people online and it's 22.06 in Noway
Time is 4.48 here and 36 online.
It's 15:47 (GMT +2) and there's 64 people online.
17.57 (GMT+4). &6 online.

(i meant 16.48 up)
21.29 in Norway and there are 243 people OnlineSmile Smilie
137 people online and its 1:55 mountain time
Friday evening 21.38 (Zulu time = GMT+1) Elf Smilie Elf Smilie in Norway and there are 125 people Online. Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Smile Smilie
Sunday morning 07.39 (still living in Norway) and it was 300 people Online as I entered PT , but now it's 162 Smile Smilie
175 peole, and it's about 12:23 my time (mtn standard time)...
84 people on now, its 10:19 AM , with GTM +1
Dropped to 47 at 11.49 GMT+1 Sad Smilie
Hullo sweet people above me, it is now a little past ten in the morning here and there are 67 people online.
It is Sunday evening, the time is 21.53 local time and 92 people are online!
Hullo Rafael, why is it I never was aware of you before today?

It is nearly three twenty pm and there are 58 wonderful people online.
Halloen Lee, I'm a natural humble and shy arch-angel-elf from Lothlorien, can that be a reason?
Happy to see you! While I hulloo you; there are 101 people on line and the time is 23.20 Norwegian time (GMT+1). See you in the threads! Elf Smilie Angel Smilie Snowman Smilie
8:30 pm Eastern Standard and 103 people.
As far as I can see; we have another thread reporting people online. It would be natural to close down one; we don't need it double-up, do we?? Exploding Head Smilie Angel Smilie Exploding Head Smilie
Saturday evening, the local time (Norwegian) is 20.21. There are 178 people on line. Angel Smilie
I'm going to lock this thread in favor of the earlier thread. If you wish to continue gathering this useless data, please visit There are XX People Online! and make your posts there.