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Gimli who? Big Smile Smilie Sure we remember you, welcome back. Where you been?
Gimli! {hugs} Where have you been? This place really needs a dwarf or two for a change of perspective now and then. Smile Smilie
where have i been.. well I could make up excuses galore.. but i just havent been here. thats all...

BUT!!!!!! I have seen the errors of my ways!!! Hello to both of you! Big Smile Smilie
Welcome back Gimli Smile Smilie
Hiya there Gimli! I was wondering what had kept you... (no really, but still, now that you mention it, I did miss ya) Disturbed Smilie

Anyway, welcome back! Big Smile Smilie
We've never met Gimli, but "Hi!" anyway.

Betcha I'm shorter than you.
Welcome back man, we did miss you, honest.
And she probably is shorter than you, yeah...
I hope you will stay with us now for good! Hello Gimli!
How tall are you Ungy? I just want to know what Plastic keeps teasing you about. I am sure there is something that you could tease him about.
Welcome back Gimli, glad you have returned. See you around the forum.
How tall are you Ungy? I just want to know what Plastic keeps teasing you about. I am sure there is something that you could tease him about.

Well I'm 5' 2" (1.57m) so that's not very tall is it? At least it makes Plastic look like a sasquatch if he stood next to me. Very Big Grin Smilie Hence my fondness for dwarves, especially Gimli.
If it makes you feel any better Ungy, I am only 5' 31/2''.
Sad Smilie
Dwarf, dwarf! Very Big Grin Smilie

Sorry, couldn't help myself. Still, being short has its advantages, although I definitely have to cut basketball out of my career options.

But you're just the right size...
Oh you meant as a player didn't you? Wink Smilie
Tongue Smilie

Hrumph! I suppose you can be the stadium roof since you always block the sunlight from us short people.

[Edited on 12/6/2002 by Ungoliant]
LOL! And apparently my heads big enough for the job as well! Smile Smilie
...not just Big Feet?
You know, until now, I never really thought of myself as all that short...I think I will start wearing high heals.

And dwarves are very appealing people!!
Big feet, so I told you about them as well did I?
Very Big Grin Smilie

I'm bigger than you Golly! I'm 1m65!!! Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Tongue Smilie
Er... I'm new here, and I have no idea how this all works... Help! I'm a girl from Belgium, very fascinated by the Lord of the Rings, so fascinated that me and my lover wear "the One Ring" - it came all this way from America - as a token of our love in Darkness :-) Anyway, I hope I somehow discover how to talk with you all, and I hope we'll be seeing a lot of eacher! Kiss
Welcome Vampyria!
From your previous post you seem to be doing fine Smile Smilie
Welcome, Vampyria, a pleasure to meet you. I hope you enjoy the forum.
Welcome to the forum, Vampyria. I second Rednell's statements. Smile Smilie
5' 5" Tommy? Never mind, I'll join Allyssa & wear high-heels whenever PT have a gathering! Smile Smilie

Welcome, Vampyria! Must be a very big ring then! Animated Wink Smilie
Oh a PT gathering, what a great idea! That'd be more fun than you can shake a s***ty stick at!

Welcome indeed Vampyria, join the belgian invasion we seem to be experiencing.
Welcome Vampyria. Are you Gimil's friend?
Hey there! Welcome Vampirya! Join the Belgian's club! Gnampie and I are Belgian too, so soon we can start a club of our own if we want to! Animated Wink Smilie

That PT gathering is not such a strange idea, is it? Would be awesome to meet y'all! Big Smile Smilie
nope.. not my friend...

well, that is to say, never previously met! nice to meet ya!!!!

hey, whats this about America and Darkness????

and ofcourse, hello to all!!!! I don't know where I've been, I talk at other messagboards too, so its gets hard to keep up with to many... but im back now! I just missed you all too much!
Wiehiej, how nice! Tnx for this nice welcome Smile Smilie I'm still very busy with figuring out this page, but I haven't got time enough (exams, you know) to see all the stuff on this site. i was wondering, if there are any people (doesn't matter where you're from, as a matter of fact, I really would like to improve my English) with MSN, feel free to add me: Big kiss from me and plieeeeeeez think of me... My last exams coming up aaaaaaaargh!!
So are mine! Yikes! I shouldn't be here now... Big Smile Smilie either, very last final is tomorrow...

Allyssa and Ungoliant don't you dare start wearing heels...I'm 5' 1"...don't need to feel any shorter! Anyhow how I like being short. Paranoid Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Hey great! So I'm even bigger than you, chika! Very Big Grin Smilie Feel so much better now... Tongue Smilie

[Edited on 18/6/2002 by TomBombadillo]
Wahey! I'm taller than someone! Finally! Thanks chika!. Big Smile Smilie
Ok, deal, I won't wear heels if you don't.
Okay I wont wear heels either, unless I meet a really cute guy who is tall! Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Vampyria: I have msn but I still haven't figured out the messenger thing. I will get back to you when I have! Animated Wink Smilie
ok, so I had stupid msn messenger thing...but then it said to upgrade, so I did, and then it took the messenger thing away. Apparently to check my email and use the messenger thingie I have to download a bunch of extra stuff which I can't do because my father somehow made it so I can't download anything ever. (apparently I gave the computer a virus - which I have seen no symptoms of, btw - by downloading something - which I wasn't the one that dowloaded in the first place...sorry that turned into a rant...haha...
Very Big Grin Smilie
Sounds a lot like me, chika!
you know you did... Angel Smilie
Hello Gimli!!!!!!!!!!! I missed you! we used to have such a good time. PT was the best site when you were here and when you left it was still the best site! Hello you don't know me. I'm randallliin as you can see!
Hey Gimli! Glad to see you back man! I always look forward to seeing the members of the old PT again! Big Smile Smilie
Hey Ringy! *hug* Been a while since I've seen you - How's life? Smile Smilie I agree with it being nice to see some of the older members (luckily, I am one of them Angel Smilie )... *misses Aire,Ross,Plastic and Sheryl* =(
Hey Ringy! Nice to know that you are still with us!

Yeah, Fea, its to bad so many of the oldies left in PT's rebirth.
Hey Stoney and LadyF!!! So glad to see you too!!! Big Smile Smilie Life has been pretty good actually. Things are going well. I hope so for the both of you as well!! I miss the others too. Although I saw Plastic on here not too long ago......unless he left again or something. I miss Ross and Aire and Sheryl also!!! Maybe they will show up at some point. I wish I could come on here more often but I still dont have the net at my house. My brother is going to be buying a new computer soon so I should get it by then! I cant wait!! Then I can pop in here and chat with all of you for as long as I want!!! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Great Ringy! It will be nice to have you here on a regular basis!
I linger around like a bad fart now and again Ringy. I have the same problem as you. No internet access. So sheryl has stopped posting has she, Oi Sheryl start posting you're upsetting LadyFeawen, hse has nobody to call sis anymore ;-).
Welcome back Ringy and Ross! It's a pity you didn't show up sooner Smile Smilie
Hi everyone!

I found my way back here!

It's difficult to visit PT. I have lots and lots of work, both at work and at home. Also we moved to a big office with 12 people, so it's not so easy to come here without anyone at work noticing.
But I will do my best to pass by once in a while.

Btw, is there anyone here who remembers me?
Yes, I do! Smile Smilie No reason for you to remember me though, hadn't delurked back then. Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Gnampie I c"an't" (He he) rember you. Tongue Smilie
Of course we remember you Gnampie!! Smile Smilie Welcome back. Cat Smiling Smilie
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