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sleep is an elf. he is lawful neutral with blonde hair and blue eyes. he is the caliph of arvenaithe or king heaven. arvenaithe is his castle. the castle walls are 100 ft. thick and a mile high and surounded with razor-wire at the top. Inside the castle is the city which consists of sleep's palace, a mosque, living quarters for his armies, shoppes etc. sleep has several weapon's that he has aquired. they are hercules mace, the spear of alta dena moo, zeus' lightning forks, and the wand of evening. when sleep needs zues' lightning forks he sends his paladin troll, gorgon the charmcaster, to knock zues out with his huge shalaleigh. while zues is napping sleep will use the weapon, and return it before zues wakes up. sleep has several wives. their names are elfonica, sleepietia, gak, and agim gir. in elven heaven anyone/anything is welcome, no matter what the color of your skin is or if you are male or female, changling etc. good and evil live together in harmony like the yin and the yang, in arvenaithe. sleep is just a dream, a fantasy, yet he brightens my world none the less. john greysoke nickywicked sleep the dreamer