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I want to write a book about my Elf character Sleep the Dreamer. He is a young elf about 75 years old. Yet, he has risen to great power in those short years. His castle fortress is called Arvenaithe which is elven heaven according to the complete book of elves. Sleep is king of Heaven or in the Elven Caliph of Arvenaithe. He lives there with his warriors and his wives. Sleep has thousands of warriors, servants, attendants, and followers. His wives names are Elfonica, Sleepietia, Gak, and Agim Gir to name a few. He has 2 pet Dragons which he keeps under a spell so that they think he is as evil as they are, when really he tends toward a nuetral state of being. He has several weapons other than the ordinary knives swords etc. They are Lobo his magical bow, the Spear of Alta Dena Moo which is a druidic relic that exists anywhere in time only useful to druids, the Wand of Evening that allows him to fly and grants him several other powers, it was created when Eve's tears fell on the rose of jericho when Adam died, and sleep also has access to Zues' lightning forks. Zues' lightning forks are aquired by sleep's Paladin troll. when Zues is a sleep Gorgon steals the forks and brings them to Sleep. If sleep needs the weapon when Zues is awake he has Gorgon the Charmcaster knock Zues out with Gorgon's magic Shalaleigh. Zues is so hard headed he thinks he's only been napping when he comes to. When he does awake the lightning forks have always been returned. Zues' lightning forks are very powerful,they can wipe out whole armies/armadas/fleets with one blast from this trident like weapon sleep can anihilate any enemy that confronts him.
Sleep's main goal is to allow all-comers to heaven. Unlike most modern religions, only certain people and things are allowed in heaven. Yet, in Arvenaithe everyone and everything is welcome.
The Lord of Shamin Rool as he is called, likes to go hunting in the happy hunting grounds and never stays long on the astral plain for fear of the soul devouring ghosts of the Liches known as Thought Eaters ( a fate worse than death or permenent insanity).
The Dwimirlord Univerself Norself has many exciting adventures that don't always end up as good as you would think. Sleep has died so many times he has become undead or essentially immortal. He uses magic and potions from his vast clerical knowledge and resources to maintain his youth and stamina which are diminished every time one loses their life.
The Caliph of Arvenaithe is a Ranger, like strider in the lord of the rings. He is also proficient and has studied theiving, Bardship, Wizardry and is highly trained in all those capacities.
I think a book about my Sylvan Elf would be fun. I've tried writing before but I usually get about 10 or 20 pages done before I give up. Perhaps I need some more guidence in the feild.

Sleep the Dreamer Lord of Shamin Rool Dwimirlord Univerself Norself Caliph of Arvenaithe the Black lord of Wales John Greystoke Nickywicked...
That is a great deal of information and encompasses so much I felt overwhelmed just reading it!
Unless you have written before and been published, critiqued by those of a publishing house or an editor, I would suggest you start very small.
Perhaps you could pick one character that you are fond of, and keeping a journal of sorts, daily write a little about his unique characteristics.
When you have several indepth descriptions, I would suggest you go through them and slash them down to the bare bones. Develop those traits alone in tiny stories, perhaps fiv e hundred words or less until you truly have a feel for your character.
Then why don't you try a mini story with a good thought out plot, perhaps one thousand to two thousand words and see if you can remain on topic and finish what you have started. It is no small thing to write a large piece of work, so starting small and working through can be a big help.
I wish you every success in the world. And remember there is really nothing new under the sun, so h ow you write, your special way of saying things will help you to be noticed out of the crowd of writers out there.