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How often to ya'll have Fan Fiction Contests? I've read some of the contests winners and thought, Read Smilie "you, what if I won?" Sometimes I really wish I could.
Not very often anymore as most of our talented writers are on sabbatical, hiding, or have left for greener pastures. If Vee were return we could probably get her to head one up, but we'd still need a lot of entries to make a good contest.

Now with all that is said, you can still write a story and submit it to requesting it be reviewed by his panel of readers towards inclusion in our Fan Fiction Section. It may come back to you approved; or with a suggested list of a few things you first might change to make it better; or just with a rejection slip saying something like: 'All that glitters is not gold.' Teacher Smilie
Thanks Grondmaster! It does seem kind of like a dissapointment, though Sad Smilie It would be fun to write, and see what other people have written, and see the winners. Only time will tell...