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Does anybody know anyhting about the 'banned books'? I've heard that 120 books have been banned, and two of them were Harry Potter and Huck Finn. Shocked Smilie Pretty big dissapointment that some people don't understand that books are meant to be written like they are, so what if Huck Finn has some racist terms, back when it was written and set they used terms like that. This 'banned books' crap is really ticking me off!
Google "banned book list" and you can get more info. Most of the lists were made by intolerant do-gooders who instead of denying the books from being read by their followers, just about guaranteed that they would be. Of course there are some books that shouldn't be read by the still too young, until later when they are more capable to handle the content with rational discrimination. Teacher Smilie
I read the list, and was very surprised. Why did they ban some of these books, I mean 'Little Red Riding Hood'! They also banned 'Tarzan', 'Harry Potter' 1-4, 'Bridge to Terebithia', and 'My Brother Sam is Dead'! The list goes on and on. If you ask me, they've gone to far. I've read just about 1/3 of all the books on the list. Unless I get a clear explanation for some of these bannings, I don't know what I'll do! Exploding Head Smilie
If you go to wikipedia and look up banned books it will give you a list and the reasons. It will also direct you to a four volume book called Banned Books by factfile I think they are called. There are reams and reams of books, when and where they were banned and a reason, political, sexual etc.
I hope this helps.
Don't be too upset, Gimli, unless I'm mistaken this banning stuff isn't really that serious. I think there is quite a movement against the banned book idea, too; I've seen rebellious Tshirts promoting reading them which I like. I agree with Grond that some books aren't meant to be read by the very young but otherwise I just snort at the whole thing.
Yeah, but I still dont completely see why they have to ban all these books.... sometimes they ban them for the reason they are good.

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Sometimes they ban certain books because some books disagree with their religious, political, or humanitarian beliefs whether these beliefs are rational or not. I believe they have the right to do this; but we also have the right to disregard their bannings. Just because a book is banned doesn't mean you can't read it; you just must consider the consequences of doing so. If you are a member of the banning community and wish to remain in their good graces, you should obey their rules, else you may be shunned, posibly also to the detriment of your family and friends. So please think before you leap.

IMHO banning a book just challenges more people to read itg, so we really need not worry until they start burning our books.