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Thread: Daylight Savings (Summer) Time

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Most of the world switched to or from Daylight Savings (Summer) Time in the wee small hours of Sunday 28 October. We in the USA and Canada don't Fall-back to Standard Time until Sunday next week, 04 November 2007 at 2 AM. I would rather they'd leave Daylight Savings Time on until March and then Spring us an additional hour forward. Most people don't mind getting up and going to school/work in the dark, but would rather return home to play or work outdoors before dinner, with a little more daylight remaining.

What is your opinion on this: Leave it as is? Shift it farther forward? Or get rid of it all together? And why would you do so?
Good thoughts. Personally, I'd like to get rid of the system and just go with the rythem that the earth naturally has. Where I live I can clearly see the sun coming up a little further to the south each day and then, after the solstice, starting north. Makes me think of Stonehenge.

This probably wouldn't be ok for those that work and have to live by the clock, though, so I guess leaving things the way they are with the 'spring ahead, fall back' system may be best. My family hates the dark, dosen't like to come and go unless its sunny.