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Thought I would pop a thread up to see if there are any fellow Tolkien fans, like myself with Lord of the Rings related tattoos??
Anyways kinda new to the forum thing, so will leave it at that.
i have elven wines on my back
I have 'One ring to rule the all' in black speech at the bottom of my back, and a design based on the evenstar with my name in elvish between my shoulder blades.
Those sound so cool! I have a celtic knotwork leaf on my ankle but it's not really Tolkien related..
I've been considering a new tattoo for this past week after seeing a picture of my late father.
He himself was a tattoo artist and had many great tattoos. I just might get a new one myself Smile Smilie
I've been going through many of tolkien's artwork to see if i could find something i like Smile Smilie
got suggestions? Big Smile Smilie
The Red Eye or White Hand on your chest?
Hmm... That would really odd Big Smile Smilie Wouldn't really mix whit my vines Big Smile Smilie The eye is plainly too evil for me Big Smile Smilie
Some seem to like a word (or phrase or something) transcribed, using the Elvish letters.

For an obvious suggestion Big Smile Smilie
Were I a believer in tattoos, which I'm not, then I might suggest for the most fanatical fans of Tolkien, the blue JRRT symbol centered on their foreheads. That is, if I wished to permanently mark them as irresponsible idiots, which I don't. Still I suppose that symbol on ones shoulder or forearm might not be held in bad taste, if the Tolkien Estate's lawyers didn't say it resembled their client's trademark and ask for a pound of flesh. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Problem with the Red Eye is perhaps that one might be mistaken for a Freemason.

That is true Vir, and then there would be all those meetings, dues and of course all the secret words and handshakes, and here, in Middle-Earth it would be of no use. I hope Arath found what he was looking for, and I miss him very much. Sad Smilie

I have a Celtic knot surrounded by 5 rose's ment to represent the 5 elements on my right arm. not tolkien related though.

Hahahahaha Grondy.I love your humorSmile Smilie

I don't have a tattoo as of yet but I do plan to do something from Tolkien's world.I was thinking of doing the Trees.One on either wrist.

Interesting thread.

I don't have any tattoos myself, but I once saw a U.S marine with a sword on one forearm, and a shield on the other. And I swear the sword was Sting, but I was pretty sleep deprived at the time...