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Have you made a New Year's Resolution that you would care to share with us?
I think mine will be:
To do my exercises more frequently towards making for easier transfers.
I'm short for my weight. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Mine should be to pay more attention to diet and exersize but it never seems to do any good >sigh<
Mine are to learn an herb a week and to remember to unplug the electronics when they're not being used (it's always been a pain and I've always been too lazy to do it). And also to exercise. Yeah...
I will spend more time with my sisters and cousins
Take more walks with my darling husband
Teach Tina (8 years) how to play the Trumpet
Go to Irland with Rafael
Mine are the boring old eat less and exercise more. In the past seven years I've piled on four stone that I want to lose. I enjoy my food, so rather than cutting out certain types, I'm just trying to eat less at each sitting. So far this year I've lost about half a stone.

I should try and visit here more regularly, too. I used to spend about three hours a day here at one time, but a combination of work, getting married and a few other hobbies stole all of my spare time. I'll try.
mine is... to finally get my working computers old hard drives fixed Smile Smilie
Stop biting my fingernails before I get married, and remember to come to boards like this one that I signed up to a long time ago!