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Alright, so many of you have known me for a while and have, therefore, witnessed my journey from an immature pre-teen into the immature near-adult that I now am. I am aware that members of this sight represent many different age groups, including a few members who are exceedingly old.
I now present you with my dilemma, with which I hope you shall render me aid: I don't want to get any older. As a matter of fact, I want to be younger, and, if possible, living in a different universe or dimension. Any comments, advice, and/or abominations to the space-time continuum will be much appreciated.
I'd like the answer to that one, too, though I'm beginning to feel a little too late to start remaining young now. You can always try what seemed to work for me at one time... pretend you are an elf, and that you are immortal. Go into denial about getting older. I found this worked up until the point my hair started going grey and falling out. Now I'm at a bit of a loss... I'm obviously ageing.

My best advice is eat healthy food and do exercise. It may not stop you ageing but at least you will feel fitter for longer.
Aging? Oh dear, Val... You can't be. You aren't walking on a staff and you haven't started calling people "young man" or "young lady" yet... Still some ways to go!
Now then, "Young Lady," Wink Smilie
I don't know if I qualify for "exceedingly old," but I know I'm older than Val is. Ar, you must have heard the old saying "You are as old as you feel"? This isn't just about the body, of course. It's a frame of mind. Sometimes, even with my repsonsibilities, I feel very young when I have interaction with students and my own kids. It keeps me wanting to be the best for all those dependent on me.

We just have to do our best with the time we have, you know. Why be afraid of death? It is part of life, and it is the one inevitable event that we all face. You must not waste your time trying to flee it. Rather, try to live your life as well as you can. That way, one day we will meet merrily--on the other side of that event.

I'm happy to age as it sure beats the alternative. Now I'm happy just to wake up in morning, especially if the sun is shining through my window, like it was today. We can't go back except in our memories and some of us wouldn't want to. And if we could, how would you like to get stuck in a time of life when you were unhappy? There will come a time when my body is so worn out that I will be ready to meet that tall white gentleman in the black hooded cloak who carries a very sharp scythe and speaks in capital letters. Until that time I try to remain cheerful, doing good deeds, and passing on advice, hopefully where it will be put to good use. If you can't age, you may not be able to gain in wisdom, just have more time to make mistakes. But then I probably don't know what I'm talking about, so I'll just quit here and listen for a while.
I think the more you are able to remain childlike instead of childish, the more you give instead of take, the more you are grateful instead of ungrateful has a lot to do with staying young.
And of course what you eat and drink and how you care for yourself counts.
Trying new things such as languages, developing new skills all helps.
Other than that I cannot think of anything.

Why be afraid of death? It is part of life, and it is the one inevitable event that we all face.
It's not death that I'm afraid of so much as having to be older than, I believe, I should be. Basically, I'm freaking out because I realized that I'm going to have to turn eighteen very soon. I don't want to be an adult. I've never really wanted to. I spent a great deal of my life absorbed (obsessed) in fiction and fantasy where I've never pictured myself as being any older than I am now. None of the things that come along with aging appeal to me either. I don't care at all about drinking, gambling, my career opportunities, voting, or anything else. So, if anyone can tell me how to just dissolve my body and exist eternally as an adolescent spirit, I will be your supernatural benefactor for as long as it suits me. But, of course, if you have that knowledge already, you probably wouldn't require my services. I could live vicariously by writing children's books, but I wouldn't know what to write about. Besides, I have the type of imagination that might create law suits... Thanks for posting, though. I thought that everyone would probably just ignore this as another one of my ridiculous schemes to draw attention to myself.

Those are some grim things that you mention, that are committed by some adults. Don't worry, it is not compulsury adult behaviour to behave in such a way if you don't want to. Yes, we all have to grow up and become adults. That means taking on responsibilities for our own lives, getting jobs etc and doing stuff we don't always want to do. Take heart, though... our twenties can be a great time too, and we can still act young throughout them. I just found my twenties to be like my teens, but with more freedom. I had a job, but that was only like school but with pay. I bought a house, which though gave me a mortgage, also gave me a lot of freedom for partying. The extra money gave me the freedom to buy all the things that I couldn't afford to buy as a teen. Even our thirties are not bad. Okay, I'd got kids of my own by then, but I still did pretty much what I wanted (and at 44, I still do).

Basically, don't fear getting older... embrace it. Use it as an opportunity to do what you want to do. Like my ex-wife once said to me... "It's alright for men... They never have to grow up."
If you have had a terrible childhood, then it is hard to be a child and adulthood might be much better. If you have had a good childhood and see the harshness of the adult world then one might never want to enter it.
But I my self have a relative that thought that wa y. She could not bear to grow up and she refused to do responsible things. She never kept a job for any length of time after her first one which lastest two years. So she never had any money. She constantly had to go to her family for funds and they gave it because, being the child she was she did not value nutrition or getting to bed on time or anything that adults u nderstand we must do. She got so ill, she got into a bad crowd and ended up battling alcohol problems since her crowd drank like fishes but she could not do so as she found out.
She is now working her way painfully to adulthood and wishes with all her strength that she simply would have kept the joyousness of her childhood, and used her interests to teach other kids younger than her and so still enjoy things she loves while embracing the responsibilities of adulthood.
If this fear grows any deeper in y our heart, I would definitely seek good counselling to get to the bottom of it and get the help you need to move on and be happy in your deserve it.
Leelee and Val have said some wise things and I'd listen to them. Growing up is inevitable but you can take it slowly, one responsibility at a time, and its not so bad. College is a lot of fun along with being a good education and a preparation for the outside world. There are many jobs that are fun too afterward. Please don't be too worried, there is a lot of help available along the way and others in the same boat as you, too. Think of it as a large fantasy adventure.

I'm one of the older members and except for the physical disabilities and pains that are setting in I still prefer being older to being younger. Yes, some responsibilities can be dissagreable but I've gotten less worried about things as I gained in experience and more comfortable with myself and life in general.

I think they're are a lot of people here who care about you, please keep us posted on how you are.
And remember, Peter Pan never got old enough: to get his drivers license, to vote, or to drink in pubs legally.
And remember, Peter Pan never got old enough: to get his drivers license, to vote, or to drink in pubs legally.
Save Peter Pan from Hook. You know, the one where Tinkerbell was really hot. Or at least, I think she was.
Julia Roberts, you mean. I've never found anyone who looks as though they can swallow their own head attractive, myself. Hugh Grant was quoted after filming Notting Hill as saying, "[on his thoughts of actress Julia Roberts] "Very big-mouthed! Literally, physically, she has a very big mouth. It is a very big mouth. When I was kissing her I was aware of a faint echo.""