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If you recall I sent a picure of an elf on a horse to be submitted to the gallery. perhaps if I renamed it legolas and the troll it might be reconsidered.

john greystoke
I don't recall receiving such a picture, or discussing it with the other council members. I'll raise it with the council to see if any of the others received it.
Thank you,
I can try and send it again via E-mail or perhaps mail you a disc with it on it.

sleep (john greystoke)

I just sent an e-mail to the coucil with legolas and the troll picture in it. I can send a higher resolution later if you like it.

john greystoke ( sleep the dreamer)
Keep on sending drawings Smile Smilie
I rather dislike this new gallery Sad Smilie I really loved kasiopeias art and now its missing Sad Smilie
Somebody needs to wake grep up Big Smile Smilie
I really loved kasiopeias art and now its missing

You can still find it on the artist's website.
I found some of her art on the 2009 Heren Istarion: The Northeast Tolkien’ Society Calendar. If your interested see JRRT CALENDAR COLLECTING GUILD.