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Thread: Who's the hottest women alive?

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i would like to know who everyone thinks is the hottest women alive are. and you have to say why. i think i would have to go with either angolina jolie or kate beckinsale. How about you guys. i just want to here about woman not men... ugh.
Before I replied to this thread I had to really think about it. I am not a great judge on "HOT" women, but I do know when someone is pretty.

First I have to say what I think makes a woman pretty, it is not just her body! I has to do with personality, and the look behind their eyes. I think a persons eyes are what shows who they are, a nice person, a hateful person, a strong person, and an intelligent person, etc.

So, I think there are several women out their that are really beautiful that are unknown as well as famous.

The first on my list is Tyra Banks. Her eyes are smart, sexy, strong. and caring. She does not seem like just a dumb supermodel. She seems to have a strong drive and she eyes say that she is nice most of the time but don't make me mad. Lol She also seems very reserved, but I think that comes from not being sure who likes her for herself or just because she is a beautiful, rich and famous woman. I think she is careful who she gets close to in her personal life.

Jennifer Aniston, her eyes say I am sweet and sensitive, and that she gets hurt easily, she is insecure in a lot of ways on a personal level but driven and stong in her career. She can get mad and be a bad word that sounds like witch. but not like so many others. I think it would hurt her inside to really get witchy. Her eyes say I just want to be happy.

My third pick would have to be Vanessa (I can't spell her last name) but she has just married Johnny Depp. So it is Vanessa P---- - Depp. She is French and beautiful. Her eyes say I am a strong, determined woman who is caring and loving and happy. She also always seems to have a terrific smile on her face that light up her eyes. I think she is a bit reserved too, but I thnk she is comfortable in her life. She has 2 children, and is beautiful and has a HOT husband and they have try to have a normal of a life as they can, and still have their careers.

Well I guess those are the three women that I think are beautiful/pretty, I don't know if you would call them HOT but I did give my reasons.

OOOPS I forgot one woman, Nickole Kiddman. I think she is classy, She mostly keeps her private life to hersellf. I have seen her eyes say I am happy, scared, sad, insecure and confident. To me she seems strong and fragile at the same time. Her eyes are conflicted. She can be so many things at once. She is amazing.

I hope that is what you wanted if not I will delete my post later.


I have always thought that Catherine Zeta-Jones is incredibly beautiful. She has such an air of confidence and style, yet is classy and subtle about it. She carries herself with grace, can be provocative with just a simple raising of an eyebrow (something Rita Hayworth was very good at) and is most certainly womanly, as opposed to the girlish charm that so many in acting have these days. Plus, she has a great gentle Welsh accent, and her dark, exotic looks are such a nice contrast to her white, pearly skin. If I was a man, I would stalk her until she left (the ever-talented and wonderful) Michael Douglas. But I am most triumphantly a woman, thank the lord!
My third pick would have to be Vanessa (I can't spell her last name) but she has just married Johnny Depp. So it is Vanessa P---- - Depp.
That would be Paradis.
i think you all need to search for jessica alba. she is the number 1 in my list. i also think milla jovovich is quite pretty.......