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What's wakeboarding? Duck Smilie
And anyone who knows anything about kite surfing, can you let me know. Saw some guys tearing past some wind surfers the other day towed by their kites. Looked great fun, especially when they took off. All I can get out of anyone at the moment is "It's expensive!"
It's just money! Tongue Smilie

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Yeah, and it grows on trees. So when inflation gets out of hand, just burn the forests down. Big Smile Smilie
ooh wakeboarding and kite surfing...I so want to try those... Cool Smilie

I don't know much, Gimli, but I'd bet that any good waterski maker would make a decent wakeboard...any sort of reputable surf shop would probably be able to help you out better...let me know how it goes! Smile Smilie
Thou shalt not burn thy forrest down!!!

Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh! and everyone knows it doesnt grow on trees, it grows in them! Big Laugh Smilie

I thought that the manufacturer of my skimboard made them, but i cant seem to find any listings for them, so i guess not... i must be remembering wrong...