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Just bidding on Lord of the Rings Conquest for the PS3, anyone played it, thoughts?

Lord of the Rings Conquest
.... awesome, I won the ebay auction! ’12.50 (inc P&P), not bad considering it's ’17.00 from Amazon not including P&P which would of been another ’3!
Xbox 360 LOTR:C is better. :P

Going to get the Maps Pack for it soon. (Battle of the Last Alliance, Arwen, Gothmog, Boromer and Amon Hen or something like that)
And ours was ’30! : Orc Sad Smilie
Yeah, I considered an Xbox and would still like one, but I went with the PS3 as I wanted a DVD/Blue-ray player ... besides, I don't have time for another console or too much gaming with everything I need to get done on PT this year Smile Smilie
Orc Grinning Smilie Cool.

IMO In the space of a week PT has already improved. (The Ads were annoying, Weather System and Postal Charges are Back Etc.),

But where have the polls gone?
It wasn't working properly and had some vulnerabilities, it's temporarily offline until I fix it.
I still try to think what PT used to look like and I only remember various greens and the symbol we used to have. But I am so glad the Weather is back Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

I have LOTRC, and I mainly bought it for I played Star Wars Battlefront on the old PS2. A friend of mine and I would play that for hours quite a few years ago and we constantly said how great would it be if they did a LOTR version. So I bought it near the day of release. With some upgraded graphics and smoother gameplay, I really enjoyed the story campaigns; playing as the good and bad characters etc. The only criticism is the multiplayer aspect. It's quite unbalanced, but on the campaign, I give it eight out of ten Orc Smiling Smilie
I seem to remember a drawing of Gandalf with his wizard hat on, yeah and green.
Indeed, here is an archived version of the old design.
It all comes back to me now!! I really liked that design. Each link I go to takes me to another memory Happy Elf Smilie. I'm really glad you saved them.

Out of curiosity I tried the chat Orc Grinning Smilie, I just had to Elk Grinning Smilie

Half a decade on...
Had a little go on the game last night, only Helms Deep (first level) but I really enjoyed it, played the archer class mostly.
Helms Deep was my first level i played, survived it all without dieing and got the 'Splintered Shields' Badge and the badge for not dieing.

Then I failed at every other level. Team Deathmatch is easy as Pie and the Capture the Ring levels are easy. I have wun them all within 2 minutes of starting the match, (run up to the CPU with the ring on your team and it takes it. then peg it!) and not dieing.

Also, just looked at the Original PT, it looks quite good, but simple, unlike the new one. If you could make some kind of mix, (Like the current one with the Mountains and the orange sky fading into the old green thing, with the Writing on the ring on a Orange Banner in the design of the ring running across the top, just above the links. Or something like that). And i just read a few of the posts on the Forum; Tons of people who still use it now. Which is kool. But no one posts as much Orc Sad Smilie

GREP! *Shakes Fist*