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i saw a dragon in the clouds tonight! sleep the dreamer

 I believe to existence of magic and fantasy, even in real life, and I certainly would love to see a dragon, a black dragon with grey scales and giant wings, it would be a sign of power.

A dragon?How interesting.I am so boring I don't even have nice dreams.

By the way does anyone remember the Hungarian Horntail,Norbert etc....Smile Smilie


I bet Grondy would have joined in at this point Smile Smilie

I don't recall I'd remember that name, but I'm sure I've heard of it a time or two before, and Odette, I wouldn't ever call you boring, it's usual and normal to see dreams which are not so fascinating, fantasy fueled or even sensible at all. Most of my dreams are kind of strange, but the worse of all are the nightmares about spiders. (I've had arachnophobia since of my childhood). =)

But, dragons for the victory!

I definitely remember Norbert and the Hungarian Horntail. Admittedly I'm not sure if it's some sort of PT inside joke, but being a lover of all things fantasy, I'm definitely a lover of Rowlings work. Don't forget, Norbert ended up becoming Norberta when they discovered he was a she!!

I can't say I've had any dragon dreams, but I've had epic Tolkien style battle scenes. And if any of you are Halo fans, I had a dream last night I was with a group of Spartans fighting a relentless covenant invasion. So awesome. I also once had a dream I was a Transformer, flying around in space fighting Decepticons and being rewarded with a single pop-tart each time I defeated one. Not even joking. I wish you could relive dreams...

Yes, I am sure Grondy would have been quick to post.

Ahh... yes... Norbert(a). There was also mentioned a race of dragons called Norwegian Ridgeback or something, wasn't there? I wonder if enough time has passed since I read the HP books, so that I can watcg the movies without going nuts over how different they are from the books? Hmmm...

Oh yes, I remember in the Triwizard Tournament there was the Norwegian Rideback, Hungarian Horntail, Chinese Fireball, and the Welsh Green or something like that.

As for the movies/books...I've learned the best way to deal with it is just view the movies as a separate entity that has the same general story line. I find it's easier to just accept them as completely different works than compare the two. If you can manage to do that, the movies aren't half-bad (not saying they're great) and help give a good name to the reclusive fantasy-movie genre.

Some other great dragons are the ones featured in Terry Brooks novels. Those things are vicious. And I've never read the Eragon series but I hear those are supposed to be pretty good...

I'm totally mad about Harry Potter since I was ten I guess.

Wow BalrogsRUs amazing dream line upSmile Smilie

I adored the X-men series and sometimes dreamt that I was a mutant.

And Norberta yes.He was a She according to Charlie was it?Yes I remember the names of the dragons now.It's been so long and the movies have not helped at allSad Smilie