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So what's this then eh? Question Smilie
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those weren't skirts... they were kilts - so they were still tryig to be men! LOL...

Remember that line in "Working Girl?" about how guys hated to see women dressing like women trying to be men...better to have women look like women - or something like that?

I also hated Captain Janeway for the same reason... a woman acting like a man - I missed the "feminine" intuition and touch - she might as well have been captain kirk in drag for all the femininity she had. I know I'm a woman... but I like when women act like women and men act like men. Xena could be feminine and still kick butt... and Lyta Alexander and especially Delenn from Babylon 5 were definitely strong characters that you'd never mistake for men in drag...
So what's this then eh? Question Smilie Police Smilie
Tommy: Gimli went back to ezboard and picked up a bit of our old P-T postings and brought them here for discussion. Smile Smilie
Theres a site i go to, thats sole purpose is save copies of the web. they have been at it for many years now, they copy all the pages and save them... its not complete, someitimes you see a main page, but the links no longer work... but other times it works well.. for instance, you can type september 11th, and go to most news sites, such as cnn, and you can see every front page they had that day, as they continued to update it, with one plane, then two, then the collapses, the pentagon.... bit by bit... its exactly like looking back in time.. you cna go back and see when it was a nothing site.. cheesy graphics and a couple books for sale... its amazing... i like the parts for like Sept 11th.. those pages are lost for ever now, but not there.. the historical documents live on... thats what its for... to save history.. its a nonprofit company that is doing it i belive....
Man I'd forgotten that one...
Mmmmmmmmm... 7 of 9...... Tongue Smilie
I'd never seen it before! But hey, that's great! Big Smile Smilie