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I was looking on the League of Legends Homepage, and saw this on there. This song was composed by one guy and made on a music editing software. After hearing this song, I just thought I would share it with PT and get some opinions and thoughts (the song is on youtube, and I don't think that is against our Family Friendly Website Rules, but if it is, I understand)

Also, if anyone feels that they want to try out League of Legends (a completely free, online game) would you please let me know before you sign up (this post would work or IM). If you don't mind, I would like to give you my referral link. Thanks.

  Your song sounds good Gimli, sounds like it should belong in a roleplaying game.  I have joined too many roleplaying games and my longest lasted about two years but I just don't have the time nowadays.  

  You are right, posting youtube links or any other link to another website is against our rules, rule nine I believe.  You can move it to the appropriate part of the forum though, you do not have to remove it, just create it again.  You'll find the rules at the top of every page, next to 'your recent posts'.  So give it a read and create it somewhere else, or I can do it for you   

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