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Hi there, Lorend. A big welcome from a fellow elf. I hope you enjoy yourself on our site.

Don't worry about not having a copy of The Red Book Of Westmarch, I don't know anyone who in reality does have one. The Red Book was the work that Bilbo wrote concerning his travels with Thorin, the War of the Ring and other events of the Third Age as seen by Hobbits. Also attached to it were three volumes of elvish translations and a volume of genealogies and other misc Shire matters.
Basically, it is The Hobbit plus Lord of the Rings with appendixes.
Welcome to the forum Lorend_Silverhelm. Come back and join in our discussions any time you want. Smile Smilie

I have the 1974 Houghton Mifflin Company's single volume imitation red leather slip covered collector's edition of the LOTR with a fold out map and all the Appendices. And even though it doesn't contain The Hobbit, I like to think of it as The Red Book of Westmarch; however, I know deep down, that there aint no such thing as that tome: it was just a figment of JRR Tolkien's great imagination. Cool Smilie
Welcome Lorend. You are not a writer are you? Deal Smilie

I dont have any special editions of Tolkien's work Sad Smilie , but my first copy of LOTRs could definately be entered into a "Most battered copy of LOTRs" competitions. Wink Smilie
So could mine, Allyssa. I've had to mend it several times already. I had it from my brother who bought it on a second-hand market in 1974. Super Wow Smilie

Hullo there, Lorend! Enjoy your stay and make it a long one... Animated Wink Smilie
I would definitely enter that competition! But I have no good excuse, my copy is only about a year and half old! I'm rough on books. My bookshelves are a sight to behold! You might think they were thousands of years old!! Big Laugh Smilie

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Hey Lorend Big Smile Smilie Good to meet you!

I got a new copy of LoTR last year after my copy lost a few hundred pages..... Tongue Smilie
Yeah....My "Paths of the Dead" (a dire travesty, Elladan and Elrohir are in there) keeps falling out and the kids havd scribbled on my maps. Thank God TF has some spare ones. Big Smile Smilie And my cat chewed on the front cover - pin-holes in Barad-dur!
You are a librarian's nightmare! Super Scared Smilie
(As if I don't have a few worn out tomes!)
Lorend... Good to meet you, and welcome! I hope you enjoy yourself!!
Heya Lorend. Nice ta meet ya! Disturbed Smilie
I hate it if books are ill-treated. I personally always take good care of them. Hey, what do you know, some people stand up for animals, I stand up for books! They can't speak for themselves either! Winking Smilie