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Anyone following the Rugby world cup? interested in discussing the games?

Hi Ro, I doubt it on this site, however, Go the Wallabies!!!

Heh, there was quite a good football thread going during the SWC but that's only natural for a Northern hemisphere web site I guess.

Here's hoping for a Kiwi - Aussie final eh?

Go the All Blacks!!

Too true!  So long as the yanks dont get a look in!!

naw, the yanks are 4th in their pool on 4 points, probably not much of a threat there.

I'm hoping for a northern/southern hemisphere grand final but I predict it'll be NZ/SA.

Even though Im an Aussie, I think your correct re NZ & SA...

Im backing NZ!

LOL, NZ and OZ have a funny relationship, we give each other a hard time but when our backs are against the wall Kiwi's and Aussie's back each other to the hilt.

I'm hoping we have a chance to put the 91 world cup back to rights, that's what annoys me with that Invictus movie, they make it seem that SA beat us fair and square but there's no mention of the suspicious food poisoning the night before the final that left half our boys on the side line and the rest as crook as dogs......