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Just watched the pilot and enjoyed it, though I've never read the series. I tend to shy away from moden fantasy Novels/Authors, it feels like they are just hopping on the band wagon with weak stories/plots and charactors. Anyone read this paricular novel and recomend it? or is it just more of the same?

If it is the Game of thrones series with Sean Bean (Boromir) in it, then it is actually pretty darn awesome and I am dying to see season 2. 

And from what I hear the books are excellent (highly recommended by our old pal LA86) and I hope to read them some day.

I have never heard of such a thing, not to mention books. Can someone give me a synopsis of some sortÉ I have noticed that there is something within Sean Bean himself that causes anything he is in, even in my opinion inferior movies, to be redeemed by just his presence. I am unable to figure out what it is but it is quite amazing.

A TV series made by HBO based on George RR Martin 's 'A Game of thrones' seems full of political intrigue, assassinations, monsters and bogeymen.

Just be warned Leelee that it is quite sexually explicit.

Good to see that someone made this thread. I've first two books in english, I've read some of them in finnish, but I do not recall all the events and stuff it includes.

I watched the first season by myself, and I must say that I'm very impressed.

It was so well done, and it included many good actors and some real feel to it.

It is also one of those 'mature' fantasy series. George Martin wanted it to be that way, and I respect the decision. It spices it all up.

So, I recommend both the books and the series, no matter which of them you prefer first. Smile Smilie

Thank you both for the explanations, but having heard I shall pass. I am very much like Tolkien in this area of explicit anything really. Since my baby hood anything like that, including cursing has actually given me pain in my chest and a feeling of unutterable sadness. It is to me like having to mingle and listen to an actual orc and that is just dreadful to me. No, no we elves either in middle-earth or this one cannot bear such things and prefer to live in our pristine world of elevated talk and modesty. But thankyou   very much for taking the time to share that with me. i honestly had never even heard of this.

I've only seen the pilot of the series, but I'm well into the fifth book in the series and I would definitely recommend them to any fantasy fan. The plot is tight and engaging, and the characters are almost real in their motivations and behaviour, and you'll often find yourself having to re-evaluate your opinions of some of them as you go through.  It's also written as a bunch of interconnected stories that wrap themselves around each other until you almost can't separate them from each other, and the whole storyline is very intricate, which forces you to think about it. But at the same time, it never becomes convoluted. The only thing I can say is, don't get too attached to the characters. If you do, you'll just end up with your guts ripped out through your teeth.

With Tolkien Studies being such a large field of discussion, why talk about other works here? I'm not saying we shouldn't, but it seems strange somehow.

Not all of us here are particularly big Tolkien fans, I enjoy the Fantasy genre in general but come to this site because it is safe and polite, unlike 90% of forums on the net where you have to contend with cyber bullies and trolls.


We decided not to spend the extra $9.00 per month for the SoHo channel so we could continue to watch the series, I pretty much forgot about it until just the other day when my Mother in law purchased the first series on DVD which I watched and was enthralled from beginning to end. It is a masterful piece of work in terms of both writing and TV/film. It's complicated, with twists and turns in the blinking of the eye  but it all makes sense and I find myself cackling at every clever little plot twist very satisfying, Highly recommended to any fantasy fan.

I saw the pilot and have been meaning to watch the rest of the series as I've only heard great things about it. HBO seems to provide some great productions. I'm a huge fan of True Blood and of course Sex and The City, I think was HBO. Game Of Thrones looks gritty and Dirty and Like True Blood is not for the faint hearted. Ladies of this page will probably be offended in one way or another. Was Sparticus HBO I wonder..... Very rude and explicit, but highly addictive.

Me and the missus are in a real pickle now. SoHo is playing eps 7 and 8 of series 2 but not the first 6 any more. And we've searched online for them but all the down loads we've found are not MAC compatible. There's hundreds of little snippets on youtube but that's just a tease.....

So we have to wait till the DVDs are released....ohh maaaaaan!


We bought the first 2 books though so that will have to do for the time being.

Hello Everyone,..luv this show! Bought season 1 and  watched it many times. Cant wait til season 2 is available.