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working on an invention that will make me some money!                                                                                  i can't describe my invention, unfortunately, do to confidentiality.  by the way they have discovered a way to create gold but it's so expensive to make it's not cost effective.

hope it goes okay... any chance you could tell us about it?

Please tell me its a globe of crystal, that when held shows images of Valinor, far but clear.....

Brego, that would be quite the invention

Careful, inventions - and most ideas - that make lots of money are usually products of Mordor's clandestine warfare department.  Be sure you're not being ensnared through fascination with a palantir!  You never know who might be - and probably is - watching you!

Far better to stick to forges and watermills, and leave the High Magick to those who understand its dangers!

Too true Eohelm, re Palantiri.  However originally they were a technology for the use of good and so long as only those with the right and power to use them hold them, we Elves have nothing to worry about.

Oh let it be a seed engineered to be eaten and leaves behind something magical that reacts with purity of mind and heart so that when one is in that blessed state readily come true visions of Valinor, no not far off but as if one was there walking on the Blessed Shores and can see the others and take hope and rejoice.

Inventions to make money hmm? Have you tried creating something that might turn lead into gold? Wink Smilie I'd definitely buy one of those if you created it! :P

Either way, good luck with it Smile Smilie