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Has anyone noticed that in the last few years music has been getting better and better, and of late has been of exceptionally high quality? For a music lover like myself it's been like Christmas day every time I sit down in front of YouTube.

For a decade and a half or so this has not been the case, everywhere I turned my poor little ears were assaulted by Hip hop and boom boom, or some dork screaming until they wanted to detach themselves in an effort to escape the horror of it all. I locked myself away like an old man with my tatty old albums, peering out of the dusty windows from time to time, only to mutter "rubbish" or "get a real job hippy!" then slammed the rotten net curtains back in place and turned Led Zeppelin up again.

Then one fine day a few years ago, while I was rocking in my faithful old chair with my old green cardigan on, a new sound penetrated the confines of my self made prison, (Jack Johnson) It was a cheerful bubbly acoustic sound, like water bubbling from a brook or the hearty giggles of young children. I lifted my head and listened, my god I thought, what is that.... and behold, it was the resurgence of folk rock! But unlike a lot of genres over the years it hasn't come blasting onto the music scene boosting "Here I am and you're all gonna love me!" Nope, Folk rock just quietly flowed in, just one quality song after another, catching the attention of people with real musical taste, influencing all our young musicians and teaching them that music isn't just about sex appeal or drugs and drinking or having a good time, it's also just about the share pleasure of music, of letting the melody get inside of you. But to my amazement, other old genres heard and replied, Motown lifted it's fuzzy Affro head. smiled a cheeky grin and sent us Aloe Blacc, a man who seems to excrete coolness from every pore of his body, but it looks like he's time traveled straight out of the '70s.

So I ask you all, my quiet, thoughtful intelligent Tolkien fan friends, shut that old copy of the Children of Hurin, or the adventures of Tom Bombadil for just a little while, It'll keep, the professor will understand, he enjoyed music as well. And listen to some of this stuff, it will invigorate you and make you appreciate the arts even more. Thanks for reading. Here is a short list of some of the really talented young guys and girls out there. it's all on YouTube.

Ben Howard, Avalanche City, Michael Kiwanuka, Luke Thompson, Liam Finn, Glen Hansard (The Swell Season), Mumford and Sons, Lydia Cole, Missy Higgins, Aloe Blacc, Florence and The Machine, Jason Mraz, Dave Mathews Band, Jack Johnson, Donovan Frankenreiter, John Mayer,  and many many more.

Yippeee! You said it Rho. (:

I still have yet to look up some of the stuff you listed, but two of my favorites are Jason Mraz and Mumford and Sons. Great music. very catchy.

Rock on,



Jason Mraz is a cool guy, and he's really matured over the years. The first song I heard from him was the remedy and I liked it immediately, really catchy, lyrically clever and well put together. Fun video too!! His latest one "I won't give up" is really nice, and once again well crafted.

The first time I saw Mumfords it felt like going home, they something special aright....

I'd recommend any of the Kiwi stuff, Avalanche city, Brooke Fraser , Luke Thompson Liam Finn. Also not folk but still good, six60, Che fu, the blackseeds, Opshop, Fat Freddie's Drop.

It might take you a little while to get used to the Kiwi sound but once you do you'll love it, we got plenty of old school tunes as well, including Dave Dobbyn, Crowed House and Herbs,  Heaps of good stuff . Then again I'm biassed Big Smile Smilie

Any local stuff from where you are that'd be worth a listen too?

Jason Mraz has a style of his own, I love Lucky and I'm Yours. I play I Won't Give Up of guitar.

Well, where I live there isn't any good music going round. I am actually starting to get into country and folk rock a lot more.

Rho, I will totally look up the Kiwi stuff, especially Luke Thompson because my name is Luke too!!



Hehe, I grew up with Charlie pride and the Carpenters and I hated it, still do but but there was a few goodies, i love John Denver, The Hawk in particular, man that Acoustic rhythm gets under your skin and you can actually feel it making your whole body vibrate. Big fan of Rodger Miller too, I remember being a little kid and just loving the wackiness of his stuff, but then again he could get serious as well. Never really been a huge fan of the country rock scene, bit too commercial I guess. What stuff you getting into? Alison Kraus? I don't mind her but it has nothing to do with her musical talent if you know what I mean.....


Oh god the misus is gonna read this.. oh well, I got plenty of brownie points owing Smile Smilie

Sorry I missed your question in Chat Wen.

The best folk artist would be Ben Howard I reckon, he's just so damned good!!

Old school best would  be Paul Simon.

OK, i've pulled the old dusty guitar out again, happens every few years, but maybe this time I might actually see it through and learn how to play it......

Good for you! I love the guitar, I have been playing for about 2 years...though I am not so good as I would wish (I don't have anyone teaching me).

Rho, I looked up Ben Howard, and I will say that he I VERY unique! I love his style of guitar playing and some of his songs, especially The Wolves, are wonderful! Thanks. (:


Hey no worries bro, yeah it actually took me a little while to get into him, as you said he's quite unique and pretty intense. Wolves is cool, also "the Fear"

Well, I've to agree with you two. Music's been getting better in many fields and genres.

Though my tastes mainly revolve between metal music and classical music, there has been plenty of music to keep me interested along the years.

But these days, I sadly don't explore new music anymore. There was a time, when I downloaded all kind of albums from different metal genres to try it all out, but it didn't work. (Dl, 'cause at times, there's not enough money to buy real cd's).

This year's highlights for me: Be'lakor - Of Breath and Bone, Wintersun - Time I and Therion - Les Fleurs du Mal.

I'll give some listens though to the bands/artists that were mentioned in earlier posts, 'cause everytime people mention folk music, I remind myself of how good folk metal can be. So, folk music is something I really enjoy. Smile Smilie

Momma's and the Poppa's & ABBA are great for harmony. Love The Carpenters as well.

How do you like The Decemberists,Grace Potter,Jack White,Arcade Fire and Ben Harper?Just a few of newer artists I like.


I've been meaning to make a note of these names here and check them out on Spotify. (Free music and 100% leagal, what's not to love?) I am SO out of the loop when it comes to music. Unless it's on Playhouse Disney, then maybe I've heard it. :P

I do have some favorites though: 

Brego mentioned harmony, and I immidiatly thought of Kings of Convienience. Love those boys. So soothing. 

The Norwegian siger Sivert Høyem (both as solo artist and with the band Madrugada) has a wonderful voice. Well worth listening to. 

Otto said metal and classical music, and I went: Yeah, like Nightwish (with Tarja)!! *lol* 

I also like Laleh and her CD "Sjung" (most or her songs are in English).  

Susanne Sundfør - The silicone veil. She has a voice and a sound I haven't quite decided on yet, but "White foxes" and "the silicone veil" I like.

And yes, check out Florence + the machine, like Rho said. 

I MUST look up these artists! Thanks people..

But, anyway, talking about singers from favorite favorite musician at the moment is from Norway! His name is Jarle Bernhoft. Amazing guy. Very talented!



woaw ...Wenlesael Isil you like our Mr Bernhoft too.goodie .and yes.he is indeed talented Smile Smilie

Yes, though not from anywhere near Norway, I do love his music! Bernhoft really is quite amazing.

Now this is odd. All of these artist names and stuff, and well, none of them rings a bell.

Oh well, I checked some of the artists, but I don't know. My musical tastes are so limited in a way. I even dislike some of metal genres, but for a good reason.

These days, when I listen to music, I always seek these things:

Epicness, fantasy, powerful and interesting riffs, melodies, symphonies, beautiful and strong singing, fast, technical and diverse drumming.

It's truly strange, why some of us choose one genre over everything else, while others remain more open minded, being able to listen to any kind of music they want to. I guess that that's just how it goes.

Talking about singers/musician's, there are so many people to pick from, but, if I've name one, I choose Michael Gregor/Silenius from Summoning. None executes black metal vocals like he does, and I owe him many thanks due to the fact that he inspired me to start singing bm in the first place.

@ Amarie: Nice to see ya, Amarie! (Sorry, I still don't know my keyboard well enough to make the dots).

Nightwish is a good one, and yeah, I miss Tarja's elegant and soft voice. When she left after 'Once' and that live set was released, that was it for me. Oh, by the way, did ya know that Tarja is actually from my hometown: 'Kuusankoski'. Once upon a time, I even saw her in a local market.

Ouch, another 'long' post.

Well, it's good to end it by saying that all respect to the artists and music they create! (Can that include me too?) ^^


Kuusankoski. I like the sound of that name. Smile Smilie

I have found I like music that gets me thinking or feeling. Good/clever lyrics, harmonies and techniques. Not unlike you it might seem, Otto. 

Check out Clara Van Wel on youtube. She just won New Zealand's got talent and she's awesome. I knew she was the winner from the off. Her first song "The lines you traced" is prolly my fav atm.

Can't wait to see what she does in the next few years.


Check her out.


she wrote a song called "There and back again" as she's one of us (well, one of you guys anyway)

Would be nice to see that song in one of the movies(the last ones called there and back again yeah?), which is highly likely as PJ loves helping young talent

Just put         The hobbit song - Clara Van Wel into youtube.

Hm, I'd have to agree and disagree here Rho. I'm also a life long music lover but grew up in a different generation. I'd say music hasn't necessarily "gotten better" as it has shifted places. You still have dozens of classic rock funk groups, BB King esque cool jazz, or Bob Dylan worthy lyrical brilliance. You just have to look elsewhere. MTV still plays the same auto-tune pop punk crap its been playing for 10 years, but other, "better" groups have emerged behind the scenes. The mid 90s was a huge burst of musical revolution and has been growing since.

I grew up in a musical family so have been surrounded by it since I was a kid. My dad played drums for 43 years so I devloped listening to the likes of Earth Wind and Fire, Zeppelin, Allman Brothers, James Brown etc. I would say popular music is just as stagnant as ever, but there is TONS of good music out there that's been there for awhile.

I listen to everything. Literally everything. One relatively new genre I've come to love is called post-rock. It's mostly instrumental but the compositions are brilliant. It's like classical music meets modern rock/metal. Check out Russian Circles or Explosions In the Sky for something powerful but....different.

Russian Circles - Carpe or Micah

Explosions In the Sky - First Breath After Coma or The Birth and Death of Day

Apocalyptica - In the Hall of the Mountain King is another cool song.

Oh and Oerath if you like metal we need to talk! If you don't already, out sounds like you'd love Equilibrium or Turisas. It's called Folk Metal and it's...amazing.

Yes, I do know both bands. Equilibrium is from Germany and Turisas is from my cold country, Finland.

I'd list folk metal and it's family, pagan and viking metal as one of my favorite genres.

By the way, Balrogs. Now that I think about it, I recall talking with you back in 2010 or so. And on many occasions.

Don't you remember? I think I used plain 'Oerath' as my username back then.

Hm, I vaguely remember, though it's more than likely! That's right around the time I started to really appreciate folk metal. And yeah I actually hate that both bands are from overseas. I saw Eluveitie with Alestorm a few years back. Alestorm stole the show.

In fact, the US has pretty much no good folk metal. We have a good death and thrash metal scene, but the rest is lacking. All the good stuff is overseas...

Balrogs, I've posted you a reply into 'Musician's Guild'. See you over there!

It's my guild, so we can talk freely about metal over there. Would be fun to keep that place active, since it has gathered only 103 posts so far. Smile Smilie