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Oh, my Taz you look just like my husband when he was 19.
Very nice Taz!
Got The Blues Smilie *blushes*
Shall I post the link again? Is there anyone here who hasn't seen this damn picture? Is the writing underneath it totally out of date? Do i lie constantly? Can I even remember the URL? Lets see....
Hey Taz, if you didn't live thousands of miles away on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean I would swear I know you from somewhere!

Plastic, I always suspected you were older than me (don't ask why, just an impression) and you are... 2 days older. Big Laugh Smilie

I'd love to post my pic but I'm only just now emerging from the pre-computer dark ages you see. I don't even have a printer let alone a digital camera or a scanner. Or a place to post my pic for that matter. Oh well, for now I'll remain just a name.
ok.. heres mine...
No excuses Prog. I'll bet the public library has a scanner you can use.
So Plastic, how much have you changed from the time that picture was taken?
Smoke Smilie
I have a pic on
www.lezliecom On the left, are some buttons. click on party pics. Under IRc Friends,
check out the 1998 party pics. My nick was Cuddles and Sabre is my husband. We are each in 3 different pics, not always the same ones. lol
My hair is a lot blonder now, and I have lost about 20 lbs or so since those pics were taken. Sabre has cut his hair and shaved off the beard. He has not gained or lost an ounce.

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Melliot's Picl: so you can just click on it Smile Smilie

[Edited on 27/8/2002 by Allyssa]
Yes, but Red, where would I post it? Seriously, any suggestions and I'll do it. Wink Smilie

Hey Gimli! your so young! How do you reach the keyboard? Big Laugh Smilie

I know, I know... stupid joke.

[Edited on 8/26/2002 by ProgHead777]
Scan the picture, save to disk then e-mail the image to Taz as an attachment. I am sure he will take care of it for you if you want it posted. Now all you excuses are used up. Big Smile Smilie

ps. There may be an easier way, I am just learning how to use the scanner and digital camera to send pictures and that is what I have figured out so far. Who reads manuals, anyway. (sshh, don't tell Grondmaster I said that) Animated Wink Smilie
Who reads manuals, anyway. (sshh, don't tell Grondmaster I said that) Animated Wink Smilie
Why not?

If God had wanted us to read manuals, he surely wouldn't have hidden them away in the backwaters of a computer disk; but would have furnished a full sized and bound paper copy with each and every application or piece of computer hardware, so we could navigate by reading them while setting up and running the application and/or hardware. Very Big Grin Smilie
Very funny Gimli, I've seen the real picture of you, but I can't remember the URL.
Prog, you can send the pic to me if you want, I've put stuff up for people before now.
And that pic was taken last Xmas, so it's only 8 months ago, and all that's changed is I have a better tan now, and 8 months more hair. Wink Smilie
Managed to get my Guestbook done, please sign it! Smile Smilie
Melliot's Picl: so you can just click on it

Thank you Allyssa
Thanks Ally, Nell and Plastic for your guestbook entries... very sweet Big Smile Smilie
Gimil: you were a seriously cute kid, but do you have anything more recent?

As for my pic, it will be up in the Council section soon. Super Scared Smilie
Good one, Plastic! Big Laugh Smilie
That oughta make her jealous.
more recent hmmmm... lets see

im on the right, with the tattoo
I'll take you up on that offer Plastic. Now it's just a matter of tracking down a pic where I'm not making some stupid face or an obscene gesture. Hadn't realised what a f*** off I am until I started looking through these pictures! Rolling Eyes Smilie

Oh yeah, and my nephew has a scanner I can use, so that's really no problem.
i like your pic gimli
Why thank you very much. Smile Smilie

I guess im going to have to start putting more up.. i have lots on my computer.. but i feel funny having a page of nothing but myself!!!!
Heh, I'm such an egomaniac I actually do have a huge page somewhere of nothing but pics of myself. But I've never given anyone the URL cos I like having it just for me.
And don't worry about obscene gestures Prog, I have a similar problem.
Thats better Gimli. Although that's not much of a beard for a dwarf! Wink Smilie
Hey, nice pics peeps. Now I know how you people look like! Let's get Tommy, Grondy, Boring, Red, Ally & all in here!

Hooray for the PT photo album! Big Smile Smilie Cool Smilie

[Edited on 29/8/2002 by Ungoliant]
*ahem* Aren't we forgetting someone Golly? What of yourself eh?
Well I haven't got any. Not recent ones anyway. And I'm covered in mud & grime in all my old ones. Sad Smilie
Me too, 'cause Ratty plumbed his river into my den and ole Mole hasn't got the mess cleaned up yet. Animated Wink Smilie
Mud & grime? You used to be a mud wrestler then? Wink Smilie
Mmmm... mud and grime, must see, must see.....
Mud & grime? You used to be a mud wrestler then?

I wish Prog, I wish. Sad Smilie

I'll see what I can do, but I'll have to mail it to you Plastic since I have no idea how to put it up. Next weekend prolly.
well yes.. I know.. but the beard is just so hard to maintain! AND.. very embarassing when eating... half the dinner ends up there!

but now, its all cut off.. I still have one, but it's much shorter.
Gimli, I love your sites, who'd have thought a dwarf could be such a great photographer Big Smile Smilie
I haven't got a picture of myself yet either, and even if I had, I couldn't post it here cos I don't have a site to put it on... Very Big Grin Smilie

I'll try to make a nice one of myself soon, promise... But it'll take some time to get a nice one...
I loved your pictures of your cats and yourself.

I love cats too, and dogs and hamsters and frogs and, and and etc....
Only a newbie here but if you are interested
somewhere on the right on this page is a bad picture of me. Wink Smilie
Yeah, nice pictures, Star! Big Smile Smilie

Still trying to find a *decent* picture of me. But then what do I do with it? Ideas, anyone. I don't have a site of my own.
Send it to me Tommy. I'll put it up for you
Ooh! Thanks Plastic!

*runs off in search for decent pic*

But you'll have to mail me your address then... Disturbed Smilie
Big Smile Smilie Thank you kind people, the cat is Bobbi, my little manx darling, on another page are my dogs, its a hotch potch mish mash of a site, one day I might get it organised Smile Smilie

did you see my beautiful daughter? Big Smile Smilie who I love and are increadibly proud of Smile Smilie
LOL! I love your Tigger page, star! Big Laugh Smilie You don't happen to have any Eeyore pics, do you? Big Smile Smilie Eeyore's my favourite! Smoke Smilie
Cool...I've never seen a Manx before! They have no tails right? I wonder how you go about getting yourself a Manx...
From an animal shop perhaps? Big Laugh Smilie

I think it's kinda special, a cat with no tail. My brother's cat lost his tail in a car crash. He looked kinda funny, almost like a rabbit! I like them better with tail, however. More elegant and stylish. Cat Smilie
You can't even scan it in yourself Tommy? Lordy, oh well, if that's the case, then I'll mail you my actual address sometime.
I don't have to scan in P-man. I can make on with my flashy, shining, brand new digital camera. Big Laugh Smilie
ohhhh a new camera.. come on! what'd ya get???

Inquiring minds.. coughgimlicough.. want to know
Big Laugh Smilie
Then you don't need my address at all, cos you can just hit the e-mail link under this post and send it to me there. DUH!

Oh look, there is no e-mail link under the post, who knew? But you know my email anyway, cos you mailed me yesterday, twice...

[Edited on 13/9/2002 by PlasticSquirrel]
Only cos you mailed me first! Tongue Smilie

Gimli: Ok wait a second I'll look on the cammie cos I don't know what it is just now. Big Smile Smilie
K this thing says it's a NIKON coolpix 775 if that tells you sth. (this is not an advertisement mind you) Tongue Smilie
/me goes and looks up the Nikon coolpix 775 on Google.

Nice camera Tommy!
yup yup.. little silverish.. 2.0 mp i think it is...

Nikon makes good cameras, that should do nicely for you. Smile Smilie
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