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I somehow missed this post the first time around. I have a CD by Rick Wakeman called Landscapes of Middle Earth. It really doesn't do too much for me. Sounds just like all the other new age electronic music that is out here.
I do like the Middle Earth album by Bob Catley (Magnum).
I haven't had much luck downloading he music by Patrice Deceuninck cause my Real Player seems to be messed up at the mo. But I will give it a listen as soon as I get sorted out.
btw, there is not a problem with your thread here, however, it may have gotten more notice in the music thread in the Golden Perch tavern. I could move it there if you would like. Smile Smilie
I've just started a topic on the same subject.Though i put it in the wrong forum as Rednell already knows(sorry again).
It'll be moved down here soon.
Anyway back to this topic,as i said in mine one song by Led Zeppelin called Ramble On has to be inspired by Tolkien because of some of the lyrics.
Read my topic to see what the lyrics are.

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Not a problem, Saruman. Directing you here just saved me typing out all the information.
btw, if you want to listen to snippits of Catley go to this site:

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Rush did several tracks on their early albums that had references to Tolkien such as in, Rivendell, The Necromancer and I think, Lakeside Park. There are a few more Zeppelin ones too. Wasn't Misty Mountain Hop about Middle Earth, or was that more about a foggy day in Wales?

I have an album by someone called Bo Hansson entitled Music Inspired by Lord of the Rings. I'm not that keen on the actual music, but there's an excellant picture on the cover of the Witchking overlooking Isengard.
I think maybe Battle of Nevermore by Zeppelin might also be influenced by Tolkien.
Yeah, I got the Bo Hansson LP, I think it's really very good though Val. And Nevermore was Tolkieny "The Ringwraiths are out in black" was a dead giveaway. Misty Mountain Hop, was just in the title, songs about getting wasted in the sunshine. Erm... that's all I can think of for now, I expect Richie Blackmore's recent stuff might have some references, as would all Chris De Burghs crappy songs about Trolls and elves and sh*t.
Yeah, I got the Bo Hansson LP, I think it's really very good though Val.
I'll have to give it another listen then, Plastic. I bought it about twenty years ago in Germany and only gave it the one listen. My tastes have mellowed somewhat in that time.

I'm not sure he uses Tolkien specifically, but Ronnie James Dio is hooked on his elves and wizards.
I'm not sure he uses Tolkien specifically, but Ronnie James Dio is hooked on his elves and wizards.
and really, really sucks, you have been warned.
I can think of 3: Ramble On, Misty Mountain Hop, The Battle of Evermore. All By Led Zeppelin.
I think there was a good deal in the 60's because that's when the book got popular. The hippies loved it. "Gandalf for president", "Long live Frodo Baggins".
Robert Plant seemed to scatter Tolkien references throughout Led Zep's songs but none of them are specifically ABOUT Tolkien. Just random references.

The Battle of Evermore- "The Drums will shake the castle wall, the Ringwraiths ride in back"

Misty Mountain Hop was inspired by a police bust at a London love-in but the line "So I'm packin' my bags for the Misty Mountains" is definitely a Tolkien reference.

Ramble On is definitely one of my favorite Zep songs and has the most definite Tokien reference- "T'was in the darkest depth of Mordor I met a girl so fair, but Gollum, the evil one crept up and slipped away with her."

It's also interesting that Robert Plant once owned a dog named Strider and used to shout his name at the end of Bron-Y-Aur Stomp when it was performed live. There are a few other songs that I've heard compelling evidence that they are Tolkien inspired but have no direct references.

Check out this site if your interested:

There are lots of other bands that refer to Tolkien in one way or another, especially in prog-rock/metal. I know there is a metal band called "Gandalf" and one called "Isengard"
but I've never heard their music.

Here's an interesting article that should raise some eyebrows:

Note the list of Tolkien inspired band names at the bottom.

Canadian prog-metal pioneers Rush have a song called "Rivendell" on their third album, Fly By Night:


Sunlight dances through the leaves
Soft winds stir the sighing trees
Lying in the warm grass
Feel the sun upon your face
Elfin songs and endless nights
Sweet wine and soft relaxing lights
Time will never touch you
Here in this enchanted place

You feel there's something calling you
You're wanting to return
To where the misty mountains rise and friendly fires burn
A place you can escape the world
Where the dark lord cannot go
Peace of mind and sanctuary by loud water's flow

I've traveled now for many miles
It feels so good to see the smiles of
Friends who never left your mind
When you were far away
From the golden light of coming dawn
Till the twilight where the sun is gone
We treasure ev'ry season
And ev'ry passing day

We feel the coming of a new day
Darkness gives way to light a new way
Stop here for a while until the world,
The world calls you away
Yet you know I've had the feeling
Standing with my senses reeling
This is the place to grow old till
I reach my final day

wat bout the LotR:FotR soundtrack? i mean (duh) it wuz obviously inpired by Tolkien(duh agian)! Tongue Smilie
i luv that soundtrack! i think every1 should get it cuz it rox!
Absolutely agree Meia. Howard Shore has done a perfect job so far.
that soundtrack got an Oscar! Big Smile Smilie
The FOTR soundtrack is brilliant, I can listen to it over and over again. Well that was til I got the DVD, now I'll rather watch the movie over and over.

Apart from the soundtrack, Enya has an instrumental song called Lothlorien on her Shepard Moon Albumn.
Yes, yes I know some people don't like Enya (according to various other posts that I've read) But I think she's okay.
I like Enya! i luv how she sings May It Be and the Theme for Aragorn and Arwen! Big Smile Smilie i want 2 get her Shepherd Moon album sumtime!
No no no no no no no no. No Enya, and I always liked Howard Shore, his soundtrack for Crash was amazing, but as to his Fotr soundtrack, I could have done a better job (as could my granny, my dog and my dead hamster).
No no no no no no no no. No Enya, and I always liked Howard Shore, his soundtrack for Crash was amazing, but as to his Fotr soundtrack, I could have done a better job (as could my granny, my dog and my dead hamster).
One word: 'Mysterytrain' Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Sorry Plastic, I couldn't resist an opening that large. What you said would be like me comparing my baroque orchestral arrangements to those of the Academy of St. Martin-in-the Fields, as conducted by Neville Marriner. We're still rank amateurs, even if our music has sold. Na-na-na-na-na Smilie
grrrrrrrrrrrr dont insult the FotR soundtrack! it's like my fave CD! and it's much better than SW: Ep.1 soundtrack! of course thats partly cuz u hafta turn the volume like all the way up just 2 hear most of it.
The soundtrack is great and Plastic is wrong.

.....ok,what's Plastic's standard time of finding nosy new-commers and kick theyre as@ out for disobediance?
How long you been here now Raptor? Cos that's your answer. Big Smile Smilie

Give me a full Orchestra to play with and I will prove you all wrong.
I believe you, Plastic, but I liked the Howard Shore version too Wink Smilie

And I have to say, I thought it was pretty cool hearing Enya sing in elvish...

Yea!!!!!! Big Smile Smilie another person who thinks the soundtrack is cewl! thank u Prog!
If I inherit 1 mil $ i'll do it,Plastic! Wink Smilie Now,really,didn't you like it at all?I think it's the best soundtrack ever(and I would have liked it even if it wouldn't have been made for LOTR-not so much,but still...).Well,anyway,I guess it's a matter of taste.I'm curious how yours would sound-if you ever decide to do it,let me know!(seriously taking).
Sad Smilie

i watched FOTR again yesterday at the cinema,with 2 classmates-and I definetly know why I liked the music.But here's what occured to me:I think the soundtrack was the best for the movie,but it wouldn't fit the books so well.If anyone listened Lyra-The last Crossing-I think that's what you need for the books.
Best soundtrack ever? You don't watch a lot of Movies do you? It's not even Shore's best work. It's pretty d@mn average if you ask me. I mean I quite liked it, but I couldn't hum it, and that's the real test ain't it? If you hum it the day after you've seen the movie, it's worked. Give me John Williams or give me death. Big Smile Smilie

Oh btw, I was gonna do a whole concept album, kinda like the Bo Hansson one, but couldn't be bothered in the end. I'll let you know if I ever do anything Tolkieny.
Well,you're right,I'm not watching too many movies-just the average-what's new?let's see it-like it/don't like it.I presume you're into music stuff(not really sure what,though)-so you probably have a more chritic and experienced way to see these things.My only connection with music-besides listening it-is singing in the bath,and trust me,I'm not good at it.Drawing is my topic,if i can say that,so my opinions are based only on my feelings.To conclude.personally I liked the soundtrack,a lot.And you dislike it,a lot(or at least you don't think it's worthy for a LOTR movie).

mmmm...what now?
I don't really dislike it a lot, I feel more indifferent towards it than anything else. I'm just always surprised at how much others seem to like it. And you're right, I do approach it from way too critical a point of view (I am a musician by trade, and have done a couple of film soundtracks for mate's college projects before). And I think every movie needs a big theme that you can hum along too, and recognise when it recurs during the movie, e.g. Monty Norman's unforgettable Bond theme. Which I thought this movie lacked completely. A lot of it was really good though, I did like the bit as they came out of Moria, couldn't hum it to you though.
I have these arguments with my gf as well about music, she also is an artist, so she does the same to me about art. Mostly she gets in a huff cos I think Steve Ditko is the greatest artist ever (merely cos he invented Spiderman and the Fantastic Four). I think I might just be winding her up though...
I know what you mean about hummability, Plastic. And I agree that John Williams has a penchant for hummable themes: Star Wars and Jurrassic Park come to mind. And, of course, the infamous Jaws theme. But he's done other films that have nothing of the kind. Schindlers List and Saving Private Ryan... neither would benefit from a Star Wars type theme. Big, flashy, dynamic melodies would seem out of place.

That said, while I do like the Howard Shore soundtrack a lot, I would DEFINITELY like to here a John Williams LotR soundtrack...
wat bout the hobbit song? its the 2nd song on the CD. i could listen 2 it all day long! Tongue Smilie
Well,it's imbossible to please anyone-and everyone has the right to an opinion.I guess you're right in your way,Plastic(though I managed to humm some tracks Smile Smilie ).Hey,you might wanna check this out:
it's 2 tracks from the TT-after listening them(i liked them,btw) I thought they were good,but somehow....still the same with FOTR,not too new.Still,beautifulI can't agree about JWilliams-all I listened from him was JPark and SWars soundtracks-and I'm no crazy about the SW sounds.There!I'm done!
It's god,Meia,but not one of my favourites-I'm the dramathical type-The Shadow Of The Past-the sequence when Barad-Dur is shown....arrrwwwww.....
Plastic,when you said winding her up you did't mean like natural-as$-gasses,no? Big Laugh Smilie Smile Smilie

(Grondy added url commands which resulted in turning off the errant bold text. He also considered using his air freshener to overwrite some bad gas.)

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Plastic,when you said winding her up you did't mean like natural-as$-gasses,no? Big Laugh Smilie Smile Smilie

erm... not telling. Wink Smilie
And I thought a Movie like Lotr NEEDED big sweeping dramatic themes of the Indiana Jones type?
Indiana Jones rox, but LotR doesnt need the same kind of music. imho, LotR and Indiana Jones need 2 diff. kinds of music. while i luv the music 4 IJ, i dont think that style would work rite w/ LotR, and vice versa
Waving Hello Smilie Suilad, Galadhril! Merry Christmas Smilie I reckon that LOTR can have dramatic sweeping themes at SOME times, e.g. battle scenes, but not in other places, e.g. Imladris. Patrice Deceuninck is pretty good, but I still like the original movie soundtrack best... mainly because of Aniron - I could listen to that one all day... and May it be... (sorry, I just have a slight obsession with Enya at the moment)
lol, Enya sings Aniron beautifully! it's 1 of my fave songs! Big Smile Smilie
I watched the film again when I got the extended DVD set and actually, there are a lot of memorable themes... and they're quite hummable too. There's the etherial opening melody. And Saruman has his own theme that reminds me quite a lot of the Imperial March. Cool Smilie It's quite apparent in one of the DVD documentaries when they play the "Saruman Theme" over scenes of Nazi's marching in WWII that this tune has definite character...

Wait another 13 months, you might find yourself humming some Howard Shore LotR melodies by then Big Smile Smilie

For those who have the extended version, listen to the music playing during the fan club credits at the very end of the film. THAT has been stuck in my head all day now... and that's not a bad thing Tongue Smilie
Don't have extended version... Sad Smilie waiting for the special edition at the end with all the movies.... (its hard to wait.... Mad Smilie )... you're lucky, raptor! I wish that a cinema near me was showing LOTR!!! 24:06:10:42..41....40....etc... till Two Towers! (sorry, watching timer... :PSmile Smilie Anyway, I'll make a note to listen to the music playing in the extended version.. (hints to Galadhril Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie Juggling Smilie ) Tongue Smilie
there is a band called blind guardian, and they have a lot of songs inspired on tolkien’s books.

one of that songs is called tha bard song,and the lyrics are great. Big Smile Smilie

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There's a song called Requiem of the Rings, and it's (in my opinion) such a beautiful piece of music that it makes me shiver whenever i hear it. It's a remix of Requiem for a Dream and it's done by Clint Mansell (i think). I'm not sure if it's on the soundtrack for The Two Towers because i unfortunately don't have it yet, so the only way i could find it was through a music download site. Is it on the soundtrack? Because if it is, there's another reason to add to the list of about 50 reasons why i must buy it. Anyway, just thought someone might be interested, even though it's not inspired by Tolkien as such.

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oops grondy.....’capitals again?...... i apologize if so Wink Smilie
I think the best music inspired by Tolkien is the one from Blind Guardian, they have the album "Nightfall In Middle Earth" totaly inspired by the Silmarillion, its really great. The best song is "Time Stands Still", it tells he story iof the battle between Fingolfin and Morgoth.