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Gather, hobbits and dwarves, elves and rangers, riders of Rohan, people of Gondor, Bree and all the other corners of Middle-earth, you wizards and ents, orcs and urukhai, trolls, wargs, ... Anticipate three-day-walking-tour (optional) followed by three days come-together and festival - six unforgettable days inJ.R.R. Tolkien’s fantastic world MIDDLE-EARTH! 6.- 8. September 2013: Fortress Piberstein (Austria) Middle-earth-walking-tour from 3rd (Tuesday) to 5th (Thursday) September Atmosphere guaranteed, dresscode: Middle-earth for every visitor. What’s the event about? Celebrating, eating, drinking, having fun, listening to the live-music (Dunkelsch’n, Ballycotton, Jera - also concerts in the evening), enjoying the fire-shows, listening to "stories for adults", living in the fortress or in the middle-earth-camp (with bathing zuber, ...), whisky-tasting, pipe-smoking, ... AND we have lots of activities for you to join in (the tickets are all inclusive the workshops): Exercise in dealing with the sword with the expert guidance of our sword-trainers, or even in archery, forging (knife, elven-clasp, your own RING ’ the one, ...), learning elvish language and handwriting, ... We are looking forward to seeing you! For further information please take a look at:

Question about this:

is it strictly for adults?  because I'm not old enough to drink whiskey, smoke pipeweed- or listen to "ADULT tales".

I'd enjoy some drinking and smoking pipe weed right about know but sadly I don't live in Austria.