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Thread: Allow me to introduce my good friend, Star-of-Hope

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Welcome to our forum Tigger, er Star-of-Hope. We hope you will like it here. Smile Smilie

And Gimli: Thanks for sharing your other treasure with us. Animated Wink Smilie
Big Smile Smilie

Tigger Smilie thats me, but I'll try and be a bit more Starry than Tiggery. Wink Smilie , until you get used to me Ha Ha Ha Smilie

I love all these smilies Exclamation Smilie

Gimli, my dear friend, a wonderful find is this treasure and

imagine, a dwarf inclined to share treasure Big Laugh Smilie

[Edited on 31/8/2002 by Star-of-Hope]
*gimli checks his pockets...*

dang holes.....

Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
Welcome, Star-Of-Hope. Thank-you Gimli.

dang holes

*hands Gimli a needle and thread*
Wink Smilie
Welcome to our wonderful little websit Star-of Hope.
Thanx for introducing your friend Gimli.
Welcome Star. Enjoy!
Hi there Star! Nice to meet you! Enjoy the loony things... Winking Smilie
Big Smile Smilie Nice people!!!!

yessssssssssss a precioussssssssss treasssuresssss this place is Big Smile Smilie
Hi. (brief, but to the point)
Hi Big Smile Smilie. and of course welcome Smile Smilie.
Welcome, Star, and to you too, Misk (as I haven't got round to greeting you anywhere else yet), and to any other new members that I haven't said hi to.
Squirrel... brief... to the point????

WHAT'S THIS ABOUT???????????

IMPOSTER!!!!!! there's an imposter squirrel on the boards!!!!!!!!
Shocked Smilie I think something is wrong with Mr. Plastic, I have noticed several short posts lately. You ok PlasticSquirrel?
Sorry Star, but I even went to the council to ascertain if the rule was still in effect. Very Sad Smilie

You can still put Tigger at the bottom of your postBody and then use the words only in your signature, it will almost look the same. Smile Smilie
*utterly unable to resist this one, sorry*

ROFL! Cool Smilie
Hey Star! Nice to meet you...welcome to PT Big Smile Smilie
Looks around....

Where Star!!!!!!!!!! Sad Smilie
Here I am!!! Big Smile Smilie

Tigger Smilie....the wonderful thing about Tiggers are Tiggers are wonderful chaps ...their tops are made of Rubber there bottoms are made out of springs ....and their hearts are made out of Love Big Smile Smilie
Awww. That's nice star.

Very Big Grin Smilie @ Plastic

He's even stopped being mean for a while... I wonder what's going on. Tongue Smilie
Welcome Star Smoke Smilie
You know taz.. you really should lay off the smokes.. a terrible habbit....

ah... speak o the devil.. er... tigger... Big Laugh Smilie
Big Laugh Smilie

speak o the devil ...indeed Tongue Smilie

Tigger Smilie
Excuse me Star of Hope. Smile Smilie

But we have an unwritten policy about no images in our signatures as they slow down the board, and take up more storage space than text. Would you please remove lovable ole Tigger from your signature. You can still put him in your individual posts above your signature, just not within your signature.

Thank you. Smile Smilie
Grondmaster, Planet-Tolkien Council Member
Very Sad Smilie

I will do as you ask.... Very Sad Smilie

its a Very Sad Smilie day when a Tigger Smilie can't feel at home in his own signature

Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie
Awwww, pooor poooor Tigger. Sad Smilie
See that... comes to a new board, and breakin rules all ready... Big Laugh Smilie

That's a tigger for ya!
LOL! Tigger Smilie

Too bad though, but rules are rules!
Sad Smilie Poor misunderstood Tigger Smilie who nobody appreciates Sad Smilie

and to think we thought we had found our online home with such a wonderous smiliey in the collection Very Sad Smilie

and instead it is full of cruel and heartless dwarves and such Very Sad Smilie

I shall log out now and go and play darts on my 'special new dartboard....semi evil laugh.... Big Laugh Smilie Very Evil Smilie

Tigger Smilie
Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie

[Edited on 16/9/2002 by Star-of-Hope]
why do i have this funny feeling my picture is on that dart board??????? Very Sad Smilie
only while I find exactly the 'right' tinkerbell to only momentarily :P
Very Evil Smilie Tigger Smilie Very Evil Smilie Deal Smilie Wink Smilie

Tigger Smilie with an evil chukle...bounces off to search for tinkerbells for his dartboard
maybe one with a donut in her hand?????? And don't forget the snow like frosting...
if Only I knew of a website where such a 'fairy' existed.... Sad Smilie

I could be an expert dart player in no time Moderator Smilie Very Evil Smilie
This doesn't sound like Tigger to me... Cool Smilie

Tigger Smilie
oh but it is..... Wink Smilie
Tigger Smilie is an impetuous sort, full of joy and glee but sometimes...very seldom mind, but SOMEtimes he can get a little hurt and then he likes to do things to make himself feel better, like................ bouncing folk, and .........Moderator Smilie some of those things can be seen as slightly Very Evil Smilie if you have no sense of humour Big Laugh Smilie

One thing tiggy has learned in life is there is no such thing as Innocence where evil is concerned, and the best remedy for such things is to BOUNCE them out of your life Tongue Smilie
Here Here!!!
That's what makes Tiggers such wonderful beings, that and just watching them interact with others brings on a smile. Smile Smilie

Tigger Smilie Go! Tigger Go! Tigger Smilie
Tigger Smilie thanks you...his starry friend thanks you...his Tigger Smiliey children thank you... Big Laugh Smilie
Silly better not go advertising our little place we don't want any rif-raf here Big Laugh Smilie
It's good to see some familiar faces in here!!! Hi folks.

Big Smile Smilie Tongue Smilie
SillyMAN...what are YOU doing here Tongue Smilie

a girl can't hide anywhere Tongue Smilie Tongue Smilie
Sil seems to be following us doesn't he...

damn stalkers Big Laugh Smilie

[Edited on 20/9/2002 by gimli_axe_wielder]
i agree... No offence to the PT peoples... but trust us.. we know what happens when too many people come to one site... and I like this Site just fine as it is!!! very nice place here.. lots of nice people.... well, and a Squirrel
mmm shame about the squirrell, but I guess you can't have everything perfect Moderator Smilie

mwhahaha....wait till tiggy discovers this place in his own right Wink Smilie

Awwww, Poor Squirrel. I like the Squirrel. But Mellie also knows that this Squirrel has very sharp teeth and can take care of himself. Mellie feels very very sorry for Gimli and Star. heheheheheee
why? I don't have any acorns....Paranoid Smilie
cant spell either! Very Sad Smilie
Sad Smilie don't squirrells have a sense of humour????? Big Smile Smilie

I could show you web sites about squirrells which would make your hair turn all sorts of exciting colors Moderator Smilie

Tigger Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
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