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Hi fellow Middle-earthers

Really not sure where to post this but this is a quiz that I have done, thought of the questions myself. It's easy and just a bit of fun! See how you get on and enjoy! H   (This is my own website  and is perfectly safe, I have created it for my book but also write about fantasy)

Nice quiz, Thanks for posting it and welcome to PT.

A few points, one of the questions is "What race is Aragorn" and one of the answers is "Human", and another, "Numenorean". Yet Aragorn is both. Though to be honest I don't think Tolkien refers to them as Humans but as the race of Men. Another point is that Fangorn is actually in Rohan, so I'm not sure if that still qualifies as being close or not. Anyway, thanks and welcome.

wink Just realized that Aragorn isn't Numenorian, since he wasn't born on Numenor. Sure, he had the blood (a bit faded) but he was just human, or, if you prefer, Dunedain. Just wanted to point that out.

R.E Aragorn, it is a very fragile one, he has elf blood in him not making him full human nor elf so therefore he is Numenorean in my opinion, yes he represents the race of men in the fellowship but he is actually part of a dying line of Numenoreans

For me, I believe Aragorn should be a human. The reason is because Numernarian isn't a race in the same sense as elves, dwarves, and Men/humans. It would be considered as a culture or the title given to people of a certain country. They may age slower than other Men/humans but they are still counted among Men/human. It would be the same as asking, "what was the race of Feanor?" And answering it with Nolder.

Yes, Aragorn is the king of Gondor, a settlement of Numenor, but Gondor wasn't really established until after the destruction of Numenor, and, furthermore, Aragorn was not born on Numenor. It's like calling someone from America European, because America was once a colony of European countries.

Then, of course, there is the fact that Numenorian is not a race in the sense that human or elf is.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought I read somewhere, Elendil made it clear that they shouldn't be called Numernarians. I think it had something to do with the choice of being exiles and/or the lost of Numernarian kingship.

Actually, Elrond does no such thing (to my knowledge). However, during the council of Elrond, while he's speaking of the history of the men of Numenor, he says:

And ever since that day the race of Númenor has decayed, and the span of their years has lessened.

In the North after the war and the slaughter of the Gladden Fields the Men of Westernesse were diminished…and the blood of the Númenóreans became mingled with that of lesser men.

So it seems that Numenorian is an actual race. However, he is also a human, (despite his few drops of elven blood). So maybe some modification of the question? Perhaps:

What of the following best describes Aragorn?

He is an Man (Human)

He is an Elf

He is an Númenórian

But then, best is a somewhat subjective term, so maybe that's not the best idea.

Curufinwe, As I said before, I'm sure if it was true. But you posted "Elrond did no such thing" was it a typo? Because I said Elendil, not Elrond. Second, what Elrond said during the council, (within context) he was referring to the bloodline of Numernarians, and not of an actual race as in Men, elves and dwarves.
I apologize for the strange format. I'm using my phone to post things here. Somehow I can't post separate paragraphs.

Sorry, misread what you wrote as Elrond and not Elendil. As for if it was a bloodline or a race, I think it was both. The second part of the quote I showed is disputable, but the first part clearly said "the race of Númenor". So it seems that Aragorn was both Human and Númenórian; Human and Numenorian are both races, so the best or at least the most specific way to describing is by saying he is Númenórian.

Even if Elrond did mean "race" instead of bloodline, as I mentioned earlier, the term "race" was used differently. The "race" of Numernarians was not used in the same sense as when it was used for elves, dwarves, and Men/human. We have to remember that, it was the three houses of the Edain, that made up the Numernarians. Even "Edain" had two different meanings. The race of Men was called Edain by the elves. But, "Edain" was also reserved specifically for the three houses of Men that allied themselves with the elves during the first age. So although, Aragorn may be both a member of the race Men/human, he is also a Numernarian. But when "race" is being used to describe Aragorn in comparison to elves and dwarves, he belongs to the race of Men. In this sense, there isn't a race of Numernarians.

The "race" of Numernarians was not used in the same sense as when it was used for elves, dwarves, and Men/human…

…But when "race" is being used to describe Aragorn in comparison to elves and dwarves, he belongs to the race of Men. In this sense, there isn't a race of Numernarians.

In your opinion; you don't seem to have much evidence that backs up your claim.

The race of Men was called Edain by the elves

However, the Silmarillion states

Now Atani, the Second People, was the name given to Men in Valinor in the lore that told of their coming; but in the speech of Beleriand that name became Edain, and it was there used only of the three kindreds of the Elf-friends.

If there is a place where it is used of the whole race of men please show me where that is. 

In any case, the Numenorians seem a different race from the humans to me. They are taller, stronger, much more long-lived, healthier, and are in all things more like unto the Eldar than the humans.

Something interesting I found in letters, number 153

Elves and Men are evidently in biological terms one race...

So maybe we're thinking about this wrong?

"Now Atani, the Second People, was the name given to Men in Valinor in the lore that told of their coming; but in the speech of Beleriand’that name became Edain, and it was there used only of the three kindreds’of the Elf-friends." You gave the evidence yourself. The Edain were Men. In which the Edain made up the people of Numernarians.
Also, Numernarians were blessed with longer life than other Men because of their involvement during the war of wrath. Much of their skills are also close to elves because of learning from elves and having close friendship with them. but at the end, they weren't immortal like elves, but mortal, like all other Men. It is the same as comparing the exile Nolder to the middle earth Sindar, or Silvan. There's no doubt, those Nolder are superior, but they are still all elves.

This whole topic is well versed in the Silmarillion. In a very brief outline.....

Three Houses of Men were granted the Island of Numenor (a gift from Illuvatar) because of their faithful service to the Eldar and The Valar during the last War with Morgoth at the end of the First Age.

These people were led by Elros to the Island of Gift and he became the first King of the people of Numenor. Elros was Lord Elrond's twin Brother and was Half Elven. Elros chose to become mortal and hence died a Mortal death some 300 years later after helping create the most glorious and powerful Mortal Kingdom's ever to grace the Earth.

After the downfall of Numenor (Illuvatar drowned the entire Island due to the Numenorian's trying to seize Valinor by force thousands of years later) a remnant group of survivors managed to make it back to Middle Earth due to the grace of The Valar, as these survivor's were faithful to Illuvatar and were saved.

The leaders of these survivor's were Elendil and his sons Anarion and of course Isildur who were the forefathers of Aragon.

In the early days, the Valar granted extended life expectancies to the Numanoreans. Each generation grew stronger and fairer than the last. They were a gracious and giving people who lived in peace and remained great friends with the Eldar who visited often. Over the centuries however greed and a visit from Sauron helped them degrade and fall from Grace. With this greed came pestilence and slowly their life spans decreased.

I guess this all states that the reason Aragon and the surviving Numenorean's, The Dun Edain, The Men of The West's grace and long life didn't come from Elvish blood. It came via a gift from Illuvatar alone as reward for their past good deeds. Whether Elros passed on any Elvish blood into the bloodline is not clear and if he did it would indeed be extremely watered down over an Age and would only have effected his direct ancestors and not the general public of Numenor and their decendents.