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Hello Ringnariel! *waves*

Welcome to PT! Big Smile Smilie
Hi! Welcome to Planet-Tolkien. I hope you like it here! Big Smile Smilie
Welcome to PT Ringnariel. I hope you enjoy it here. As Grondy has suggested be sure to visit the information for Newbies so you can learn how to navigate your way around.
Drop into the chatroom sometime. I would love to meet you.
Hello Hello!!! and of course, Welcome!!
Hi there, Ringnariel. Welcome to our site. I hope you enjoy your time here.
Well hullo there Ringnariel! *waves* Welcome to pt!
I seem to be a bit late in welcoming you but, we are all glad you are here. Hope you enjoy PT.
Haven't heard from him/her since... Sad Smilie
Ok so ive just joined, i love tolkien so what is there to do in this site
Have a look around. Post at least once a day on every forum....

Visit the chat room.

Welcome to the site Feanor. I hope you enjoy what we have on offer here. Although the site is still partially under construction (hence a few of the items on the menu bar are unaccessable at the moment), the forum is functioning. There are over 2000 threads that have been carried over from the old PT, so there should be quite a lot for you to sink your teeth into there. In addition, the Homepage New Items are kept up to date regularly, you can meet other members in the Chatroom, or join in a live lesson given by Rednell on LotR (this occurs once a week in the Bilbo's Study chatroom). I believe Elvish lessons occur too. There are also excellant quizzes in the History Of > Middle Earth Brainteaser section of the forum.

Have fun

Welcome Feanor! Big Smile Smilie
Yo! F’anor. Welcome to P-T. Happy Elf Smilie