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Thread: Help pls. Middle-Earth in diffrent Languages

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Heisann Belladonna! Velkommen til PT! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie

In Norwegian:

The Lord Of The Rings -Ringenes Herre
The Fellowship of The Ring- Ringens Brorskap
The Two Towers - To t’rn
The Return Of The King - Atter en konge
Frodo Baggins - Frodo Lommelun
Samwise Gamgee - Samvis Gamgod
Meriadoc Brandybuck - Muntiadok Brennibukk
Peregrin Took - Peregrin T’k
Gandalf - Gandalv
Strider / Aragorn -Vidvandre/ Aragorn
Legolas Greenleaf - Legolas Gr’nnl’v
Saruman - Sauruman
Orcs - Orker

Cave Troll - huletroll
Ringwraiths - Ringsk’mt
Hobbits - hobbiter
Elves - Alver
Dwarves - Dverger
Wizards - Trollmenn
Middle-Earth - Midgard (from old norse)
Rivendell - Kl’vendal
Hobbiton - Hobbitun

I'll double check it and correct it monday if I wrote something wrong.
What are they in Swedish?

[Redigert den 25/10/2002 av Amari’]

[Redigert den 25/10/2002 av Amari’]
Help is on the way Belladonna! Too bad you don`t have a e-mail so I can send them to you...this will make a long list eventually Wink Smilie Well here I go! This is the names of the characters in Norway:

*Ringenes Herre
*Ringens Brorskap
*To T’rn
*Atter en konge
*Frodo Lommelun
*Samvis Gamgod
*Muntiadok Brennibukk
*Peregrin T’k
*Legolas Gr’nnl’v

Elf Winking Smilie

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I think we posted at the same time Ama Big Smile Smilie
Kewl!! And I wasn't sure about Hobbiton etiher! Big Laugh Smilie
And I now I saw some mistakes I made. *heads of to correct*

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Hello agian! Sorry for that i didn’t let you know what the name was in Swedish.
But here is the name in swedish.

Sagan om ringen
Dom Tv’ Tornen
Kungens ’terkomst
Frodo Bagger
Sam Gamgi
Meriadoc Vinbock
Peregrin Took
Vidstiger / Aragorn
Grott troll

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In Polish (according to the best translation of Maria Skibniewska, one of the very first translations of Tolkien's work into any foreign language):

The Lord Of The Rings - Wladca Pierscieni
The Fellowship of The Ring - Druzyna Pierscienia
The Two Towers - Dwie Wieze
The Return Of The King - Powrot Krola
Frodo Baggins - Frodo Baggins
Samwise Gamgee - Samwise Gamgee
Meriadoc Brandybuck - Meriadoc Brandybuck
Peregrin Took - Peregrin Took
Gandalf - Gandalf
Strider / Aragorn - Obiezyswiat/Aragorn
Legolas Greenleaf - Legolas
Saruman - Saruman
Orcs - Orkowie
Cave Troll - troll jaskiniowy
Ringwraiths - Upiory Pierscienia
Hobbits - hobbici
Elves - Elfy
Dwarves - Krasnoludy
Wizards - Czarodzieje
Middle-Earth - Srodziemie
Rivendell - Rivendell
Hobbiton - Hobbiton

Hope that will help!
here they are in romanian:
Stapanul Inelelor
Fratia Inelului
Cele Doua Turnuri
Intoarcerea Regelui
-the names are the same-except Strider=Pas Mare
cave troll-troll de pestera
ringwraiths-duhurile inelului(black riders=calaretii negri)
Middle-Earth=Pamantul de Mijloc
Rivendell and Hobbiton-the same
WOW! Nice post!
I think Tolkien himself would have enjoyed it (being a lover of languages 'n' all)

Here are names in Latvian:

The Lord Of The Rings - Gredzenu Paveelnieks
The Fellowship of The Ring - Gredzena braaliiba
The Two Towers - Divi tornhi
The Return Of The King - Karalha atgrieshanaas
Frodo Baggins - Frodo Bagginss
Samwise Gamgee - Semvaizs (?)
Meriadoc Brandybuck - Meriadoks (?)
Peregrin Took - Peregrins Tuks
Gandalf - Gendalfs
Strider / Aragorn - Apkaartstaiga(that way its translated in the movie, but it sounds silly) / Aragorns
Saruman - Sarumans
Orcs - orki
Cave Troll - alu trolhlhi
Hobbits - hobiti
Elves - elfi
Dwarves - ruukhi
Wizards - burvji
Middle-Earth - Viduszeme
Rivendell - Rivendella

Ok. Hope I got that right. These names are translated this way in the FotR movie and in The Hobbit. But I will update this post as soon as the FotR book comes out (at X-mas as it is rumored) in Latvian and I will obtain it ( Orange drools long and dreamly...)

Please someone tell me if the letters look alright. They are not showing up as little squares, are they?

EEEK! They are! So I'm going double letters to make 'long' vowels and put h after the cosonants that are 'soft'.

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[Edited on 25/10/2002 by orange]
Allright, here are the Lord of the Rings names in Russian (Too bad I couldn't write them in Cyrillic letters - they showed up as weird numbers):

The Lord Of The Rings - Vlastelin Kolets
The Fellowship of The Ring - Bratstvo Kol'tsa
The Two Towers - Dve Tverdin'i
The Return Of The King - Vozvrash'eniye Gosudarya
Frodo Baggins - Frodo Baggins
Samwise Gamgee - Sam Gamdji
Meriadoc Brandybuck - Meriadok Brandybuck
Peregrin Took - Peregrin Tuk
Gandalf - Gandal'f
Strider / Aragorn - Brodyajnik /Aragorn
Legolas Greenleaf - Legolas
Saruman - Saruman
Orcs - Orki
Cave Troll - Troll'
Ringwraiths - Nazguli
Hobbits - Hobbiti
Elves - El'fi
Dwarves - Gnomi
Wizards - Volshebniki
Middle-Earth - Sredizem'ye
Rivendell - Rivendell
Hobbiton - Hobbiton

(The sign ' means the consonant is soft)

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Thanks for this post and thanks to Celebrian, Amarie, Eryan, Raptor, Orange and elentari31. I have been curious about the translation of names in LOTR ever since someone mentioned in the chatroom that they found Val's quiz difficult because the names were different in their translated copy.
I find this thread facinating and I hope we get lots of response to it. Does anyone know into how many languages LOTR has been translated? Cool Smilie
Smoke Smilie Basque
Chinese - Simple
Chinese - Complex
Portuguese (European)
Portuguese (Brazilian)
Cool Smilie ps sorry for the postBody length
Tanx evryone for the help. Smile Smilie
You can look at result on my webbpage. under languages
The Fellowship of The Ring has been translated in Latvian. It's a disaster. And worse than anything I could imagine. Exploding Head Smilie
After reading couple of pasages I was starltled - didn't know whether to laugh or cry.
First of all the translator has maimed names of some most important characters(some of them are just dumb) and the Shire now rimes with a name of country region where only complete loons are believed live! Then the speech of hobits - you maybe could tolerate Sam talking like that, but not others!
Then there are such minor flaws like caling Celeborn Seleborn and Morgoth with feminine ending...
Does anyone had an experience like that?

PLEASE! I need a compassionate pat on my back.

Ok. Anyway here it is...

The Lord Of The Rings - Gredzenu paveelnieks
The Fellowship of The Ring - Gredzena braaliiba
The Two Towers - Divi tornhi
The Return Of The King - Kheeninha atgrieshanaas
Frodo Baggins - Frodo Tuntaks(Baginss)
Samwise Gamgee - Sems Ekusheks
Meriadoc Brandybuck - Merijs Bricbrandaks
Peregrin Took - Piins Tuks
Gandalf - Gendalfs
Strider / Aragorn - Nerimsha/Aragorns
Legolas Greenleaf - Legolass
Saruman - Sarumans
Orcs - orki
Cave Troll - alu trolhlhi
Ringwraiths -
Hobbits - hobiti
Elves - elfi
Dwarves - ruukhi
Wizards - burvji
Middle-Earth - Viduszeme
Rivendell - Rivendela
Hobbiton - Hobitona

NOTE: Since I could not display correct characters, long vowels are doubled and consonats with h are soft. In brackets is the translation from The Hobbit (1991).
Okay, here we go for the Dutch version, which is of course terrible, but as you ask us so kind I won't hold them back. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

LotR and The Sil were translated in 1956-57 by Max Schuchart.

The Lord Of The Rings - In de Ban van de Ring
The Fellowship of The Ring - De Reisgenoten
The Two Towers - De Twee Torens
The Return Of The King - De Terugkeer van de Koning
Frodo Baggins - Frodo Balings
Bilbo Baggins - Bilbo Balings
Samwise Gamgee - Sam Gewissies
Meriadoc Brandybuck - Merijn Brandebok
Peregrin Took - Pepijn Toek
Gandalf the Grey - Gandalf de Grijze
Gandalf the White - Gandalf de Witte
Strider / Aragorn - Stapper/Aragorn
Legolas Greenleaf - Legolas Groenblad
Saruman - Saruman
Orcs - Orks
Cave Troll - Grottrol
Ringwraiths - Ringgeesten
Hobbits - Hobbits
Elves - Elfen
Dwarves - Dwergen
Wizards - Tovenaars
Middle-Earth - Midden-Aarde
Rivendell - Rivendel
Hobbiton - Hobbiton
The Shire - De Gouw

Many other names (i.e. rivers, mountains, cities, ...) are changed in a - to me - unappropriate way So Angry Smilie . Like in every translation a lot of wordplay is also lost doing the original text a lot of harm.

Hope that will be of any use to you.
Waving Hello Smilie