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I love to read, especially fantasy. I also love to watch NASCAR, I'm a Tony Stewart fan. I also watch t.v. some, not much, but some. I like classic rock, when it comes to music, I also like the Barenaked Ladies and Good Charlotte.
I like to read all kind of books(almost all Big Laugh Smilie ),drawing,listening to music(Rammstein, System of a Down, Nirvana, Marilyn Manson)surf the net and do anything with computers.(ok ecept for fixing them)
and of course PARTY!!!!!

Stonehelm where’s your website at??

I am about to start another site for world news.
Hey I like to hear music and surf on the web. But mostly I hear music (Blind Guardian, Sonata Arctica, Hammerfall, Rhapsody) Does anyone around here likes epic metal?
Reading, Model Making, Wargamming (dont tke the mick there not toys), Airgunning (like paintballing but with airsoft guns), Cinema, Rocking (I'm glad somebody else like Rammstein, can't say i'm particularly into your other choices but there alot better than manufactured pop) and playing with my animals.
I like dogs, drawing and painting, music, both listening to and playing on keyboard, collecting anything from ornaments, collector's plates, minerals and gemstones, books. I like photography, origami and I collect and grow cacti. I have a greenhouse full of those. the other obvious things are reading, surfing the net, shopping, walking with the dogs. I like lots of stuff.
I like music (Blink 182, Good Charlotte, Box Car Racer, Nirvana),playing guitar,watching TV,reading and surfing on the internet.

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I like reading books, listening to music (Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, Red Hot Chilllipepper), movies and of course doing this.
My hobbies are Taekwondo, golf,Tolkien books, music(nirvana, Rammstein, blink-182), and I like computer games such as counter strike and batlefield 1942 and some other stuff
Ross what kind of war games do you have? I have some old Avon Hill games that I have played.
As I spend 4-5 hours a day here on average, I guess I must include Planet Tolkien in my list. When I get time I like PC games, particularly FPS and Godgames. Being completely sad, I also really enjoy my job because it allows me to play around in patrol and research boats as well as high speed RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boat).

I also enjoy walking, particularly in forests and mountains, camping, reading, writing, watching videos, the eating of hearty meals and the odd night down the pub.
My hobbies are playing on the piano, learning to play on the guitar, listening to music, basically I'm just interested in music, also mountain skiing, skating... I also love photography and of course reading.
My hobbies are Tolkien (of course), and teaching myself things, currently, early European history. I also enjoy hiking, playing the piano and storytelling.
Ay yai yai! Where do I begin?

Well, I'll start with music! Music is my religion and my biggest obsession. I love progressive rock/metal and at least little from every other genre in existence.

Namo, I like Sonata Arctica's faster, more fantasy driven stuff like Wolf & Raven and Rhapsody's Symphony of Enchanted Lands is one of my favorites. You should check out Ayreon, Star One and Gamma Ray Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie

I also like to play music: guitar, bass and very rudimentary keyboard along with a chintzy little drum machine. I have a digital 8 track recorder that I use to write and record my own little brand of prog rock/metal. I write vocal melodies and lyrics for some of my stuff but i don't record my voice( I sound like Billy Corgan... and that's on a good day). Hopefully I'll find someone to sing my songs one day Big Laugh Smilie I'm not in a band but that's because everyone I know wants to play Limp Bizkit or Linkin Park or some ssssstuff like that... not my gig.

Other than that, I have my fish which is a bit more involving than one might think. Especially now cuz I have about 250 baby fish to look after Super Scared Smilie

I also like to read... mostly Sci Fi, Horror and Non-fiction. I like movies of all kinds except for these ridiculous teen flicks like Dude, Where's My Car? that are popping up all over the place now. I don't watch too much television except for Farscape, Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Law & Order: SVU. And the news, of course.

I have a telescope that I take out from time to time and try to find various planets when they're visible... but my fave is the moon! The moon through a telescope is absolutely breathtaking!

And then there's the internet which, unfortunately, has started taking up a lot of my time recently and kind of pushed my other interests to the side... I've been trying to remedy that for the past couple weeks.

Val's second paragraph seems to sum up the rest of my hobbies nicely. I love to hike when I find the time and I've done quite a lot of writing in the past, though not much at all lately. I love a night out with friends at the bar but I haven't done much that lately either.

Okay, okay, I've gone on enough about myself... Boring Smilie

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Wow, what a lot of musicians we are around here, maybe we should start another guild? Anyone who doesn't know my many and varied hobbies and interests by now obviously hasn't been paying attention. So I'm not listing them again, look around you'll find them...
Ross what kind of war games do you have? I have some old Avon Hill games that I have played

I know I've visited your web site, It's very good. Mainly Warhammer fantasy battle, the old rules Epic, AD&D (Mainly Birthrihgt), Bloodbowl (Halfling team), Warhammer Quest, Necromunda and Gorkamorka.
and off course Tolkiens works Smile Smilie
I play flute and piccolo, so I'm in a bunch of bands and orchestras and other things, plus I teach lessons, which I guess I'll count as a hobby because right now I don't get paid for it...

I love photography, but I don't get to do it too much anymore...(too broke to buy film, much less get a nice camera...) Although this summer I'm hoping to get a position at an observatory near my home, and maybe I can get into some astrophotography there.

Also, I read whenever I get the chance, and if I'm in my room, I've almost always got music playing.
Hey chikakat I like to play my flute too!
I am tragedy but I am still having fun anyway. Big Smile Smilie
Right, let's see... I love most kinds of music, especially Rage Against the Machine (now called Audioslave), Leftfield, and Eminem. I also play the guitar. I read fantasy a lot (obviously), and I do a lot of sports, especially football (soccer).
I like to listen to music, any kind really, from oldies to heavy metal. I also love to read, and I think I've read every Clancy book and V.C. Andrews book there is. I also fence, French foil.

a weird hobby of mine is that I collect pictures of people and places.....
I have more about me on my website thingy:
if anyone cares to check it out.

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My hobbies: concerts, bands, karaoke, aromatherapy and soap/candle making, massage, reading, TV limited pretty much to home and garden shows, documentaries, Friends reruns, cop shows, and Who's Line is it Anyway?, movies, reading, travel, playing cards, internet, video games.
Hobbies, eh? I like reading(especially about such things as physics and astronomy), watching tv(the mole, who's line is it anyway, survivor), playing tennis, calligraphy and drawing w/ colored pencils, music(everclear, matchbox 20, green day), playing cards and surfing the internet.
Guess that's about all...

Cat Smiling Smilie

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and then i spend an insane amount of time around here and in the chat, where i really like to be cause this forum and the chatroom is filled with nice people!!

Well, that about sums it up for me. Wink Smilie

Actually, my dog, Pippin, requires a lot of time and attention. I have been walking him in the early morning and evening when the weather is decent.

I have been making a meagre attempt at cross stitching.

Oh yes, I take university courses from Memorial University of Newfoundland via the Internet. Hopefully, I will have completed the requirements for a Certification in Business Administration by the end of the year and then I will start on my Diploma in Business Admin with concentration in Human Resources Management

And there is my day job too. Big Smile Smilie
I love books, (lotr) Big Smile Smilie music(enya, bsb, aaron carter...)writing and of course. this site!
I enjoy all kinds of music except for twangy country; I love to read romance novels, sci-fi novels, fantasy, and maybe something else in a category that I haven't mentioned though I'm very picky. I love watching movies.
I also especially enjoy reading fan fiction. I've always wanted to right fan fiction but my stuff was never really that good cuz I always ended up eather repeating myself or putting to much information into it that I lost track of it all. I also enjoy watching tv. I enjoy collecting items on angels,and wolves. I also enjoy looking and collecting information on victorian houses; the victorian and rennaisance era's clothing( medevil times); I also am interested in vampires, witches, elves, fairies and angels.
Finally, last but not least this website. I have never found a website with more information than this one ( PLUS IT'S A TOLKIEN SITE AND I JUST LOVE TOLKIEN THOUGH I ONLY STARTED READING HIM 5 YEARS AGO!!)
I love to board war game!Video games,maps,reading my head off,talking to my friends and family,attempting to swim(lol-I have not learned yet),cross country running,music(the flute is lovely),ANIMALS and nature,life....and hugs Big Smile Smilie
I like music (I play the clarinet and piano), Middle-Earth, (and music in Middle-Earth), drawing (I like to paint, though I've never actually done that at home, just @ school), nature, hiking, walking on hills and mountains, etc. I also try to compose music; I put Frodo's Lament for Gandalf put to music and had it performed at the end of last school year; I also like traveling around the Appalachians; love Vermont and its country. (But I'm not from there). I also love languages; I've tried Russian, Sindarin, Quenya, Ilkorin, SPANISH, and Old English, which I'm currently learning. Summary: Total language and music freak. Big Smile Smilie
I love to dance ( i do tap, jazz, ballet, modern, and Im in a dance company). i also love to draw, hang around with friends, and listin to music
I like music, I like to ski... watching movies... ski when I can... going to the movies ... and ski as well ... Wink Smilie
History, reading, football (more like watching than playing lately!), fishing etc.


P.S.: Oh, let's not forget talking with my friends on PT!