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Hey and a happy Paddy -DAy as well. The Parade in Dublin was great and the party is going on in a few moments.

Oh and Tom, a fantatic poem, great.

What's St. Patrick? Here in Brazil we don't have that day!!!!
Really lovely poem Tommy! Thanks for sharing it with us and wishing us Happy St. Patricks Day. I know it's not St. Patricks Day anymore, but in answer to Ringfacwen, I did go to a parade. I happened to be on vacation in Florida then, visiting my grandparents, and there's always a great parade down main street. It was fun. Big Smile Smilie
Celtavhc, St. Patrick's day is the Irish National Holiday. Irish people celebrate it all over the world. Saint Patrick was the one who brought Christianity (don't know if that's the right word for it though) to Ireland. He's the national Saint, the Irish patron. I'm not Irish, but I feel like I am, so I "celebrate" it with them. Tongue Smilie
St. Patrick's Day is always a lot of fun. Some places even make their beer green. There are always lots of shamrocks, every thing and everyone wears green. The here if you don't wear green you get pinched. Green is lucky, Being Irish is lucky and it is always a lot of fun. I usually make sure I have green nail polish on the night before so I don't get pinched no matter what else I am wearing. Our house is usually decorated in most rooms. We have banners and streamers and balloons. (So of that is because it is Frogboy's birthday too. But I have always loved it. And over the years I have collected a lot of stuff to put up and just have a lot of fun.

Unfortunately this year I did not get to decorate. I have been going back and forth to Oklahoma and my family has been sick, (even Frogboy) we had to cancel his party on Saturday. It has been a real hectic month. But we are all wearing something green and it is still a happy day.

We had a small party for Frogboy yesterday. It was just Dragon-reach/Sabre and Frogboy and I. but we did have cake and ice cream, and of course presents.

Tommie is right about the origin of St. Pat's day, but this is how we celebrate it here in Texas.

Dallas always has a huge parade on Greenville Avenue and we went one year and had a lot of fun, Robbie was really young and doesn't remember much, except that it was raining. It was huge and there were all sorts of things to do before, during and after the parade. It is like a huge Irish Fest. Lot of fun, and lots of drunks. lol. Stuff for all ages. And books about Ireland and its history. Perhaps we can take him next year. OMG I don't want to think about next year. I am having a hard enough time getting around the fact that he is 14 I don't want to even think about 15 yet. lol

St Pat's is almost here again and I'm trying to decide what to cook to go with the cabbage this year. Husband is an engineer and St Pat is the patron of engineers so I tend to pay him some respect. Denver apparently has one of the biggest parades in the country and that will probably be next Saturday. Puts me in a festive mood. Chicago has turned the Chicago river green, I hear, something I would like to see. When I was in college somebody always put a box of detergent in the fountain by the student Union and someone else usually threw in green dye for good measure.