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Thread: Who is your faverite superhero?

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Cough Nerd! Wink Smilie
Hopefully, Marvel made this self-evident in the comic book ever so many years ago.

*begin geek mode* The whole Pete and MJ thing went on and on for years in the Comic and was infinitely less squished together for obvious reasons. Pete didn't even get to meet MJ till issue 40-something, in a classic Romita "Face it Tiger you just hit the Jackpot" panel. But they still failed to get it together for even longer, Pete going off with Gwen Stacey until her untimely death at the hands of the Goblin (in the scene they pinched for the movie with MJ instead, and she failed to die). After Gwen died, Pete decided that everyone he loved would suffer (the theme that they've yanked out for the movie, which explains why he didn't get it together with her) and it took years before him and MJ finally got it together (I think it was the 80s before that finally happened) and then they got married, and now they've got divorced, lets see what's around the corner for the most interesting comic book couple since Jean Grey and Scott Summers (if she'd just stop failing to be dead all the time).
*end geek mode*
See kiddies, the comics don't have anything the be ashamed of, they can hold their own wth the soaps any day out of the year. Teacher Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Billy Batson aka Captain Marvel, Jr.
Hmm...this takes alot of thinking, my mum, Orlando Bloom Making Out Smilie ! Oh and Justin Yimberlake. Tongue Smilie
I must say it's SuperNell. Big Smile Smilie
She can take care of everything! Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
We put all our faith in you, SuperNell!! Tongue Smilie
Oh no! What a choice! Where to start, well everyone knows I'm a spidey-nut and have been reading those comics since I was an itty-bitty little skwerl, but then you have the Silver Surfer who I've also got a real obssession with, and I've been reading a lot of Ghost Rider recently as well, and he's even more fundamentally flawed than the other two... ermmm...
Okay, on reflection I'm going to go with Ben Grimm aka the ever lovin' blue eyed Thing from the fantastic four, just cos I want to today.
I love X-Men 2 Feawen! MWahahaha
My favorite evil dude is Magneto though. ANYway

1. Charles Xavier! he rokz, and so does Patrick Stewart, who plays him in te movie
2. My brother.
3. Spiderman!
4. Wolverine. (gotta do individual people!)
5. Storm rokz, shes awesome!

Guess that would have to be Supa-Perwing, fastest hands on the net... Cool Smilie

ROFLMAO!! I hope you know what Supa-Perwing means in Swedish, Perwing!!
What does it mean????? Something funny I hope!!!
Yea, what does it mean? Dont keep me in suspense!
Hey! Maybe we can use it in the future to torment him!
LOL, Stonehelm.Thats a good idea. Maybe it will work. Maybe...just maybe....
OK, now im feeling reeeeeaaaaalllly evil! Very Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie I
Uuuhm.. well.. noooo.. let's see if Perwing knows what it is first.. besides.. It's not really familyfriendly. Nothing naughty, though.
So that means your not gonna tell me?

*sniffle* you make me sad. *cries* Very Sad Smilie
My top five of "alternative" super heroes:

1. Garfield
2. My brother
3. Sam (my cat)
4. Ghandi
5. Mother Teresa

I know, I know... Animated Wink Smilie
Theres this 8th Grader in my school who is obsessed with them(them being Sailormoon Wink Smilie. And he is a guy and he draws - o sry, cant tell you here
The Hulk would batter all of the poor excuses for superheroes thus mentioned. Smoke Smilie
I wanna see the movie 'The Hulk'. It looks interesting!
Morpheus, aka 'The Sandman' from Neil Gaiman's series is also neat in a depressingly weird way.
Hum... Yeah, after reading this I would like to add Garfield (wonderful little b*****, made me hate mondays, though.. Wink Smilie ) and SailorMoon. Smile Smilie

and yes Aire, I do know what it means.. lol

Hehehehe.... Well, you ARE a little Supa-Perwing, aren't ya? Wink Smilie

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Oh I vote with two hands and one leg for SuperNell Cool Smilie (I need one leg to stand on after all).
I also like Spider Man for his agility but SuperNell rocks and it seem that Supa-Perwing did a good job last night Tongue Smilie !
SAILERMOON!!! Big Laugh Smilie No, really, I was only winding you up. Wink Smilie

Bye! Big Smile Smilie
I would have to go with Spiderman Super Wow Smilie , Wolverine Very Mad Smilie and Nightcrawler Pixie Smilie (I can’t wait to see him in X-2).
YEA!!!!Me 2. He was really kool in the TV series.
It looked like he liked Kitty, aka Shadowcat. Its funny...hes much younger in the cartoon!
Spiderman can't even do his own stunts! But hey, who cares, hes still kool!
Updated list of superheroes:

1. Garfield
2. Id’fix (lol, no ok I mean Obelix & Id’fix)
3. my brother
4. Robbie Williams
5. Mother Theresa

Thank you. Big Smile Smilie
Batman isn't even a real superhero, he's just a rich guy with a load of gadgets, rubbish. And as to the Hulk, both Spidey and the thing have kicked his butt on many many occassions. He is cool though (can't wait for the movie)
Well if superheros our being mentioned well i just have to get my two cents in then. All time favourite has to be the ol'canucklehead himself Wolvie...Logan or James no wait its neither of them, wait Wolvies not evening a mutant. If your wondering who Wolverine is.Well he is actually part of a race of early humans along with the sabretooth clan, wendigo and Beast (good old Hank) who were not inffected by the celestials when they first came to earth at the very beginning. He is what the human populace if they had not been infected and all became mutants.

Well back to my fav..Also Captain Marvel (Marvel comics) the cosmic superhero along with the surfer who keep everything in check.Iron Man..Tony Stark who must where his armour to save his life but also to keep the world out as well. The FF i just like the Thing always clobbering it what he does best. And Reed he cracks me up sometimes. All The X-Men but I am fond of Remy just the whole air of myserty around never know what he is gonna do next. There are far more DD,Johnny Blaze Doc Strange and The Punisher he does kick a*s and shoot it as well. But I'd be here all night.
Wolverine, Magneto(supervillain I know), Daredevil, Spidey, Beren Erchamion and of course Samwise, Frodo, Gandalf, Pippin, Merry, Aragorn etc etc!
I can't belive I didn't find this thread earlier.

1. Asterix
2. Obelix
3. Judge Dread
4. Ben Grimm
5. Penfold (crumbs chief!)
Favourite Supervillans.

1. the Hobgoblin
2. Morgorth
3. Sauron
4. Dr Doom
5. the Claw (duh duh deh duh duh, Inspector Gadget)
I love a man with gadgets!


Ten point's to anybody who knows Apocalypse's real name?
Aul’ Mahal right!!Big Smile Smilie hahahhahahah no but seriously I think that if Magneto, Wolverine, Dr. Xavier and Jean Grey had been allies they could defeat ANYONE!!!!
Ten point's to anybody who knows Apocalypse's real name?

I can't belive someone didn't know this! En Sabah Nur is the answer!
*aire raises her hand*
En Sabah Nur!!!!

Oh great!! You beat me to it, Ross! Sad Smilie
Now I'll go completely bonkers about it.

*Aire goes completely bonkers*
Ok do you want me to delete my post so you can look smart? Wink Smilie
En Sabah Nur!!! Hey if Aire can do it so can I! Tongue Smilie
So Ranger Aule do you want me to delete my post as well?
Ranger?? I thought he was a friend of the lovely elves! Big Smile Smilie But naah, that's ok, Ross, it can still be there... Wink Smilie
En Sabah Nur!!!!

And yes Ross you can delet you post so I can look smart!! Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
I appollogise to both Elf-friend Aule and Stony!

And yes Ross you can delet you post so I can look smart!! Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie

You might want to start your sentece in the correct way then and add the e on the end of delete! Big Laugh Smilie

Like I have room to talk, I make loads of spelling mistakes! Tongue Smilie Wink Smilie
On a lighter note I just bought The Legend of Wolverine on DVD! Woo hoo!
What`?!?!?! There is a movie about WOLVERINE?!?!?!?!

But you have to have Cyber, Nightcrawler, Wolverine and Colossus to get the ultimate team!!!
J.R.R Tolkien is my biggest hero!!! Smoke Smilie
Welcome to PT, TF.....I hope you will enjoy this magnificient website as I am! And I must agree that he is my favourite real superhero.....he has pulled me out of the pits of dispare with his books.....
SuperNell only at number 3???
I watched the Spiderman movie for the very first time last night; now I want to see the second one.

They did make Peter Parker out to remain a dufus even at the end. Can anyone explain to me why he couldn't have the relationship with Mary Jane? Okay, so maybe they shouldn't biologically have children, but why cripple themselves mentally when we knew it was they both wanted? Hopefully, Marvel made this self-evident in the comic book ever so many years ago.

Favourite superhero...
1. Night Rider
2. Hulk
3. Judge Dredd
4. Spiderman
5. And of course the Turtles dudes...Big Smile Smilie
I will tell you all the rest of my favourite superheros(ITS ALOT MORE THAN THESE I AM ABOUT TO WRITE): Big Ben, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Thor, Hulk, Cyber, Captain America!
Of course you have to have read about 400 issues of Amazing Spiderman and a fairly similar amount of Spectacular, web of, and just straight Spiderman, not to mention a few copies of Secret Wars, Marvel Team-up and 2 in 1 to have gleaned all of that information, over 30 years worth of wasting your time reading comics, which I have spent most of the last 25 catching up on. And I am not ashamed to be called Nerd, at least I don't look like one, woohoo!
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