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Thread: A Holiday Card for my New Friends

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LOL!!! What a great card, thanks Sepdet. Big Smile Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Orc Grinning Smilie
Cool card sepdet! And happy Easter!
Woaw Sepdet! Thank you! That was really cool! Big Smile Smilie I LOVED the Istary Bunny of many coloured eggs! Did you make it yourself?
What a cute card. Thanks Sepdet.

'Making eggs is better than laying them.'
No, no, I did not make it, but a talented group under the auspices of one Ballie from Bree. If you do not recognize the image, I have a present to go with the card!

Now please put any drinks aside, because drinking while laughing in front of a computer is a bad combination.

[url=]Lord of the Peeps

Click on the "Movie" link once you get there to start your journey into silliness.

However, I need to explain what peeps are, since I think they are another sign of America getting stranger which those across The Water probably haven't seen.

Peeps are a ghastly cousin of the marshmallow, often dyed pink or light blue or yellow, and made in the shapes of rabbits and chicks. They make jelly babies look like caviar. They are sticky and hard and inedible. For some reason they show up in stores around Easter and parents buy them for their children as Easter candy. I think of this as a stern lesson in ... something. *shudders*

Lord of the Peeps, for us, is truly alarming!

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hahahahaha Sepdet that was really funny! hahahaha!
Big Smile Smilie Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie Hey,but weren't those actually Istari Eggs....? Smoke Smilie
Ooh woaw! I was really impressed with that one!! Omg Sepdet!! Pixie Smilie Super Wow Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie
Thank you Sepdet! That was greatly appreciated! Big Smile Smilie
That is a cute card! Thannk you so much. Big Smile Smilie