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Hey Ross, what happened to the: "animal department"? Wink Smilie j/k

Hum.. I guess mine would be:
"Big house, needs me moving out asap" Tongue Smilie Acctually I think I am the one who needs me to move out. Wink Smilie
Hey Ross, what happened to the: "animal department"? j/k
It grew! Big Smile Smilie
Inspired by Grondy saying about his flat.

What DID Grondy say about his flat??
Mine would have to be: No privacy allowed!

Yea, wot did Grondy say?
Hmm... mine I can sum up in three words: Crazy nut-house! Big Laugh Smilie Actually it would be: My sanctuary, the place that protects me, free from confusion and filled with peace and light.
What does Grondy think of his flat?
I would have to say, big home but never empty of love.
Good enough? Big Smile Smilie
Makes a change to have somewhere thats not cold and damp.

What exactly did Grondy say about his flat?
Grondy said his PC is set up in the dining area of his small one bedroom apartment.

What he didn't say, but will now, is that his living room is full of 22 years of accumulated stuff and junk including piles and piles, of books, not to mention bookcases full of same as well over 500 audio cassettes.

The bedroom has his stereo system, TV, VCR, DVD player, and working 1985 vintage Commodore 128 with multiple drives including floppy, flippy, hard, and RAM and much software for them including many volumes of classical music. Oh yeah, there is a bed and chest of drawers in there too.

Sorry, I couldn't fit it into just one sentence. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

[Edited on 24/9/2003 by Grondmaster]
Full of junk.

Oh and dog hair....
I was going to keep you all hanging on as to what Grondy said, but now I don't need to.
Full of junk.

Oh and dog hair....
I have that apart from the hair is guinea pig and rabbit hair.
I guess the sentence for my house would be.

Packed to the brim.
Pretty cool, awesome location (downtown Santa Barbara), but in desperate need of more space (that's why I'll be moving into a new place in about 6 or seven months).
Elf Winking Smilie
I guess it should be: Crime around but safe inside, I have to move out right now! Tongue Smilie
My home is comfortable and homey Tongue Smilie except the little piece of land called my room, which is full of junk contributed mostly by my sister whom I share a room with and this makes me can't wait to move into my own room in campus next year! Pary Smilie
My favourite place in the whole world
My place:

"Messy work in progress. Tasteless attempted modern decor slowly being overwritten with more sedate traditional style. An interior designer's nightmare."

I couldn't do it in one either, sorry. Wink Smilie
My home is full to the brim with animals, books, computers and other junk. It is messy and cluttered but not dirty, and I need at least a week before anyone comes over to make sure you can walk in and see the floor. lol Zoo is the first word that comes to mind, it is my safe haven, and filled with lots of love and happiness.

I asked Matthew to describe our house, and he said, "Well lived in."

FrogBoy says, "big."
Well Mellie, after you just thought up the word "Zoo" for you home, I think that they were being nice in what they said!

Zoo remindes me of my room. It has more stuff in it than it has any right to!
Well, Stoney, have you not heard about all of our pets? It really is a zoo here. 10 cats, 3 dogs, 3 frogs, a hamster and a snake, plus a mouse and crickets .
Sounds like the circle of life!
hmm, my home absolutly screams out: "Clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy". Which was what we were going for when we moved in. Tongue Smilie
hmm, my home absolutly screams out: "Clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy". Which was what we were going for when we moved in.

That is a good description of our house too, Aentra. I just could not find the right words for it. thanks
Sorry my spare room is rented out! Tongue Smilie
Lol Ringy and Ross!
Anyone remember the flat from *the young ones*?, thats my place, but much much worse
What, you mean without SPG!

Oh go on then Ringy you've twisted my arm Tongue Smilie

Not pot pourri. Tongue Smilie

Say hello to Aire for me Mellie!
Fire hazard.

Okay, so that's not a complete sentence, but it's true. With all these books, papers, and assorted flammables, this place could burn for days.

Feeling a bit glass-half-empty today. Sad Smilie
A little big house.

It actually means that my flat is actually quite big but my room is so filled up with assorted junk and useful items that it seems very small. Seriosly, there isn't enuf space even to throw a TT ball! No Kidding!
ok, I have an addition to my last mess
hmm, my home absolutly screams out: "Clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy". Which was what we were going for when we moved in.

Now also with a cat lurking around and spreading cathair everywhere.
Cat Smilie
Now also with a cat lurking around and spreading cathair everywhere.
Cathair = The zephyrs wafted as Cathy slinks through a room.

Cathair = The flatulence left by a cat named Cath.

Cathair = The stuff from which furballs are made.

Cathair = Gleanings from a furball field.

Cathair = Immature furballs.

Anymore ideas? Cat Smiling Smilie
No ideas here grond, however, for those of you interested in the state of my home, you can now see quite a lot of my living room on this link...

Just if you're nosy like that...
Since I live more at school than at my actual home, here's my dorm room in one (longish) sentence: my half is crammed full of everything I could carry from home, catastrohpically messy (but I know where everything is, I swear), piles of books, music, schoolwork and clutter everywhere, while my roommate's half is super, super, super neat, everything in its place at all times, absolutely immaculate.
Second floor cell with big south window, wide work desk, narrow prayer desk/shrine, bookcase, radio, & a few pictures -- in a large house.
Two bedroom, one bath madhouse full of six people, two of which live in the dungon, and always cramed chock full of psycotic munkey teens who think they belong here because their gang meating isn't for another hour: will someone come rescue me?
During the day it is mine, and mine alone and I can shut out the light and live in shadows and be the Dark Queen in my own Lothlorien.
During the day it is mine, and mine alone and I can shut out the light and live in shadows and be the Dark Queen in my own Lothlorien.

OK, i hope the Valar won't send Blade then to destroy the Queen of the Damned.
I'd rather they sent Tom Cruise..... and I am not QofD, just a Dark Queen. The Valar love me really. I make them tea.
Can I have a cup?
Earl grey, hot?
No, let's go on topic again : my home is crap.

First time me gives the good example.
My house would be...handy
My house (Actually my room.I don't have a house) is... dark
same here until i turn the switch Jumping Flame Smilie
"My house (Actually my room.I don't have a house) is... dark"
The coloring, or the fealing of it? My room is dark at times... untill I take a blowtorch to it and start over again.
My house (or rather my parent's house) is old-fashioned, but very cosy and warm.

My room is small, dusty, full of junk and very untidy. Big Smile Smilie
My room is big, with two large windows (so I have to dress in the closest)...Usually pretty messy, too. Angel Smilie Smile Smilie
My home is cozy, warm, and country-ish, with lots of wood tones, greens, and browns - like a lovely cabin [except the room with this computer in it has blinding yellow walls, ugh... gotta repaint them sometime.]

My room is small (7 by 8 ft) with two large bookcases; I crammed a desk and a bed in there as well. Papers are strewn all about the floor, from notes on speaking Irish to sketches of Melkor's crown ’ all in pencil, piles and piles. I have a few LotR posters up and a LotR calendar; I'll probably repaint the walls sometime: a nice shade of green would be good. Big Smile Smilie 'K, so it's not one sentence...
Going off topic here, but no matter: IRISH??? Where can you learn Gaelic? (Don't tell me, you are Irish). I really want to learn Irish one day, and I just can't find any books about it other than dictionaries, and those don't really help.

Sorry, back to the topic now.
Some1 besides me is finally trying to laern Gaelic this is all i no so far Vae Victis-woe to the defeated

My house is small, and usually with one of my insane friends.
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