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The other night, as I lay blissfully unaware in bed, my sister's hamster managed to ram it's head against the side of it's cage so many times that the cage fell onto the floor.

Sounds like something out of a Damien movie. Wink Smilie
I can't go with out a few hours with getting on the computer and using the internet and you'all are probaly getting quite sick of me by now... Elf Winking Smilie
I'm not addicted, other than my Outlook Express is usually open if the computer is on; of course I spend 2-5 hours at each day.

I seldom surf, but do use google when I have a question and when I work here I often have it open, along with two windows of P-T's forum, one of our smilies, and a blank email form, which I use for spellchecking.
Internet is mostly boring, i only use it to check my mail and to spread my cancerous replies on this forum.

I myself am totally addicted to the Internet. I rely on the net for everything these days; it's quite literally my connection to the world, and my number one source for information.

I have been having some computer issues lately, and my computer was down for about a week, and I almost went nuts! Having my computer down for that time really made me cognizant (not that I didn’t know it already) of just how reliant I am on the Internet.

Going that whole week without my computer was like being cast back into the dark ages! I felt helpless (seriously), and totally cut off from the world. I know for certain that there is absolutely no way I could ever go back to the days without my computer, or the Internet.
Disturbed Smilie

In May I decided to have unlimited access to Internet at home and from then on the most fantastic and fruitful period of my life began! Before, I used Internet mainly to e-mail and to visit PT. Now my major activity is surfing. Internet helps me both in my professional life (I am often asked to make comments on some scientific news in a radio talk, and usually I have onl;y 2-3 hours to perpare my commentary...), and is the most breathtaking source of amusement I ever had. Fo instance, since May I found in the Internet such a wealth of pictures and source texts from ancient Greek and Roman times, that I feel almost as a time traveller!
What is so delightful about the Internet, is that surfing is not automatic - often you need a lot of cleverness to find at last what you want, a sort of Sherlock Holmes or Hercules Poirot skill. And then finding one thing makes you search for others and you discover unexpected depths and make fascinating vistas. It's a royal passtime, a real magic!
Though I use the net just to check my mail and to stay on PT, the brutal parting from it I've experienced (three whole weeks!) showed me how truly addicted I am! I hope I won't climb up the walls these ten days of holiday ...

For information, the internet is a last resort for me, but I couldn't go any length of time without posting here.
I'm completely, unabashedly addicted to the internet. At school, we've got high speed access, which makes it SO much easier to just bounce around and waste time. My email's always open (and checked obessively...). Somehow, reading anything, anything at all, online is way more interesting than doing my schoolwork. Wink Smilie
i live off the internet.i have no other life. i get all my news from there on celebs and the latest movies. it's also the only way i keep in contact with my friends.
Get a Playstation 2. That helps a lot. Best way of getting rid of an addiction is by finding a new one.
I must admit, i am addicted to the Internet, i do have alot of time on my hands but i do use the time to learn (especially Tolkien related) and contact, my email is always open. I do get all my news info from it. It does sound bad, but i can barely tear my eyes away from the screen Good Morning Smilie, i must cut down
I feel that I'm addicted to PT Big Laugh Smilie Does that count ? Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Since the year of 2008 Internet and computers as more common issue were stated to be "addictable". Internet chats and forums were declared "mania" by the Internationl Psycologists Union. Now who is the real slim shady?
I do spend 4 to 8 hours in front of my PC.
what...! 8 hours..........i don't and don't like to spend more than 2 my country computers are not useful, here some people have computers and few of them have " internet".
My job is most of the time bound with using computer. Only weekends can I not be siting in front of the keyboard. So... not much of a choice for now.
Recently, say like the last six months, I have only spent two to three hours on the Web and most of those were here at PT. At the height of PT's popularity, I would have had to spend at least four hours here daily reading all the new posts and making my occasional comments. I normally don't surf the Web, instead I usually spend most of my computer time playing games off-line, 6 to 8 hours a day. But then being retired I have the time to waste as I choose.
Gaming is also addictive I think. I used to play strategies (such as Age of Empires, Red Alert, War Craft, Heroes of might and magic etc.,) for about 5-6 hours mainly during nighttime. Exhausting.
Gaming is not so bad. It beats watching TV, but not reading a book.
i normally spend 2 hours in PT......i don't like to play computer games......and i won't spend more than 3 hours with computer......because of PT i am with the computer or i won't use computer for months
That's another way of saying, "PT is the reason why I wake up to log on everyday"...

Heartwarming Happy Elf Smilie

Lately, I havn't been on as much, as in Internet-Wise, but on average it's about 4-5 hours a day, maybe more reading articles and a couple of games... It's when you don't realize the time and it's nearly 2:30 in the morning! It's then you've got yourself a problem...

*Looks at clock... 2:28am? Uh-oh...* Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
They say time changes speed so that plesant tings end fast and unplesant just don't come to tehir end.

Angel Smilie And I just frieked out not being able to login for last few days. PT is addictive.

---PS: VOTE NOW! Set PT to the palce it really deserves
I may be addicted but it seems a different kind than some of you describe. I find it pleasant to go for days without computer or internet, especially out camping or hiking or just being busy with other things that please me - working at music or what have you. It's refreshing, like a temporary retreat or a conference or a change of diet.

I am drawn to the computer and often find my time wasted there - which is why, after finding myself losing sleep over games I either remove them from my computer or ban myself from visiting certain websites until I get over it.
I can not ban myself visiting certain websites nor not playing some games. My mind can not get over it so easy. They inspire may fantasies and I need more, and more.
Shaking Head Smilie
e.g.: when PT was not available I got my keyboard almost crashed. Very Mad Smilie
e.g.: when PT was not available I got my keyboard almost crashed. by Ammornil

that happened to me sometimes Exploding Head Smilie