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Well - this is it! I am outta here.... For a while anyway! Waving Hello Smilie

Just wanted to say 'ta ta' to everyone incase I don't see some of you in chat - Don't want anyone thinking I'm being ignorant!

I'll only be gone a month or so, but the withdrwal symptoms are beginning to set in already!! Very Sad Smilie

I hope you all stay well and happy and, most importantly, that I don't miss too much of the craic!! ha ha.

Now - no tears.... I will be back - Promise!! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie

So, until mid-April.....

Bye all & take care.


Ps - note for Taz....

Is this even a credible post? I just wanted to make sure I said goodbye to everyone. Feel free to delete this post soon & make more space! Take care x
Be back soon Lassie... and take care... we'll miss you... Sad Smilie
Lots of hugs to my mate Tammy!

Come back soon - missing you already.

Wiggle Smilie
Lassie, come home!!! (To PT, in case someone wondered)
We'll miss you!
Please be back soon,Lass,we'll miss you =( Sad Smilie
We will indeed - I missed it enough when I was gone for a few weeks.
We'll miss u, Lass! Be back soon... we're waiting!
Just to let you know, I too will be taking a short leave of absence. There are a few things I must do but I won't go into details ('sides it would just bore you to death), but I will be coming back.

until then

Nai tiruvantel ar varyuvantel i Valar tielyanna nu vilya.
Man, did I start something by going away??? Sad Smilie We'll miss you both!
Until our next meeting, Legolaslaslaslaslass ! Waving Hello Smilie
Nil! You're back!
I'm back. Big Smile Smilie
Not that it matters much, but I'm back - I had some personal issues that had to be dealt with.

je parle francais. Au Revoir

hi and now ByeWiggle Smilie
She'll be back soon but in the meantime she asked me to say hello to everyone on PT for her.