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decent pictures of handsome/cute men/boys.

Ok, here's the thing: me and my friend have started to build a website with decent pictures of really handsome men. The idea was to make some sort of gallery with pictures of "famous" men, and put the rest of the site full of piccies of "unknown", but good-looking men and boys.

Anyway, we sorta ran out of names of cute famous people, and my question to you now is: what famous guys do you consider really really gorgeous Question Smilie

If I get the names, I can run a search through google and find piccies. If you have found nice pictures yourself, you can post a link to them. We are looking for decent pictures only, no inappropriate nude please.

Thanks a lot already!

Hehe, interesting! Smile Smilie *wonders if she should send a picture of her brother* Wink Smilie
Have you put up any pics of Tom Welling,Josh Hartnett,Bruce Springsteen,Howie from the Backstreet Boys and Bryan from BB is hansome too,Cillian Murphy (from 28 Days Later),Mel Gibson,Ralph Fiennes,Keanu Reeves,Tom Cruise,Heath Ledger,Richard Denzel,Antonio Banderas,Vin Diesel,Guy Pearce,Jim Caviziel,George Clooney,Eminem,Bruce Willis,Jude Law?? ...Hihi, I can't think of anymore Smile Smilie You could check The Beautiful Men (drool thread) for some ideas,too. Smile Smilie
Tom Welling: no
Josh Hartnett: no
Bruce Springsteen: no
Howie from the Backstreet Boys and Bryan from BB: no
Cillian Murphy (from 28 Days Later): no
Mel Gibson: no
Ralph Fiennes: no
Keanu Reeves: yes!
Tom Cruise: yes!
Heath Ledger: no
Richard Denzel: no
Antonio Banderas: yes!
Vin Diesel: no
Guy Pearce: no
Jim Caviziel: no
George Clooney: yes!
Eminem: no
Bruce Willis: no
Jude Law: no

So thanks a lot for the tips! I will check those out! Big Smile Smilie
Hey, some of those are really cute, so I added them to the site ! Big Smile Smilie Thanks again!

We still need some more pictures, so any other names would still be very welcome! Thanks!