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Well, I finally got around to seeing 'Attack of the Clones'. Not bad, not bad at all. I adored all those beautiful outfits of Armedala's. BTW, if there is such a thing as Jedi Canon, how much older than Anikin is she? (sorry if thats already been asked).

I loved all those sleek shiny ships too. Very effective.

We also got a good look at Annikin's dark side. I liked that. It allows me to believe that he will become Vader - which we all know, because C3PO explained it all so politely at the start of the movie. Does anyone else feel a little too much was given away?

Not too much JarJar. Another good thing.

I don't know if I liked the monsters in the execution pit. Looked a tiny bit fake to me, could have been better.

Best bit was Saruman vs Yoda. Cool!
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Roll on May the 16th Big Smile SmilieBig Smile SmilieBig Smile SmilieBig Smile SmilieBig Smile SmilieBig Smile SmilieBig Smile SmilieBig Smile Smilie
God, please, please, please....let it be as good as Empire.
You're not asking a bit much there are you? I mean, that's like asking for Hull City to play as well as Man Utd. Never gonna happen.
Half as good then...

People keep saying that it should be as dark as ESB...but I don't think so. Episode3 should be dark & tragic, not AotC.
But then there's Lucas's well quoted trilogy theory....

Ooh! Don't you just want the last scene of Ep 3 to be the sound of heavy breathing as you stare at a black screen that slowly pans back to reveal the back of a certain black helmet which turns round and says in the voice of James Earl Jones "Yes, my master".
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I just wanted to jump in on the Star Wars band wagon. Looking forward to the new installment.

One issue I wanted to throw out was this new idea developed by Lucas in Eps 1 "Phantom MEnace" when suddenly we learn that becoming a Jedi is due to some form of blood count - bio-genetic crap - I forget the actual term used by Liam Neeson when he discovers little old Skywalker has a high something or other in his blood.... This bugged the s..t out of me. I always enjoyed the whole Force theory as developped in the firt trilogy - sort og like T'ai Chi Kung Fu masters.

Any views on this?
Dunno what was in his mind when he did that, Huan. That was stupid, and cheesy. I hated that more than the Ewoks.

Top 10 - George Lucas' Biggest Mistakes

10) Letting KJ Anderson anywhere near the Star Wars novels.
9) Killing Chewie off Mad Smilie
8) Making Greedo shoot Han first in the Ep. IV Special Edition
7) Virgin Mama Skywalker
6) Having Anakin build 3PO and/or R2 on the Queen's J-type 327 Nubian starsip - too convenient
5) Not letting Irvin Kershner direct RotJ,TPM, AotC & EPIII. I know, I know, Director's Guild & politics & all that...but that was a shame.
4) Jar Jar Binks & the entire Gungan race (used to hate him with a vengenace, but I've calmed down a lot)
3) That Special Edition song at Jabba's palace....ugh.
2) Ewoks
1) Midichlorians
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Btw I've always thought of the Force as the 'chi' in a Tai-Chi/Aikido combination...although I believe that the Maul vs Kenobi/Qui Gon Jinn fight sequence used Wushu attack techniques. The Yoda/Kenobi lines from ESB & RotJ could be lifted straight out of an Aikido training manual - and they do speak of the 'dark side' as well. Of course, it's just a whole load of simple tricks and nonsense..... Wink Smilie

I prefer to ignore Lucas' midichlorians crackpot theory & continue to think of the force in the 'Budo' sense.
Agree with you on this one Golly. I'm just afraid he's going to explore and develop that "midichlorien"idea and iot'll get harder to ignore....But I like to think of it all in the the Budo sen,se also.

Do I sense your a martial arts practitioner? The wonderful world of Wushu and Bushido.

Me thinks we also have a similar outlook on the thing - although I don't use the words nonsense and tricks. Rather just technique.

Sorry I'm not a huge SW fan so I missed most of the references in yur list. looks funny though.
All of the Special Editions really sucked. I didn't appreciate one iota of it and think he should have left well alone. But the Force has always been something you're born with rather than something you can learn. Hence "The Force is strong in this one" and such like. I just figured that after the clone wars etc. the knowledge of midi-chlorians and stuff had been forgotten.
Well Lucas himself said that he took the concept of mitochandria (real life structure found in cells for enery production) and incorporated that into the Force as midichlorians.

Unfortunately I feel that the mystique of the Force has been cheapened somewhat by the introduction of midichlorians. I know that the 'Force' in all living things - and that it makes perfect physical sense, and that it doesn't really go against the 'Star Wars' cannon that we've accepted for the past 25 years or so...but I don't like it.

For me, the 'Force' will just be a mystical 'religion' or way of life - a bit like Budo in eastern martial arts. It's nice, it works in the film, but by putting a physical explaination to it - I believe that Lucas has reduced it into a freaky new-age ESP kinda of belief structure - a bit like crystals, witches, black magic, etc.

Even though I do practise martial arts (Aikido, would like to start Wushu one day), I tend to think of 'chi' or 'ki' as just the body's center of gravity - not this mystical energy to be harnessed. Dunno why - I have a problem with the 'unseen', if I don't see it, I don't believe it. I'm sympathetic to Han when he said that it's just full of simple tricks and nonsense. Although maybe that's why I have a problem progressing to the next level of Aikido as well....because I don't believe.
I hated the metachlorides thing. Sucked all the magic from the force. I always felt that if you really wanted to... and tried really hard, you could be a Jedi, but now it's some predestined thing...

I am *Not* looking forward to the next SW installment. Probably will wait to see it until it comes on video, that's how disapointed I was with Ep I. I think George Lucas is slowly losing his mind and can't bear to watch him destroy a beautiful story like SW.
Swampy, I am looking forward becasue you just gotta know whats gonna happen. I really disliked Phantom Menace so i'm not expecting much, but who knows.

Golly, when practising your katas and exercises, its always goot to concentrate on the hara, even just using it as a centre of gravity. But the evolution to different "levle" / grades, blets whatever, is also an "imaginitative jump.

Don't try and imagine chi as some mystical force. Lots of masters saying too much nonsence about it. Don't conceptualize it too much, try to feel it. Once you feel it, move it around a little, and then try to flow with it.

If you have a good master who lso knows oriental medeicine (basic shiatsu etc) the practise of this medecine in a sense proves the existence of chi.

Apparently several chinese studies have tried to prove the physical existence of chi and they deem it successful.

Chi kong exercises and zazen are invitations to experience chi. Most of all don't worry about it. Too much bull sh;t on that subject.

Go jin rei
"Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side kid."

Oh look, The Force is a hokey religion Golly, you're right, Han said so.
And in every bit of writing on the force ever it says that you have to be born with it. Otherwise finding Luke wouldn't have been much of a "New Hope" would it? They could have just said, "Oh go on Obi-Wan, dig up Yoda and train us a few Jedis will you?"
I know Plastic, and I agree with Han when he said that about the Force, but unfortunately the blaster didn't help him when he came face to face with a practitioner of the hokey religion - Vader just snatched his blaster out of his hand. After stopping the blaster bolts with his bare hands....coolest scene in ESB.

Nah...just one of the coolest scenes from ESB. The best one was when the Victory Class Star Destroyer came on screen, and you could suddenly see a shadow over it...and slowly the Vader's Imperial Super Star Destroyer came into view....da da da da dada da dada!!! Sends shivers up my spine each time I see it. It broke my heart when the Executor crashed into the second Death Star...Sad Smilie

Ooops back to midichlorians. Maybe what Lucas is saying is that everyone had some measure of 'the Force' in the them..and the level of midicholrians would determine whether or not you would be able to use or control it. It's a sad theory, but if that's what Stalin wants, that's what Stalin gets.
Don't try and imagine chi as some mystical force. Lots of masters saying too much nonsence about it. Don't conceptualize it too much, try to feel it. Once you feel it, move it around a little, and then try to flow with it.

Huan, you're not Master Yoda in disguise, are you? (that's a compliment btw). But that's exactly my problem with 'chi' - I can't seem to go past that mental barrier. I won't lie and say that the master's mumbo-jumbo talk actually turned me off - my disbelief comes from my own shortcomings and is not due to the fault of the teachers or masters...I somehow feel that if I do relax and let it flow within me, I'm betraying my scientific background and training. Kinda 'it's nice to believe but it'll totally freak me out if it happens' thing. I'm actually more narrow-minded that I'd like to believe. Sad Smilie

Do you practise Wushu or some other martial art? Tell, tell.
Stange I got the impression that if he identified midi chloriens as being the source of the Force, then he was somehow excluding all us geeks who don't have high midichlorien counts. But thats not necessarily what he means

Golly, I'm no master Yoda although I kinda like that guy. I've practised vrious martial arts, especially Chinese martial arts (what are generally called Wushu although so many definitions of wushu now..). I'm not one for promoting certain schools, thats up to everyone to find their way. For over 10 years now I've worked with a Vietnamese and French/Korean master who develop a stlye of Kung Fu involving t'ai chi combat techniques. trying to bring chi back to combat and kung fu back into the t'ai chi chuan. Also includes using various arms - long stick, short stick, sword, chain etc; However strictly no competitions in our group.

Essential of course is just bringing Budo into your everyday life.

The mental barrier of chi is a huge one, just ignore it!(LOL) One of my teachrs said practise, practsie practise and develop your technique then suddenly one day, the chi is doing its own stuff.

When you relax, it doesn' t mean you lose your concentration or lose control. Many in martial arts think that relxing means letting go. Not necessarily. The idea is trying to get the body tuned to instictive reactions, and then "controling" these reactions. (one of the many budo paradoxes. It doesn't make you less scientific - does it make you less scientific when you let lose and have a laugh? As an engineer, your ideas come from what you learned and then by proving them on the field.

It depends on everyones sensibility . I don't think even if you had proof that chi existed would it necessarily change how you do your aikido?

A French aithor once said to his students, "You don't write books with ideas, you write them with words". Same thing is true in martial arts. If you sit down for years and discover the secret of how to run the fastest 100 metre sprint, it won't make you better sprinter at the end of the day.

pobably not a good analogy. Ah hekl no good talking about budo. Just go out and do some t'ai chi
I was always under the impression (and I liked the original series so much I've read most of the SW books) that the Force was something you could develop. Leia had no formal training, yet she still was trained to be a Jedi later in life. Her children have it in great quantities, so I thought maybe it was a little like the Harry Potter wizard/Muggle thing, but if you really wanted to and tried hard enough (kinda like Hagrid) you could learn the right skills.
... but if you really wanted to and tried hard enough (kinda like Hagrid) you could learn the right skills.
kind like Hagrid? Hagrid would have been a fully functioning wizard had he not been expelled on trumped up charges before having completed his schooling. Or did I miss something?
what I mean is he can still do spells (even if he's not supposed to.) Know what I mean? Like everyoine has talent but not everyone "develops" it.

I saw LOTR again, and the trailer for SW ep 2... want to see it less and less each time I see the trailer. What is the deal about "jedi's can't love" thing? How can you keep someone from loving someone else? They make it out like the Jedi are... droids or something. How are u supposed to get more Jedi's without "love" making more of them (ie Luke and Leia)?[Edited on 18/2/2002 by swampfaye]
But not everyone has the Talent, Leia was Anakin Skywalkers Daughter and so was also a powerful Jedi like Luke was. And the same goes for Harry Potter, Hagrid has the talent but was kicked out of Hogwarts and his wand was broken (though he disguised it as an umbrella which is how come he can still do magic).
And the odd Muggle comes out with magical powers, whilst the odd pureblood (such as Argus Filch) is born with naff all magical talent. Both the Force and Magicky stuff are things you are born with, otherwise both Harry Potter and Luke Skywalker would be thoroughly unremarkable.
But what Lucas is trying to say now is that everyone has 'Force potential' in them...just that some, by accident of birth, have more than others, that's all. A bit like democracy nowadays...we're supposedly all equal, but we all know that some are more equal than others. Wink Smilie

Anakin Skywalker was a freak accident (or the long awaited Messiah, whichever way you want to look at it) understandably, his twins (Luke & Leia) and his grandchildren (Jaina, Jacen & Anakin) shared his talents and abilities.

From the books, it is hinted that Anakin Solo had greater Force potential that Luke Skywalker himself. Does it make sense that he's more powerful than his brother & sister or even uncle? Sure - look at Faramir & Boromir. Siblings, but Faramir resembled the Numenorians of old, while Boromir was more like a Rider of Rohan. Kinda like Aragorn, whose powers shone brighter than most of his ancestors that came after Isildur.

Yep, I fear I have to finally agree with you now Golly, darn.
Okay, I saw the shorts for the next Star Wars yesterday and was kind of confused. It seemed to be a pretty simple story line, guy meets girl and loses the plot etc.
And then I saw the title "Attack of the Clones" Huh? what clones? is the girl a clone or something? Did I miss something?
The Anakin/Padme love story is set against the romantic backdrop of the beginning of the Clone Wars, hence the title.
Is it me, or is it all too cliched now? She's a politician and not to be trusted... cliche!(wait... didn't Quai Gon trust her? Wasn't Leia a politician? didn't everyone trust her) and who is protecting whom? Anakin was the dangerous one, even Quai Gon was warned about that, protecting him from her! HA! "We could keep it secret" "It would be living a lie..." pah! cliche alert! Maybe if they hadn't tried to keep them apart he would be good, cliche...

I just have one silly question for you: is Gabriel Byrne going to be in the movie yes or yes? :grin
No I don't think Gabriel Bryne will be in "Attack of the Clones". But we can find out very soon now. Or did you mean the oft rumored thing about some towers or something? :angel
I believe Tommy is reffering to the rumour that Gabriel Byrne will be taking up a part as Moff Tarkin in Episode 3. And I have no idea, as I am avoiding all the Rumour sites until after ep2 comes out at the moment.
Oh, I stand corrected. :0
Ya know, I prefered the original three to Episode I and I'm not as entusiastic to go see Episode II. I'm still going to go see it, but I'm not like obsessed with going to see it

While the battling Star Wars characters Fangorn posted above this note were cute, it is against this forum's policy to allow any images other than the smilies provided by Taz. And thus Grondmaster has removed them. Sorry. Moderator Smilie

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Oh! So he *could* be in the next one, not in the one that's coming out now... Very Sad Smilie
Disappointed really. Who is Moff Tarkin? Is he new in ep3? I suppose so, but I really don't know anything about SW, so inform me please! Very Evil Smilie
Moff Tarkin waqs Peter Cushing in A New Hope, the guy who insisted that the Death Star was indestructible (it was his baby) and refused to have a ship standing by to get out, whoops!
No silly, not TIME TRAVEL...

I think he was meaning more accurately, "foreshadowing."

Foreshadowing is the sole privilege of the creators of books, films, music, and the universe. It is not available to we mere mortals.

Though some have been said to possess some semblance of clairvoyance, it has never been proven scientifically, nor has a purported owner impressed anyone by showing a substantial gain in wealth obtained via the stock market or betting on the ponies. Big Smile Smilie

Ta Plastic! Wink Smilie
I saw an article in TIME magazine about Star Wars. Didn't read it though... Very Evil Smilie
Where did you find the images, Fangorn? If you put the link here, we can still go and watch them without upsetting Taz... Big Smile Smilie Or were they in a magazine or sth like that? Very Sad Smilie
Well, if Taz doesn't mind, here's two sites. and
Thanks for the links Fangorn! Big Smile Smilie is still under construction, but was active. Haven't seen any SW smilies yet, but I haven't gone through everything.
Guess what, I'm going to see Star Wars tomorrow night, the first night it's out in America! My parents got me advance tickets for my birthday. I'm taking my dad with me. I'm sorry I'm so excited, but this is the first time I will ever see a movie the first night it's out!
Heh heh, beat you to it... Smile Smilie



Some boring parts here & there throughout the beginning & middle of the movie, but the last 1/2 hr - 45 mins.....WOW.

Am speechless. Will go again tomorrow.

May The Force Be With George Lucas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh...and a belated Happy Birthday to you, Fangorn. Good pressie though...v. nice of your parents.

What? In Dubai you got Star Wars: AOTC up front, but had to wait a couple weeks for LOTR: FOTR. What kind of priorities are those? Animated Wink Smilie
Bloody good ones I'd say. I'm way too excited today, got to wait til 8:30 tonight cos I'm going with a mate who offered me a couple of beers before we go in and a lift to the pictures. Though I'm starting to wish I'd gone to the midnight show last night, though I had a b*tch of a morning at work today so perhaps it was best....
WHY WON'T MY CLOCK MOVE!!!!!!!!! *thoroughly jealous of golly/dangermouse*
Hurry up and watch it mate! I can't wait to b*tch about it without giving any spoilers away...I've already gloated to all my friends and they're pretty pissed off with me...Sad Smilie

Spent the whole day watching ANH, ESB, RotJ & TPM over & over again to get myself worked up for tonight...not that it's necessary mind you. I've already burst into tears when Luke's theme came on at Owen's farmhouse today...sniff. Can't wait, can't wait.

To anyone who hasn't seen it yet: My advice is to expect the worst. That way you'll be pleasantly surprised. I was.

The force is still strong with Lucas.
I suppose I have to go and see it too... Not really excited though. Am I the only one here who isn't? Disturbed Smilie
Well Tommy, I just got back from the cinema again. It gets better each's definitely worth seeing in the movie theater. The video/DVD won't be the same. I'm going again tomorrow....dragging my husband along with me. Poor thing.

*Is thoroughly gobsmacked and needs to get a sample of that seismic mine sound*
Only one real problem with it, crappy bad guy, give me Darth Maul anyday (why did they kill him? why?) Okay, Christopher Lee is the original evil mother, but you need one old guy and one younger truly scary evil geezer, not two old blokes. Oh and the whole love story bit bited, big time. But it does have to be there. Though it's good to see R2 and 3PO together at last, and to know that the fact that the entire galaxy gets screwed up can be blamed entirely on Jar JarBinks. Will rant more later....
and needs to get a sample of that seismic mine sound*

Yeah, it blew me away the first time I heard it...

The best thing about the movie is that it keeps getting better & better each time. I've seen it 3 times now, and can't wait to see it again.

The arena bit when the Jedis suddenly dropped down & lit up their lightsabers was soooo cool that I felt giddy. The action from then on was absolutely breathtaking, and really had to remind myself to breathe. The Jedis charging the droids, Mace Windu vs. Jango Fett, Yoda commanding the clone army, Dooku vs. Kenobi & Anakin, the Crouching Yoda Hidden Dragon bit, and Palpy & senate viewing the republic's army from the It's SW at its absolute best. As a SW fan, I've waited for 18 years for this fix...glad Lucas finally delivered. I can't wait for EPIII now.

All hail the King!!!
Now you have made me want to see it too.
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