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Hey guys

I was hoping that some of you are reading my journal entries with regards to humour story Im currently writing, I was also hoping that you could leave me some feedback here so I know whether what Im doing is making you laugh and if it isnt then please let me know so I can throw a sulk and mumble aboput people not liking me! Just really!!

If youve no idea what Im talking about then please check out my journal and click Lord Of The Whinge, part 2 is now up and I will be adding to it shortly

Thanks for reading

Awww, come on guys, give us the feedback!!!! Come on, you know u want to!!!!

Diaries has been updated and will get back to Lord of the Whinge Part 3 soon!!!

Wiggle Smilie
I'm intrigued, and cos your Welsh i have to read this. lol

Wiggle Smilie
Youre a star, mate!
You would probably have gotten a better response had you made this topic in the Writers Guild, for that is the type of thing they do over there, and some of them never have time to drop into the tavern for a tall cool one. But good luck anyway. Happy Elf Smilie
Good idea, and if you want to join in some serious (well, not intentionally funny) writing you could join the Quest for the Straight Road as long as you don't drop in by Eagle Post.

PS I did particularly like Saruman's Diary in the first one! Wizards Online! The Internet equivalent in Middle Earth! I can just imagine the chatrooms....
Thanks, I appreciate the suggestions, admittedly I shouldve headed over to the Writer's Guild at first but hey, you learn from experience, and thanks, I enjoyed writing Saruman's Diary myself so Im glad you liked it!!