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I just watched this movie with my friends, one of which is a member to this site and will post here very shortly!!! I love Mike Vogel in that movie, he is soooo hot!! And I want to slap that girl that was making out with him in the begining!! ARRR!! Okay I'm going to say something's that will spoil the movie for those of you that haven't seen it!!, It is so sad how Andy (Mike Vogel) dies!!! He is way too hot to die!! I didn't watch like the whole first part of the movie!! I was too scared and having panic attacks (running into my room and hiding)!! I had read online about all the gory stuff and I knew about how the girl was going to shoot herself and stuff so I stayed in the hallway and my friends wanted me to come in but I wouldn't and my older brother called me a pansie jokingly!! But it was so funny because I was watching my friends watch the movie and it was the part when the girl kills herself and all of them just kinda were like whooa what the crap looks on their faces it was funny!!! If any of you guys have seen this movie please tell me what your favorite part was and what you liked and all that good stuff!!!

So long!! (farwell a vita say good night!! or whatever they say in that movie the sound of music!!! LoL!!)
hey pansie
yeah, great movie
seriously my favorite part was when that guy leather face like is sewing and you see that he has no nose! Dude, that cool! A noseless phsyco killer! And Mike with his scruffy beard and the whole dirty shirt, muddy pants, stoner kinda guy suits him well. hes SOOOOOOOOO Hot! (In a george bush accent)> I do proclaim he is the sexiest man alive! If you get the whole president thing. Wonder how many of us lotr finatics like Texas Chainsaw Massacre ? Its one great combo. Agree?
that was my friend. just if any one wants to know!! That was your first post!! I can't believe you haven't post any thing else!! And your a hobbit from Hobbiton and your name is Gandalfthegrey!! SOOOO Funny!! I love mike's beard!! ARRG!! RUFF!! OOOWW!! OWWW!! Any one else agree?
SPOILER, SPOILER ^^ Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie
Hey I said I was going to give it away!! So nobody better get mad at me!!! I did my duty!! Mike Vogel is soo hot!!
I haven't seen the remake yet, huge fan of the original movie, so i was kinda worried that it might suck. Maybe I better check it out then, though not for Some guy called Mike being "Hot" obviously....
You should see it. Unless you don't like blood and gore. But there is only one really blood, guts, brains, and gore part at the beginning, but I can't describe it to you because I didn't watch. I stayed in the hallway for the most of the first half of the movie because of that one part that kinda continued on forever because of..... I won't say because it would give it away! But I watched continuously after the (WARNING: this might spoil some of it!!) sherrif found the maurajuana in their car.

But you should watch it Plastic if you liked the original because my friend liked the original and she liked the re-make alot!
yeah, I agree with hobbit homie
its an awesome movie, but its like freakin scarry, and the freaky leather face guy like freaks the freakin crap outa me. (lol)
last night i had to sleep with the light on
im more of a pansie than hobbit
again, mike vogel is theee sexiest man alive
the really gorey part that my friend said was bad, and she didnt see it was a part when this girl who just came from the phsyco killer's house like took a ride from the stoners and like put a gun in her mouth and pulled the trigger. Her brains like all blew out the back of her bead, and the bullet went through the back windshield. Mike vogels character andy said it sorta looked like lasagna. It was wickedly gross.
after, not to give too much away, the sherrif wrapped her body in plastic wrap and put her in the trunk.
I really shouldnt say anymore

this has officially bee my second post

peace out
hey hobbithomie and gandalfthegrey.
this is officially my first post, and im glad to have friends like you gals.
This is Anna by the way, now known as onewiththechainsaw.
Just wanted to make my presence official, and thats my reason of posting.
texas chainsaw massacre rocks big time. you should see it if you like scary movies, and mike vogel. I Love You Smilie
its definitly a rating of a lot of thumbs up from me Thumbs Up Smilie Thumbs Up Smilie Thumbs Up Smilie
have a nice day
ok, here, it works now i think, this is now onewiththechainsaw, i accidentaly posted on my sister's name
this is kinda pointless this post, but oh well, now i have it settled
from anna
Okay just to clear things up for all you people, Anna and Eeva are twin sisters who I guess are going to use the same username. Yes they both are my good friends who do alot together!! Hey how bout you guys just sign your name at the bottom like Anna did so we know which one it is.
Welcome to P-T, Gandalfthegrey (Eeva) and Onewiththechainsaw (Anna), If I have read your posts correctly; if not, welcome the other way around. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
She was just kidding about theonewiththechainsaw thing right? Maybe I'm wrong!! Oh well maybe Anna can come and post something to clear up my confusion!!
yes, this is anna, and im onewithtehchainsaw, i killed lots of people in my young days, lol, no, but we have seperate names, me and eeva, ta ta
i got to go
have a nice day
onewithtehchainsaw? *rofl* Thats a brilliant name! I love it!!
hey halo!
i just saw your post
thank you very much!
My dearest Anna!!! Hey wat up girl? How have you been?

Anyways, the topic!! Mike vogel is in TCM and he is really and i mean really hot in it!! *sizzle* *sizzle* Just Kidding!!!! hahaha
Hi, everyone,
My name is Lenwe and I don't really like gory movies, unless it's something like Terminator 3. Winking Smilie Kristanna Loken...
Hi Lenwe, welcome to P-T in case I missed you before. I also skip the gory stuff; there is enough bad stuff out there in the real world without having to subject ourselves to it in theatres.
Another elf, eh? What is this site coming to..............

Just joking! Dwarvish instincts, you know...