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hey everyone!
I couldnt find a sports thread right now, and im kinda impatient now, so im starting this one. I just had a tournament for pastpitch today and i pitched it all, and im sooooooo sore now, but it was awesome, even though we lost it all, lol. Does anyone here play fastpitch or slow pitch or baseball? Well if you do, cool, post. And for everyone else who plays sports, post here, cause its cool to be active. FAST PITCH ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
have a good day!
I played baseball in my highschool senior year where I was head bench-warmer. In the final game of the season with two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning and nobody on and we were three runs behind, I was called upon to pinch hit.

First pitch: Down the middle; I took a cut and missed. 'Strike one!'
Second pitch: I swung at a high one and missed. 'Strike two!'
Third pitch: The take sign was on. 'Ball one!'
Fourth pitch: Low and and outside. 'Ball two!'
Fifth pitch: High and inside. 'Ball three!'
Sixth pitch: Too low. 'Take your base!'

Then I got picked-off of first base and the season was over.

Needless to say, I wasn't offered a Uni baseball scholarship, nor did it bother me in the least. At Uni I learned how to bowl and was competative in the commercial leagues until I lost the use of my legs at age 40 due to a birth defect going bad. My high league game was 258 and high tournament game was 267, both of these started out with eight strikes in a row.
I was head bench-warmer.

Haha!! That made me laugh!!