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I think the only reason people in the southwestern states have decided they like hockey, is because of the temperature of the playing surface. I just hope their ticket prices are commensurate with the arena's power bill. Oh, and watching the Zamboni race is exciting too. Wink Smilie
ooooh... a topic I can get into! I went to a boxing match and a hockey game broke out! We have an excellent minor league tem here, won their pennant five years in a row or something like that... everythings bigger in Texas, even the lies... anyway. We went to a game last year and they ended up with 6... 6!!! guys in the penalty box. There was only a few guys on the ice! What a game!
I went to a boxing match and a hockey game broke out!
Now that is a great quote! And how does a team play with six guys in the box? If they did well, they must be the best minor league players in the country!

It always seemed weird to me to have hockey teams in places like Texas and southern California. I mean, on the NHL teams the players are all Russians and Finns anyway, but there are actually minor league teams of local guys too. That impresses me. Where I live it's one thing, but in the southern half of the the country... wow.

Now Olympic women's hockey... /there's/ a game! Those girls are something else!

I used to watch Olympic ice-hockey, but stopped after perestroika. It got boring then. Wink Smilie

Speaking of Olympics, I must say I was disappointed by the decision to award gold to the Canadians pair. The Russians were technically and artistically better, their routine was much harder. Why don't the Canadians just accept the judges decisions and prove themselves at the next Olympics or Wold Championships? The Russians have been victims of dubious judging decisions in previous tournaments, but they just shut up and skated better the next time. Who said it's just a game eh? Canadians are sore!
Hey, don't pick on Canadians! But what a mess that was. Poorly handled by everybody involved. I don't know how I feel about how it turned out. I think by that point it was too late to save the situation. What I find interesting is the difference in national attitudes it points out. The Canadians were poorly judged, so they took to the interview circuit until they got their way. The Russians had been poorly judged in the past, but they got all stoic and fatalistic and stereotypically Russian, and didn't do anything (well, they changed their program and skated better...). If they had complained back then, the whole mess might never have gotten to the Olympics. Or they might have been judged more meanly in retaliation. What a mess.

I love that Aussie short track skater who won the gold after all the fast skaters wiped out, BTW. What a lucky guy! And such a cutie, all tanned and bleach-blond and pierced. He looks more like a surfer than a skater.
not six guys from the same team... three from one, three from the other... they still had three guys on the ice (including the goalie) One had a ten minute major! It was a really rough game.
Ohhhhhh. That makes much more sense. I was sorta wondering who was left to play. Smile Smilie Boy, if it was that rough a game, it's amazing they all survived. Makes all those toothless pro players seem kind of normal by comparison.

A friend of mine went to a local game in northern Ontario where one of the players got a finger and a half sliced off. Through his gloves and all. I wasn't really sorry to miss that game, I admit. Although I did almost get trampled by Tie Domi in a bookstore in Toronto.
The proudest I've ever felt towards any sports fans, was when the Edmonton Oiler hockey fans gave a two minute standing ovation to the great Wayne Gretsky on his first trip back there in a L.A. Kings uniform, after being traded from Edmonton to the Los Angeles team. Now that was class. Cool Smilie

I am very happy that I was privileged to watch that hockey match on TV.
That is classy. See, Ungoliant, Canadians are nice. Wink Smilie

Girly moment- I had the hugest crush on Wayne when I was in, oh, fifth grade or so. He was soooo dreamy. Actually, he's still pretty cute, but he looks old now. Oh well.

And boy was he ticked at the press conference he gave today about the Canada- Germany game! Wow. He was all set to go off hunting down that German player for cross-checking Theoren Fleury (he- the German guy- speared someone too, don't remember who). It was a really vicious move, but Wayne was breathing fire! (in a relatively calm, Canadian way Wink Smilie ) I think the German guy plays for the Islanders, though, so I'm not surprised. They're jerks.

I was kind of annoyed that he decided that the American were somehow responsible for an anti-Canadian bias that he feels exists. Come on, we don't all hate the Canadians. I'd be happy to see them win. Bad day for Wayne Gretzky, I guess.

If they don't get their act together, though, I don't think much of Team Canada's chances against the Finns.
I couldn't stand Gretzsky, only because I was an LA fan at the time, and all he did was hang back and wait for the puck... no checking or taking checks. Everyone else did the work and he got all the glory. And he really wasn't as useful as the Kings organization thought he was going to be, only one STanley cup while he was playing. But that being said... got his autograph anyway LOL!!!
Lucky! Yeah, his best days were past by that point, I'm afraid. At least he wasn't brain-damaged, like Eric Lindros.

LA's one of those places that just seems like it shouldn't have a hockey team, to me. I know, they're an okay team (sometimes) and there are all sorts of "warm weather teams" since it's not like they play outside, but I've lived on the Canadian border almost all my life (and in New England or Canada for the rest of it), and it just seems strange that you can have hockey and palm trees (or mesas, or tumbleweeds, or...) in the same place. What a kooky world. Cool though. Hockey for everyone!

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Well, we don't complain when the restof the world listens to country music...
Hey, you (pl. you) are more than welcome to have it back! My local radio stations are a couple of Top 40's, a couple of Easy Listening (I guess it's Adult Contemporary now), public radio from the States and Canada, a couple of classical, one Oldies... and 12 Country stations! Does that even make sense? Balance, people!

It's not a bad thing that hot places have hockey teams, it just strikes me as weird. It seems weird that the Stanley Cup games go for most of the summer, too, so it really wasn't meant to be an insult.

And it's not like being someplace cold guarantees good hockey, either. Just look at the Habs for proof of that!

I really didn't mean to insult teams in Texas and California and Arizona. They just seem strange to me.
That is classy. See, Ungoliant, Canadians are nice. Wink Smilie

Yeah, to their own kind.

Sorry, couldn't resist that. Yeah Jehanne I know that most Canadians are nice. It's just I was so disgusted with those two skaters...totally unsporting, shallow behaviour. And they were rewarded for it. Mad Smilie
Yeah, actually I agree with you on that. They were my faves going into it, but that's not how I wanted them to win. It sets a bad precendent. And how can you have two gold medals anyway? Either your skate was the best or it wasn't.

Too bad there weren't any nice Australian pairs that could have had a suprise win. So far Australia's two medals have been my favorites.
If only Canadians could rid themselves of the French quarter, they would be perfect! (Blame Canada!)

I think it's pretty wierd to have hockey teams in Arizona too... LOL... I mean here in Houston, we are practically in the swamps and yet, they are building three more ice rinks and one more hockey arena. We have like 3 arena's. It is wierd.. but hey, I love hockey, so I try not to complain too much. I can't believe that NASHVILLE got OUR (houston) hockey team... not fair. It's Nashville for cripes sakes! We even have better Rodeo's than they do... I want a hockey team!!! waaaaaaaaaaaah! I hate driving for 4 hours just to see the Stars play the Kings (Dallas sucks as a city to visit, BTW). Houston rocks...
I love the Zamboni! It looks like lots of fun to drive one around! Even better than a tank (I want one of each, heh heh.)

Very exciting games in the Olympics the past couple of days! The gold medal women's game was a killer. Sharp, sharp play on both sides, with Canada killing 9 of 11 powerplays from the Americans (which ticked me off after a while. I like Canada, but I wanted our girls to win. oh well). And the Canadian goalie (Kim St-Pierre) was just amazing. But my favorite player was Hayley Wickenheiser, who ended up being MVP. It freaks me out that this girl is a little younger than me, and has a gold medal from these games, a silver from Nagano, and a cute little baby boy. What the heck have I been doing with my life?

And the Canadian men squished Belarus (Belarus?!) while the US beat Russia (nyah nyah Wink Smilie ), so the men will be a rematch of the women. Cool. I didn't watch the US- Russia game (I was at the computer, of course) but it sounded pretty exciting. One of the CBC commentators made the crack that, with the Russians talking about pulling out of the games and all, it loked like they had done just that for the first two periods. They caught up a little in the third, but not enough.

And what is with the Russians anyway? I can understand them being upset over the pairs skating, but they're wrong if they say the women's figure skating was rigged so Irina Slutskaya would lose. She deserved a silver, but she had an off night and wasn't good enough for the gold. It wasn't fixed. And the hockey game with the Czech Republic that they're complaining about... they won! Why are they mad? And now South Korea and Lithuania are all mad too. You'd think they could just stop sniping at each other for two weeks.
I think the reason hockey appeals to us (rednecks) is because it's lots of almost normal guys who play. You wouldn't believe the people who get personal trainers for their kids to play baseball or football in Junior High preparing for their careers in the sport! Hockey is just hockey. It's one of the only real sports left. It's just fun and entertainment. We don't take it tooo seriously (you would not believe how seriously they take baseball and football here in TX).
Jersey Devils anyone?

ooh, and right this second, Canada is leading the US 2-1 in the 1st...
I'll see your Jersey Devils and raise you the Toronto Maple Leafs.

or the Bruins, despite them being drunken, unwashed, atheist, Communist thugs who eat babies, kick puppies and tear the wings off butterflies... (they're still from Boston and I always root for Boston)

oh well, Canada beat the US. Too bad for us, but yay for Canada, since it means a heck of a lot more to them. I bet Toronto was chaos after the game. Well played, fellas (and maybe this will get Wayne to stop whining.)

and the Olympics are over again. No more good hockey for a while...
Jehanne - the Russian were (still are actually) upset over several incidents. They felt that they were unfaily targeted - case of 'bear bashing' at the Olympics. First the pairs skaters, then Slutskaya, Lazutina, Koroleva, then 'unfair' refereeing at the Russia-Czech & Russia-USA hockey games, taking too much blood from some skier, etc.

Most of their complains have some merit and they do have a history of being unfairly treated, but they're usually quiet about it. It's just that after the sickening Canadians Sale & Pelletier successfully whinged their way to a gold, the Russians chucked whatever good sporting sense they had & jumped on the bandwagon. Can't blame them.
Well the pairs skating incident was a disaster from the start, so I don't blame them for being upset about that. I don't know how I would have solved the mess, but I don't really think that just saying "well, you tied then" was a very helpful decision.

But they really have no cause to complain about the women's skating (and they won the men's). Irina had an off night and made several mistakes. Minor ones, but minor errors really count in a close contest like this one was. And Sarah Hughes skated a more difficult routine cleanly and with enough energy and artistry that it really shouldn't have surprised anyone when she won. It was a star-making skate. And even though Irina looked upset when she first got her scores (she hadn't seen Sarah skate, after all), her interviews since haven't implied that she felt cheated at all. So I think this one is trouble from the officials (revenge for S&P) rather than a legitimate excuse. I like Irina, but it just wasn't her night.

As for Lazutina- what bothers me is that she was DQ'd for abnormally high hemoglobin levels, but she insists she hasn't been doping. Okay, well, if that's true, why hasn't her team gotten her to a doctor? There are other, non-drug-related reasons for her hemoglobin to have been that high, and they mostly aren't good. If they love her so much (and I know she's a hero, so they must), why immediately assume everyone else is lying? I'd at least get a second opinion just to make sure she's okay.

They aren't the only ones to complain about the hockey refs- the Canadians did too, and other may have (I stopped keeping track). But it's a bit disingenuous of them to insist that the refs were all North Americans and therefore more familiar with the North American players (poor Mexico, btw). In the Russia- USA game, for instance, the refs were two Canadians (okay) and a Finn (oops), and they were familiar with several of the Russian players from previous international meetings and even NHL games.

I know that they're also bitter than they won so many fewer medals this time than in the past. But the Russian sports machine is no longer what it once was. In the Soviet days they had their pick of athletes from all the republics and the state eagerly paid for it all. Now all those republics are competing against them (how the heck did Belarus get in the hockey finals anyway?) and the state doesn't have as much money to prove its ideological superiority through its healthy sporting types. So while some of their complaints have merit, some don't, and overall their timing was off. It wasn't fair to threaten to pull out of the games when Irina had to skate in a few hours, the skiers were on the mountains already and the hockey players were a day from playing the hometown heroes and medal favorites (Canada and the US had almost even odds going in).

That "too much blood drawn from the skier" thing is just weird (and creepy). Not sure it's a plot though. Sounds more like plain old malpractice. Unfortunate, but probably not deliberate.

It's just too bad that so many others (not just the Russians- the other Canadians to an extent, the South Koreans, the Lithuanians) decided to follow S&P's example. If a team publically expresses outrage at how they (S&P) acted, they probably shouldn't emulate them ten minutes later. The American public isn't that bright and they'll just think the team is being whiner-copycats, no matter how legit their issues.
the American public really isn't that interested in the Olympics (certainly not the winter olympics).

I told my husband that if the US had to loose in Hockey, it's good to loose to Canada. I don't begrudge Canada the gold.
Well I think that it was a combination of many different incidents that caused the Russians to finally lash out - they were pretty quiet up to the point Rostovtsev' blood was drained. Then they blew up. Sure, I believe that they got carried away, and that any suspicious incident after that became a red flag, but they genuinely felt victimised.

I blame IOC - the speed with which they capitulated to the media/S&P's demands didn't help either - nor did their reaction to other countries' complaints. "This is not as important" said one IOC bloke when the Russians complained about the individual skating results. That, I think, more than any other incident, stung the Russians. Is it only important if North American competitors were involved? Or only if NBC said so? Like after the pairs skating - if the Russians (instead of Canadians) were 'cheated', would the North American press raise as much fuss? Don't think so - I don't believe in Pravda's favourite 'North-American conspiracy' theory anymore than you, but it does seem terribly unfair to the rest of the world.

Well, the Games are over now so it doesn't matter anymore. Bring on the World Cup! Let's see if the French can get away with poisoning their opponents' star strikers again...Wink Smilie
Bring on the World Cup! Let's see if the French can get away with poisoning their opponents' star strikers again...

Wow. Really? That's pretty extreme. Soccer's waaaay more interesting off the field than on it, as far as I'm concerned. I don't mind watching it, but I love all the world-wide psychosis it seems to engender. I mean, no one tries to poison hockey players, or assassinates baseball players when they lose the big game (no matter how much we might want to...). Soccer, though- now that's a religion!
AMEN Big Smile Smilie
i must be athiest then.... soccer sucks
I've never watched any hockey match in my life, very sorry for it, but I don't see what I've missed, frankly. :P
I'll retire and leave you in peace now. :grin
does ne1 like local teams? the only teams i ever really watch r Reading Royals and Hershey Bears!
Oh Shucky Darn! I was rooting that the Stanley Cup would be returned with the Flames to Canada where it belongs, instead of now moving on down to Tampa Bay where the only naturally found ice is in cocktail glasses. Well at least the playoffs went seven games and had many overtimes so we got our money's worth. I hope the NHL get's its act together so that we can again have hockey next season; it doesn't look very good at the moment. I'm still an Oiler fan from the days of watching 'The Great One' playing there. (We've had a Canadian cable TV channel for about twenty years.)
Tampa Bay won! (Forgive me an evil chuckle) hee, heee, heeeeeee!!! Ripped the living daylights out of the Flames!

Now the Pistons have to beat the Lakers and my gloating will be complete!

(If you don't already know, I'm from Detroit Big Smile Smilie )

*even if it seems like bufallo gonna win...snap* Sad Smilie
Anyone watching the playoffs?
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Is this ice hockey, or just hockey??! Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Mainly Ice, but field hockey may be discussed here too if anyone wishes. Though I doubt if the old joke applies to it, that being: 'I went to the fights, and a game of hockey broke out!'