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This article was in todays local newspaper, yesterday a mom was securing a child in the back seat. When she got out a child in the front seat managed to get the car rolling, it landed on the railing of the floating raft and .. well, just look at it, 5 centimeters more and the kids would have plunged into the sea...
Super Scared Smilie
Click here: Too close

Anyone else got an amazing tale of truth to share?
(what language is that amarie,i think its a Scandinavian language?but i really wouldnt know.)

i agree, that was close.
That was close. Phewph!

But I have a less dangerous amazing tale of truth to share which was shared with me today in a Health talk. This guy went to the library to study. He was in University. It's a four storey library. Anyway, he usually studies on the third story. But he can't find a table. So he goes on the fourth floor. He studies, and then he needs the loo. So he finds this door. And he goes through it. He notices something different about the toilet. Usually (not that I would know) a mens toilet has two cubicles and a urinal. But he notices there is no urinal, just four cubicles. He thinks they've torn the urinal out for more space. (Thick, isn't he?) And he looks around. Usually in a mens toilet there is only a little mirror. But in this toilet, the whole back wall is a mirror. (Hello? Anyone home?) The guy is clueless. Well, it does take a while for him to figure out it's a girls toilet. And when he did, he got worried that he would be locked up. Locked up! And he did this whole dodge-everyones-eyes-till-you're-off-the-floor thing. He's sure that if he doesn't, someone will guess where he went. And of course, people only think he's up to something becuase he's all nervous and dodging being seen the best he can. And he was 19.
Probably a dumb story, but it was really funny when the guy told us the story in Health.
*loni sighs cause it really doesn't sound funny when she tells it.
I thought it was hilarious!! haha
I'm a hit! Yay! There WAS more to the story, but, well, I ain't telling, to all those kiddies who haven't had Health lessons yet.
I can't believe someone thought it was actually funny. Well, if you thought me telling it was funny, you should've seen him. He was REALLY funny.
lol, Loni.
Actually, I mistakenly went into the men's washroom at the shopping mall once. Very embarassing. And those urinals are just there in the open! Super Scared Smilie
Very embarassing. And those urinals are just there in the open!
Really only embarassing if you try to sit on one of them. Now the picture of that is funny. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
and now why would you do that Grondy? lol

Rednell, that is soo funny!! But very sad!! haahaa
A lot of the girls in my local tend to use the cubicle in the mens on a regular basis because the queue is shorter. We tend to get used to them just wondering in and out.
I’ve always thought this was a great idea for a thread, and at some point I’ll post more in here, but for now, here’s a neat story I just read over at USAToday;

Dog Calls 911 to Help Woman, By Paul T. Erickson, Tri-City Herald

RICHLAND, Wash. (AP) ’ Leana Beasley has faith that a dog is man's best friend. Faith, a 4-year-old Rottweiler, phoned 911 when Beasley fell out of her wheelchair and barked urgently into the receiver until a dispatcher sent help. Then the service dog unlocked the front door for the police officer.

"I sensed there was a problem on the other end of the 911 call," said dispatcher Jenny Buchanan. "The dog was too persistent in barking directly into the phone receiver. I knew she was trying to tell me something."

Faith is trained to summon help by pushing a speed-dial button on the phone with her nose after taking the receiver off the hook, said her owner, Beasley, 45, who suffers grand mal seizures. Guided by experts at the Assistance Dog Club of Puget Sound, Beasley helped train Faith herself.

The day of the fall, Faith "had been acting very clingy, wanting to be touching me all day long," Beasley said Thursday.

The dog, whose sensitive nose can detect changes in Beasley's body chemistry, is trained to alert her owner to impending seizures. But that wasn't what was happening on Sept. 7, and Faith apparently wasn't sure how to communicate the problem. During Beasley's three-week hospital stay, doctors determined her liver was not properly processing her seizure medication.

What a great story, way to go Faith! Puppy Smilie
I think at least a few people here will probably get a kick out of this one,

Tabby Turns Teen Wolf

Breaks into the Beach Boys, "Lets go surfin' now, everybody 's learning how"....

Cat Smilie
Or not....... Na-na-na-na-na Smilie
Hey, that is pretty weird. Maybe the kitty was enjoying himself up there, you never know! Funny, would think that the woman would have noticed her cat going on top of her car after she had thrown him out...maybe it is actually a conspiracy, and the cat was really a camera, recording the driving habits of folk on the highway! Maybe the police are on their way up to Idaho or Iowa(forget which) right now to catch bad drivers because of the footage that woman shot with her Cat-Cam! Yikes! What is the world coming to? Oh, the humanity!
Have you heard about the story with the chimp and his trainer? This chimp attacked him, and practically ripped off his foot, nose, an eye, and his genitals. That would've killed, I'm sure all the other guys will know how painful it would've been. Did you know, chimps have the strength of five men?

PS. He's in a critical condition in hospital, but still just alive. It's pretty sickening.
PICK ME!!! This is the superKiwi tale of triumph!!! This happened a while ago in Christchurch, NZ. There was a guy and his kiddie playing cricket with their little sticks in the sand. ANd the superKiwi Dad whacks his ball into the sea. "I'll get it, Dad!" says the kiddie. "And I'll swim, just like you taught me!" So he swims out and... DA-NA!!! DA-NA!!! DA-NADA-NADANADANA!!! You know, the Jaws cellos... there's a shark!!!! And the Superkiwi Dad swims out as quick as ever, like a silver arrow in the water!!! (Well, maybe I"m exaggerating) And he gets up to the shark, and he WHACKS IT WITH THE CRICKET BAT!!!! THWACK!!!! And the shark swims off. COOL EH!!!! I just learnt that off "Billy COnnolly's World Tour of NZ" last night.
I've never even BEEN to Christchurch.