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Ar-edain37 Posted Tuesday 24th August 2004 (11:39pm)

anybody have any questions or thoughts they wanna tell us?(can be about anything that is site appropriate,and please nothing very personal)

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(Ar-edain37 was concerned about the original length of the thread title - there you go, Ar-edain37 - sorted for you! We can't change thread titles but we can move them to a new thread. If you want to edit or delete your post just contact a Council Member)
please nothing very personal

aww, nothing personal? Hmmmmmm, well, most of my gripes with the world come back to something personal.
How about, I hate being fat, but I hate exercise even more. Wiggle Smilie
Down with any form of strenuous exercise!

Why, think of it like this-right this very moment, we are doing terrific finger exercises!

Pat yourself on the back, everyone, you've done your share for the day!Smile Smilie

Something personal: I am an obsessive neat-freak.
Why is it that they turn-off daylight savings time when we need it the most? Elf Confused Smilie

Like In the winter, when we get home from work or school and it is already dark. Why couldn't they shift the clock even earlier, so everyone (except Amarie, Grev, and their Midnight Sun brethern) could have a little sunlight to do something outdoors when they get home. In the morning, we would still have to get up before the sun does under either system. Fast Asleep Smilie
i agree grondy,why are there always squirrels swarming my house?and why is nothing i want ever affordable?and thank you for shortening the title!
why are there always squirrels swarming my house?
Because the house is just like the brand of coffee 'Chock Full of Nuts'? Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie Elk Grinning Smilie

(I really think that brandname should have been reserved for a chocolate candybar..)